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You might think that staff is overcompensating for something, and you'd be right. But that won't save you from the screaming skull of weaponized death coming at you.

Psychomancers AKA the Trololololmancers are a sub-class of Necron Crypteks, who, as their name implies, prefer to mindbreak their opponents on the battlefield, mainly sowing the emotion of fear to reap a toll from the enemy.


Officially called the Harbingers of Despair, Psychomancers are sadists crazy enough to use tech that channels the Nightbringer, using that visage of dread and death and sharing it around with anyone who may or may not be staring at them funny.

With their Abyssal Staves they can spread severe case of Squad Broken among enemy ranks. They are also capable of causing dread in their enemies and of dematerialising and rematerialising their comrades.


Crunch wise, this means they have the Nightmare Shroud as an aura, making any unit within 6 inches of them subtract 1 from their Leadership as well as from their Combat Attrition tests. The Psychomancer as such, is a flexible debuffer character and the ultimate Troll unit; you can choose an enemy unit within 12" and roll 3d6 - if you beat the highest Leadership in that unit, they suffer one of the following of your choice until your next morale phase:

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