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DorfQuest's Beardbeard versus RubyQuest's Tom. Nothing will ever be manlier.

Quests were originally a type of thread that involves a drawfag essentially DM'ing for the entirety of /tg/. There is an iconic main character that /tg/ shouts commands at, and the drawfag decides which action would make most sense for the character. The end result is a highly interactive game akin to free-form roleplaying, Choose Your Own Adventure books, and Point and Click computer games. Lately, almost no quests have drawfaggotry provided by the actual person running the quest (Questgiver). That, however, has freed writefags who can't draw up to run quests of their own.

Every quest goes on sup/tg/ with the tag 'Collective Game,' and so can easily be found here.

After quests were declared to be completely in line with /tg/, some people decided to leave and found an independent quest board called /tg/chan, but the average quality of quests there is...dangerously furry. 8chan, for its part, banned quests from /tg/ at the outset, sending them to /qu/ and then /quests/. Both boards are almost completely dead, as most 8chan fa/tg/uys made the exodus to get away from quests everywhere.

As of 2016, Quests have been booted from /tg/ to /qst/ - Quests. Opinions vary as to whether this was a good thing or not.

Quests have also spread outside of 4chan, with popular repositories for quests including Spacebattles (the OG), Questionable Questing (containment zone for NSFW works), and Sufficient Velocity (slightly lighter spinoff of SB). These quests tend to have more book-keeping and a more stable cast of voters due to being standard forums with permanent accounts.

The Boards and Their Quest Cultures[edit]

  • /tg/ - The most popular (and only Moot blessed) place to run quests. Stories here are long, well attended, and cover just about every genre and theme. Despite being generally welcoming there is lingering resentment from the great quest migrations of 2012. Quests with heavy foreign elements (particularly /a/, /u/, and /d/) will be subjected to harsh criticism. How much of this is genuine antipathy and how much is just /tg/ hating anything popular is unclear, but many such quests tend to garner massive audiences regardless. Explicit material is not banned but tends to be frowned upon, leading to a growing tack-on community of smut writers who attend regularly popular quests and then pastebin in their own lewd scenes. Has an inveterate fondness for drawquests, probably related to Ruby Quest nostalgia. Players here tend to think in /tg/ terms, and want to do things like build parties, romance princesses, found kingdoms, and powergame shamelessly. Arguments, particularly over any of the afore mentioned things, are common but usually manageable.
  • /a/ - Bouncing back after the mods went full kristallnacht on it, the /a/ quest scene tends to focus on the things you'd expect. Stories usually involve romance, drama (with a tendency towards bathos), urban fantasy, and fanfic of /a/ settings. Still not fully rehabilitated. You'll likely get reported at least one or twice here, but generally there aren't problems. Players prefer simple game mechanics, involved story lines, and wish fulfillment MCs. If you don't deliver on these they can become frustrated and jump ship fairly quickly.
  • /u/- All the lesbian smut that's (un)fit to print. Quests (known as CYOA here) are relatively popular. Though nowhere as prolific as places like /tg/, the slow nature of the board means threads can survive for days at a time. Arguments are rare here, since pretty much everybody attending knows what's up.
  • /b/ - Like everything else quests here are a free for all. Don't expect to run anything long or involved, anything beyond a one shot is going to die a fast and confusing death. Pictures tend to keep them focused long enough to actually vote on something.
  • /d/ - The newest addition to the questing family, quests here are exclusively sins against humanity fetish specific fapfics. While most QMs and readers don't care if a quest is anything more than a thinly veiled dickgirl railroad, recent additions have started to evolve into longer and more narratively complex offerings. Players on /d/ are a strange breed. One the one hand they can be fanatically dedicated to advancing their preferred fetish no matter how horrible or out of place it is. On the other hand, /d/ players are some of the most considerate, least judgmental, and most willing to compromise (in the tradition of a board seen as social pariahs even by /b/).
  • /mlp/ - Since 2012 the horsefuckers have been running quests every now and again, but as of 2015 they have their own archive at and a uniquly heretical questing culture. RenneQuest is probably the most well known still, and it was an early one. Most of their quests are more about adventure and lewdness, and being too edgy is a cardinal sin. Like /u/ quests are known as CYOAs here, and even have a much hated general thread dedicated to letting the QMs jerk each other off.
  • /qst/ - The new quest board, and now the only board where quests can be posted on. See below for more details.

Quest Lingo[edit]

Like every 4chan subculture quests rapidly developed their own lexicon to define themselves and generally confuse the shit out of newfags.

