Pulpit of Saint Holline's Basilica

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The more reasonable version of the Fortress of Arrogance.

A new type of vehicle that could compete with the communist space pope's floating space chair in both gaudiness and laziness. How the Sisters manage to avoid stirring the Adeptus Mechanicus' mechanical panties in a twist over such unsanctioned 'modifications' to build this vehicle is unknown.


The Pulpit of Saint Holline's Basilica is only known because of the person controlling it, which is Canoness Superior Junith Eruita, who is a pretty badass bolter bitch that somehow survived having an entire dome of a basilica literally dropped on her. To give you a hint on how ridiculous that stunt was, she somehow flipped the bird to an entire trope literally called 'Dropping a bridge on her/him' and got away with it with Wardian grade Plot armor. Or, for another example, it would be like the DM announcing "Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies", only for everyone to somehow miraculously survive.

Rather than bitch and moan about it, Eruita said "Fuck it!" and decided to turn what's left of the Basilica into a mobile nunmobile with guns! As such, the Pulpit is a pretty unique Grav-vehicle, that is now the personal vessel of Junith Eruita. Its like Yarrick's Fortress of Arrogance, except ya know, Eruita wasn't a lazy/crazy fuckwit and decided to build one, rather than lose it and end up trading an entire IG tank fleet to get it back.

The Pulpit can unleash devastating firepower at close range, courtesy of the Pulpit's two frontal heavy flamers. However, for actual rules of both the vehicle and Eruita herself, it can be read on her actual page here.

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