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Weeeee I'm flying!

"Look its the bat guys from The Wizard of Oz."

– Everyone after seeing this model

The Pteraxii is what appears to be the Mechanicus's version of a Seraphim Squad or a Scourge only cooler with more bat wings. They are one of the many specialized castes of Skitarii; these batboys are optimized and augmented for instinctive reaction and agility whilst wearing Skitarii War Plates. Their reflexes are accentuated by paring back elements of cognition that impede their primary function.

Implanted with additional limb-stumps known as scapuli superior on their backs, a flight pack of thrusters and reactive life surfaces is connected to them. The nano-carbon fibre-weave surface of their wing membranes can change properties at the will of the user, from rigid as plasteel and rough-textured, to smooth and pliant, and everything in between. This makes them flight worthy in most atmospheric conditions, even harsh and acidic environments. As such, the flight packs become part of the Pteraxii, who serve in several roles

At this point Admech can easily pass for an AoS army.


The Pteraxii is split into two primary classes:


I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

The Sterylizors are honed for aggression and armed with Phosphor Torches.

These are the more close-range and combat orientated of the two Pteraxii classes. Sterylizors often swoop in the battlefield and do their equivalent of a miniature napalm bombing on their enemies. They are the Seraphims of the Pteraxii.

On tabletop, these Phosphor Torches has a 12″ reach and Assault D6 shots; a pretty nasty Flamer that is S4, AP-1 and deals 1 Damage per shot. Since it autohits and ignores cover and they always come in a flock of five, it is gonna make horde armies squirm with new levels of pain. Moreover, on a turn in which they charge, each Sterylizor will be rolling three attacks at Strength 5. Oh yes, these things literally melt GEQs like butter.

Moreover, their Pteraxii talons AP -1 claws that give +1S on the charge making them powerful deepstrikers AND making them a nightmare to charge. All Pteraxii has a 12" movement phase, with WS and BS on a 3+. Not too shabby. Their Strength is a 4, with Toughness 3 and 2 Wounds per model. They have a leadership of 6 and a decent Sv of 4+. Overall, this makes the Sterylizors a pain in the proverbial ass to deal with.


The Skystalkers has taken a page out of the Swooping Hawks in proverbially shitting on their enemies to death.

The Skystalkers are the more shooty cousins of the Pteraxii.

They seek out the best vantage points from which to pick off targets with their Flechette Carbines. As such, they perform a role not too similar to that of a Dark Eldar Scourge.

On tabletop, their Flechette Carbines are essentially a death with a thousand cuts. With a 24" range, the Fleschette Carbines are an Assault 5, S3, AP0, D1 weapon; it ain't gonna pierce through any armour, but it is gonna turn Termagaunt armies into Tyranid mince pie.

They are also armed with a stack of Arc Grenade Clusters to drop on enemy targets they move over on their turn. If the grenade hits, roll one D6 for each model on the targeted unit, adding 2 of each result if that unit is a vehicle. For each 5+, that enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound.

Like their Sterylizor cousins, they are armed with Pteraxii talons, AP -1 claws that give +1S on the charge. All Pteraxii has a 12" movement phase, with WS and BS on a 3+. Not too shabby. Their Strength is a 4, with Toughness 3 and 2 Wounds per model. They have a leadership of 6 and a decent Sv of 4+. Overall, this makes the Skystalkers a pain in the proverbial ass to deal with.

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