  • The Curse - It's joked that any QM that becomes sufficiently popular will suffer a horrible accident. The joke started as a result of QMs begging off with increasingly improbable stories about how their grandma was run over by a car driven by their dog.
  • Misarchivist - Somebody who archives a quest thread on SupTG under erroneous tags to make it look bad. Ironically this has driven QMs to personally archive every thread they run the second it goes live, making the quest spam on Sup/tg/ infinitely worse.
  • QM - Stands for "Quest Master", a take off on GM.
  • QTG - "Quest Thread General". A permanent fixture on /tg/, more below.
  • Railroad - Another borrowed term from /tg/ with essentially the same meaning. Any time the QM seems to be ignoring player input accusations of railroading will abound.
  • Spaghetti - Lesbian smut and/or romance. /tg/ pretends to hate it but drives every female MC inexorably towards it, Anon-kun has embraced it with open arms.
  • /u/-boats - A derogatory term for players on blue boards who try to torpedo any potential hetero relationships in favor of lesbians. Mostly used on /tg/.
  • Waifu - Borrowed from /a/, but has a slightly different meaning here. At it's most specific a waifu is the female love interest chosen by the players (usually at the expense of others), at it's broadest it basically means any female character that isn't the MC.



Quest Thread General is a place to discuss quests and quest building a containment thread an elephant graveyard where your creative aspirations go to die. As quests grew in size and number they inevitably began to generate meta discussion. This discussion spilled over into unrelated threads until a few enterprising anons decided to make a general thread to store it in. There was a gentleman's agreement that these threads be limited to weekends, and discussion was generally civil despite the occasional boisterous debate.

Of course you, gentle anon, already know where this is going. Like anything /tg/ loves, /qtg/ would eventually destroy itself. As quests continued to proliferate /qtg/s expanded to every day of the week. Left without enough material to fill the gap and an increasingly violent backlash against quests of all types, it became a haven for trolls and shitposters, dooming /qtg/ to a state of near constant shitstorming. Threads became endless cycles of baiting and counter-baiting, with arguments raging around the clock over namefags, tripfags, waifus, dice, and pretty anything else anybody is foolish enough to express an opinion about.

The current state of /qtg/ is so toxic that most actual quest masters have left, retreating to IRC channels where they hug one another for warmth and weep bitterly. Actually mentioning a quest you like is strongly discouraged, for fear of turning /qtg/'s now Sauron like gaze towards it. Posting about your quest with a trip on is, regardless of the contents, a suicide note.

As of November 23, the /qtg/ threads have grown so overwhelmingly cancerous that they are now deleted on sight. Naturally, this caused massive amounts of shitposting and "HE DOES IT FOR FREE" comments as the one place where all of the shitposters were contained was suddenly taken away from them. In retrospect, perhaps giving quests a board of their own would have been a better idea.

Then Suddenly...[edit]

On April 28, 2016, a new sticky appeared on /tg/ informing fa/tg/uys that all quests on the board would henceforth need to move to /qst/, a new trial board made specifically to host quest threads. And so the era of quests on /tg/ was brought to an unexpected end.

... Except it wasn't, because the sheer RAEG from questfags over the lack of any warning and the utter brokenness of /qst/ led to the mods essentially saying "Okay, you don't HAVE to move" and allowing quests to continue on /tg/ unabated, going so far as to ban people who told QMs to go to the new board. Still, some QMs did move and others quit questing entirely in protest, so the number of quests on /tg/ has gone down significantly in any case.

Except it was. As of October 16, 2016, the sticky has been updated to warn that all quests belonged on /qst/ and that any found on /tg/ would be removed. The End. (for now?)

Extended Quests[edit]

Drew the Lich[edit]

Drew the Lich was the very first of these threads, when Drew asked /tg/ for help getting adventurers to actually attack his tower. However, while it doesn't take long before Drew the Lich is less about us helping Drew so much as it is a story about Drew, it is still the very first Quest.

Ruby Quest[edit]

Ruby Quest is a tale of mindfuckery, panic, escape, and horror, as told by Weaver. The main character is a bunny girl named Ruby, who wakes up with no memories whatsoever of her past.

Dorf Quest[edit]

Dorf Quest is a tale of manliness, beardliness, rage, and dorf vs elf racial tension, as told by Gnome. The main characters are a Dorf named Beardbeard and a Rogue named Aldwin.

Chapter Quest[edit]

Chapter Quest is an honest attempt to make the grimderp playable - players command a Chapter Master and his brothers. It's been running on and off since 2012 and has it's own massive wiki which describes the quest, characters and Sector in detail. Link to the wiki:

Joan's Not Entirely Ideal Life[edit]

Joan's Joyless Journey is a quest revolving around Joan, a little girl whose life has literally gone to hell, as told by Sir Double Faggot.

