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A Psychopomp is a spirit, often a fey or an angel, that appears to mortals in order to guide their spirits into the afterlife. Celtic Mythology in particular is full of them, like the Banshee and the Dullahan.


A psychopomp (bird skeleton) and sahkil (bug guy) fighting over souls

In Pathfinder, Psychopomps are the Outsiders that serve Pharasma, Goddess of Life and Death, and thusly their entire identity is bound up in keeping the souls of the dead moving from the material plane to the Boneyard to be sent on to the afterlife. The ones that said "fuck that, I wanna be evil and do my own thing" are Sahkils.


  • Ahmuuth: They assist mortals in destroying undead, and then usher the freed souls to the afterlife.
  • Algea: Rescue souls claimed by nefarious entities or false gods. They appear as a flock of whippoorwills.
  • Catrina: The walmart greeters of the Boneyard. They are the first ones you meet, and comfort you if you are experiencing shock or grief at finding out you're dead. They look like Dia de Muertos skeletons.
  • Ember Weaver: Shows a newly deceased person's soul the nearest entrance to the River of Souls.
  • Erabryth: Starfinder psychopomps that only guide android souls.
  • Esobok: Dog-like psychopomps that hunt down undead.
  • Kere: Stand guard at graveyards to prevent gravedigging, corruption or necromancy
  • Memitim: Protect souls as they travel along the River of Souls.
  • Morrigna: Hunt down liches and anyone else who tries to cheat death or unnaturally lengthen their lifespan.
  • Nosoi: scribes and messengers.
  • Olethros: prevent interference with Fate, whatever that means.
  • Shoki: Janitors that wander the mortal realm, corralling any lingering souls.
  • Vanth:The Psychopomp. They watch over the River of Souls and the Boneyard in general.
  • Viduus: Librarians who live at the top of Pharasma's Spire. If you lived an extraordinary life, you get to have it cataloged by them.
  • Yamaraj: The rulers of the psychopomps. Look like a cross between a black dragon and a crow.
  • Psychopomp Usher: Independent psychopomps as powerful as demigods.