Purgation Squad

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"Let my brothers practice their swordplay. They can finish off whoever is left".

"Red or yellow flames may be the sign of incomplete combustion. When you adjust a burner to increase the air supply you get a more complete combustion, a higher temperature and a blue flame. I tell you what."

– Brother Hank

Purgation Squads are fuck-awesome units of Grey Knights specializing in BBQ-ing the forces of Chaos. Their unit models and their weaponry are seen as a saving grace from being full blown Mary Sues by some in /tg/. Purgation Squads provide heavy firepower in certain situations, although their small numbers are a constant danger. They usually deploy in support of Grey Knights Squads during high-intensity engagements when they could be picked off from squads if spread throughout a force. They follow a similar role to Devastator Squads in Codex Chapters. They are sometimes considered as the Grey Knight's Salamanders due to their penchant of heat and mass pyromania.

But while a Purgation squad initially bares strong resemblance to its Devastator counterpart, there are key doctrinal differences. In most Chapters, duty in a Devastator Squad is seen as training for a new recruit to experience the sights and sounds of battle and are often the first step for a initiate before becoming part of a Tactical Squad. Not so in the Grey Knights. Trying to keep in line of being unique than the more generic blue berries, the Grey Knights enshrines their heavy firepower squads into using far more complex, powerful, and rare weaponry. Thus, Purgation Squad Battle-Brothers are often veterans who have honed their experiences on the battlefield. Once his duties are established it is rare for a member of a Purgation Squad to see service elsewhere in the Chapter unlike more conventional Space Marine Devestators who often get promoted to an Assault Squad after he is deemed competent with heavy firepower.

What makes Purgation Squads so awesome is in their armory. They get access to unique shit not found anywhere else in the Imperium. This includes the iconic Incinerator which is a heavy Flamer on steroids. Incinerators have their Prometheum blessed with sacred oils that when lit, spews out a stream of hot white or blue fire. The effect of Incinerators are quite frankly, horrifying to the forces of Chaos as the blessed mixture literally ignites their very soul on fire. Daemon players often commit acts of masochistic ritual when their entire blob of Khornate Daemons gets incinerated (Pun not intended) by these badass Mofo's. Another overpowered weapon of relentless cheese are Psycannons which are heavy Bolters/assault cannons on steroids firing blessed anti-daemon ammunition that completely rapes all types of Daemons no matter how great or small. Psycannons are also notorious for blowing up your chaotic Metal Boxes. From 8th on though, Psycannons are just assault reaper autocannons, Psilencers are Assault 6 DD3 damage boltguns, as incenerators are S6 AP-1 Flamers

Other equipment for these ball-crushing murder machines include a Wrist-Mounted Storm Bolter, Psilencer, Nemesis Force Sword, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades and Psyk-Out Grenades. Additionally, Purgation Squad members can channel in their psychic potential. Such as Astral Aim which can allow them to mystically guide their shots to the chosen target. Those affected by Astral Aim can shoot targets they would not normally be able to see, such as through walls, in complete darkness or through shrouding mist. The other is Hammerhand which crushes opponents with their psychic might.

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