Driblis Quest[edit]

A quest following the antics of a kobold hatforger. The first successful quest to implement actual mechanics (discounting Dorf Quest's half-assed character sheets). May or may not be continued.

Iron Quest[edit]

A quest following the antics of a self-aware vonNeumann machine, a robotic overlord in control of dozens, nay, thousands of drones. Entirely too much time is wasted arguing about what to do with the local humans.

Oregon Trail[edit]

A series of quests involving American settlers and the Emperor dealing with the hash wilderness of North America. Plottwist: the Emperor dies.

Lost Future Quest[edit]

/tg/ selects a robot model (a Clarke engineering unit), which wakes up in the post-apocalypse and wanders around mexico, fixing everything he can and Bending the rest into submission. Despite these simple goals, Clarke 08 quickly becomes embroiled in the three-way war between humanity, the Skynet-esque Network, and the rag-tag Free Machines. Based on the Inn0cence: Lost Future setting, OP uses modified nWoD rules and writes a LOT of flavor text. The threads can be found here

TG Meta Quest[edit]

This is a massive crossover quest. You are Task Force 38 of the Transpace Guard, and you blaze a path of fury across a corner of the multiverse, fighting Mary Sues and correcting dimensional shenanigans. A quest of strategies, tactics, epic clashes, and the nature of the multiverse. The quest for two years, going past the Mayan Apocalypse and ending in early 2013.

Threads are here


A quest following the antics of an anonymous by the name of David Lister, a Giant Robot pilot for the Principality of Zeon, the nominal bad guys in Japanese shades of grey mecha war anime Mobile Suit Gundam. It is notable for having David's kill count for enemy tanks be so high the questrunner lost count.

Some trolls have called for it to go to /m/, under some bizarre pretext that Roleplaying is no longer a /tg/ purview and that longtime namefag questrunner I apologised on 4chan wouldn't just get told to take it right back to /tg/. Even stranger is their claim that he should be going about killing everyone in the misguided belief that this would somehow make it more enjoyable.

Trolls eh?

In anycase, the threads are all found here


Zerg Quest[edit]

This Quest began with the Starcraft Overmind creating Cerebrate Anon to think outside the box. The Quest Master has since taken up namefagging under that name. Fans have named its brood the Hashashin Brood, though Cerebrate Anon never seems to get around to calling it that. The quest has gone from tedious Starcraft sim to horrible rape sim to empire-building wargame and beyond (and back to rape sim, some weeks), with perennial nemesis Kingston, a CREEEEDlike character that outsmarts all of /tg/ about once per week. Zerg Quest ran for 2.5 years, and Cerebrate Anon loves you all.

Huge Quest[edit]

A quest about becoming the HUGEST of HUGE. It has it's own animated video here. Original thread here

One-Shot Quests[edit]

Knight Quest[edit]

Knight Quest has no main article.

Knight Quest is the tale of an incompetent knight trying to save the princess from the Evil Villain. Characterized by absurdist humor and, well, more absurdist humor. The thread can be found here.


Blockhead has no main article.

Blockhead is pretty similar to KnightQuest in that it is random and frivolous. Made initially as a parody of both the 'RAILROADING' trolling and as a fun thing to kill time with, it quickly became the collaborative effort of many different drawfags. An amusing adventure. The thread can be found here.


Click title for the subsection of the Ruby Quest article this got shoved into.

A ridiculous side story told by Weaver about Tom's twin brother John. A must-read. The thread can be found here.

Grue Quest[edit]

Although spammed up the ass by a soulless troll, this quest shows real promise. /tg/ is a grue. It can kill. It found a dead Nazi. It has a grenade.

Watch out for trains.

Thread can be found here.


RangerQuest has no main article.

The first thread didn't even get archived, guys. What the heck. And the two that were don't have tags.

Thread 2 Thread 3

Oneshot Quests Gallery[edit]

The New Quests[edit]

2012: The Summer of Questfags[edit]

2012 saw a sudden explosion of quest threads as mods everywhere declared them /tg/-related material. This drove several budding quests from across the 4chan to /tg/, where fags raged about Warhammer and MTG threads being replaced by the likes of Katawa Shoujo Quest and Battletech Quest. Attempts to create a /q/uest board were thwarted when /q/ was revealed to be a board for meta and talking to mods, and quests were deemed /tg/-related.

This new generation of quest threads was characterized by writefags and DMs who were tired of meeting IRL. Instead of drawfags drawing events and actions, questfags would select from a series of choices presented to them and the OPs would then post the written results, usually with a related picture they had grabbed from somewhere.

