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Pyremius symbol.png
Head of a yagnoloth
Alignment Neutral Evil
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Oerth (Suloise)
Portfolio Fire, Murder, Poison
Domains Destruction, Evil, Fire, Madness, Mysticism
Home Plane Black Volcano (Hades)
Worshippers Assassins, Firenewts, Grimlocks, Jermlaine, pyromaniacs
Favoured Weapon Red Light (Longsword), Viper (Whip)

Pyremius (pronouced pie-REH-mee-us), the Blazing Killer, Demon of Venom, and Hideous Assassin, is the Suloise god of murder, poisons, and fire.


Pyremius was originally just a demigod of poisons and assassins, but he managed to kill Ranet, the Suloise goddess of fire, and assumed her portfolio after her death.


Pyremius appears as a hideous human, with a Jermlaine-like head, carrying a longsword and a whip.


The Blazing Killer is the favored god of assassins, obviously, but has also found popularity in the lands of the Scarlet Brotherhood and among the Jermlaine and other nonhumans. Pyremius' clerics have a high turnover rate, as their god encourages them to prey on each other, with the smart ones leaving to find their own orders from the church. Plotting against others and watching others for weaknesses is a popular past-time, along with testing ones strength by exposure to great heat, building better and greater forges, and seeking new plants, substances, and poisons.


The world will perish in fire. Anything that threatens you must be burned, and those who would keep you from doing this must be killed. The greatest enemy must sleep sometime. Those who fall to such tactics deserve their fate, and those who exploit these weaknesses are the most crafty of all.

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