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Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Unknown (Could be White Scars successor given the Warband Leader)
Warband Leader Gull Khan (Deceased)
Base of Operations Unknown
Strength Unknown, but has tons of cultists.
Specialty Unknown
Allegiance Slaanesh
Colours Bone with black skeleton imagery on armour

"It is the way of Slaanesh, who is my lord and guardian. My god. Look what he has made of me, captain, and see what your Emperor has made of you."

Chaos Lord Gull Khan of the Punishers, to Jonah Kerne of the Dark Hunters.
At least they got some nice artwork.

This Halloween themed Slaaneshi warband is obviously unknown to the rest of the lore and W40K fans because why would they be known, they aren't Black Legion or World Eaters. The only people who seems to remember their existance are the ones at Forge World, who have given them some mention in their Imperial Armour books. In-universe however, they are apparently such a fucking problem seven chapters were assigned to hunt them down and kill them.

Anyway, they are famous for unleashing the Twin Punisher Wars aginst the Dark Hunters chapter. In the first one they outnumbered the loyalists on their own homeworld, after deploying QUARTER OF A MILLION OF CULTISTS on the surface of the planet as their first wave. They still lost like chumps, because they were unable to breach the Fortress-Monastery in time, and the Dark Sons (a Novamarines successor that is best bros with the Dark Hunters) arrived with five other Chapters to pummel the spooky bois into submission.

In the second Punisher War the exact same shit happened so I don't know why I talk about it anyway, but this time the Dark Hunters got help from the Eldar.

Another warband with a bit of fluff around them, but to be included in the category "WHY THE FUCK DO WE EVEN EXIST?"


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