Many quests of 2012 disappeared with the end of Summer, leaving only a small portion of popular survivors to see the dawn of the Mayan Apocalypse.

Boone Quest[edit]

Iron Hearts Quest[edit]

Magical Girl Noir Quest[edit]

Planetary Governor Quest[edit]

The Quests of 2013[edit]

Hormissar Gaunt, the hormagaunt comissar

Blatant Fetish Quest, a quest about a half-incubus in Scholomance

Lamia Daughter Quest, a quest about a Lamia Paladin.

The Quests of 2014[edit]

Adventurer's Guild, not so much a single Quest as tons of player-generated quests about fixing up the last Adventurer's Guild in the world, with the occasional acutal adventure. See the page for guidelines on how to run your own! Also lists.

Three Kingdoms Quest, in which anons on /tg/ try to conquer medieval China in the name of Lu Bu, through control of his top general Zhu Xing. Stupidly popular.

Re:Monster Ex Quest, based on a hilariously terrible Japanese visual novel with an RPG-like 'evolution' system. Has managed to go over 100 threads without devolving into a waifu quest despite the central character and all of her party members being monstergirls. Otherwise notable because it managed to spawn several spinoffs, Re: Lizard Quest, Re: Snake/Lamia Quest, and Re: Harpy Quest. Snake briefly eclisped Monster in popularity before crashing and burning, though it itself got a spinoff in Re:Kobold Quest.

The Long Night: inspired by the Nightmare to Come setting, it tells of a planetary governor (do not mix up with the 2012 quest!) stranded away with his planet and the rest of the subsector when the Astronomican fails. First thread, Embers in the Dusk, (with 145,000 posts) was ended in April 2020, the second one (Sparks at Midnight) was started. Has its own wiki.

The Quests of 2015[edit]

Amazon Merc Quest, the story of an elite assassin/bodyguard of a certain dictator famous for training women in the arts of pleasure and killing.

Harem Bro Quest, in which the PC helps their best friend resolve the harem said friend built up during their (pre-quest) quest to save the world. No original characters except the PC himself. Killed due to flagging QM interest.

Lovehammer 40k, in which Sisters of Battle try to survive in a world where everything is corrupted by Slaanesh. Sex replaces fighting. Mods banned the QM, but it has since revived itself on Anonkun. Probably the longest 40k smut quest ever written now spanning 3+ books.

'Nid Quest, the story of the Swarmlord's conquest of Zyraxis. A spinoff of Zerg Quest. Still on first thread, however.

Dungeon Life Quest, which has notably run constantly since its inception; all of the threads contain links to the next one except for the prologue. The QM has managed to update at least once every single day for the entirety of December and January, despite such events as one of his teeth fucking exploding during one of the threads, and the writing quality is consistently high, largely owing to the QM being a (semi-)professional writer and his apparent immunity to all intoxicants.

External Links[edit]

"Quester's Starting Guide This quest is huge.

Non 4chan but /tg/ relevant quests[edit]

War of the Krork[edit]

[ Started off as just a Warboss Quest on SpaceBattles until the players krumped so many gits that their Waaagh! became a galactic superpower as the galaxy sinks into a second War in Heaven.

The Imperium’s inevitable collapse is only barely halted by intervention from the surviving loyal Primarchs as they hold a bare few remnants together. Abaddon's attempt to leverage his victories at Cadia and Terra into a new Chaos Imperium goes wrong after only a couple centuries. The Emperor splits into Kadmon, God of Heroism, and the Empyreal Tyrant, Chaos God of Order.

Throughout such Chaos victories, the Tyranids and Orks of Octarius give rise to the New Devourer, an endlessly adaptable mass of biomechanical horror. Ghazghkull steers the Beast Set Loose, whose psychic might eclipses that of the Orks from which they came. Capping off these apocalyptic newcomers is the return of the dreaded Void Dragon, whose silver legions surpass even the Necrons.

Meanwhile, the galactic free-for-all is only made worse by the resurgent Men of Iron and Rangdan. While the death of Slaanesh at the hands of Ynnead may seem like a ray of home in this shitshow, the paradox of killing timeless beings like a Chaos God births the Qlippoth. These beings embody a primordial sea of unreality that relentlessly consumes space and preys on the Warp itself. This quest simultaneously straddles the line between a far worse galaxy being than in canon and also one where desperate times have brought out the best in former adversaries.

QuestQuest Gallery[edit]

QuestQuest is a series of pictures that basically consist of the Quest characters being shoved into the other Quests.

See Also[edit]