Pyramid of Amun-Re

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The Pyramid of Amun-Re is the earliest ever Egyptian themed dungeon to ever have a presence in Dungeons & Dragons. The name was actually invented by Wizards of the Coast to serve as an easy way to refer to the three interlinked modules that make up the dungeon-storyline, but which lacked a formal name from TSR; I3: Pharaoh, I4: Oasis of the White Palm, and I5: Lost Tomb of Martek.

The titular dungeon was created as the burial place for Pharaoh Amun-Re, who offended Osiris by his acts of tyranny and blasphemy. As a result, Amum-Re was cursed to become a restless ghost whose presence blighted the land into a barren wasteland- only by having his fabulous treasure stolen would the curse be broken, banishing the desert that had swallowed up his kingdom and allowing Amun-Re's soul to enter the peace of the afterlife. The story begins when Amun-Re's ghost appears to the party as they wander the Desert of Desolation that has sprung up around his tomb, pleading with them to risk the traps and guardians of his pyramid and end his curse.