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Spoiler.gifThis article contains spoilers! You have been warned.

Inspired by Scholomance, this quest follows the adventures of Max Power, a half-incubus girl in her adventures at magic school. As you might expect from the name, the quest includes a substantial amount of porn encompassing a substantial array of fetishes, most prominently futa, D/s, and mind control. Rather than being only porn this quest also has an arguably good story which deals with young love, ethics in extreme situations, and child-rearing. It goes entire threads without sex sometimes.

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Editors note[edit]

Inferred information should be clearly labeled and or in orange, Speculation should be clearly labeled and or in red information in need of review should be in blue.

Summary copypasta[edit]

Previously on Blatant Fetish Quest, our protagonist, Max Power, learned that 'he' was actually a female with male genitalia, as a result of having an incubus as a father. Three years later, Max, now fit and a martial artist, flew to Romania to enroll at the prestigious Scholomance, a school for magic meeting Liz, your new girlfriend, on the way. On arriving in Romania, you learned that the Scholomance is extremely deadly and that only half of each class proceeds to the next grade each year.

You joined the Lotus prestige society, befriended Dane and Lin, other Lotuses. Upon arriving at the Scholomance, a city-sized school hidden in a cave that's bigger on the inside, you discovered a tower and found an incubus who's probably your father chained up in the basement.

You're currently trying to balance Dextra Domini, rivals, commitments to your society, relationships, and studying while trying to survive. You're about a month and a half in. Your custom-built beast won the quiz and Liz made it into the Society of the Archmagi. Your dryad hatched and your mommy-instincts kicked into high gear. You were just nearly taken out by a mysterious attacker.


Max Power[edit]

The protagonist. Born with two X chromosomes, but male genitalia, was raised as a boy until three years ago, when the Archmages who were recruiting for this year's class revealed their scrying told them "he" was a girl. Took up physical activities, especially martial arts, in response. Half incubus, and has the rare talent to understand the Word, the language of all before Babel (or at least the "all" who fall under judeo-christian mythology). Naturally gifted in Enchantment and not bad at Alchemy. Member of the Lotus Society.

Inner Circle[edit]

Elizabeth "Liz" Lawson

Elizabeth Lawson

Brilliant overachiever whose goal is to be this class' Archmage. Family has no known magical ties, but her parents and siblings are all in professional fields. Submissive in her relationship with Max, and calls her Mistress. Pretty good at all four schools, but the best in the group at Conjuration. This class' Society of the Archmage student.



A Chinese diplomat's daughter - in this life. Has reincarnated as far back as she can remember, and the memories of past lives slowly comes back to her as she gets older each time. Nowhere near as driven as Max and Liz, still has a basic grasp of all four schools and decent handle on alchemy. Another Lotus.


Samyaza aka Dimitri aka Dad

Max's father, an Incubus. Also known by his true name, Samyaza, who was once leader of the Grigori before joining Lucifer's rebellion against their asshole of a father. Max, Liz, and Lin found him bound and out of energy in a long-abandoned clock tower, and Max used a blood bond contract at his suggestion to ensure the group's safety and his aid. Was bound by a friend, Petrov, who is their class' instructor. Belonged to the Dream Walkers.




Formerly Maria, A Latina Dextra recruit and Lin's temporary roommate in the female dorm, Dimitri was unleashed to find some sustenance and she became his target. Almost completely mindbroken at that point, has been rebuilt to be loyal, uninhibited, slightly catlike, and able to communicate again.



The end of the first week's quiz, the three built this acid and fire based elemental construct with a metal and glass shell. The size of a small dog with wings, it won the competition with Sam's team unconvincingly throwing the last showdown with theirs after working together to eliminate the other teams' entries. After getting it home Lin immediately mounted a huge, pink, knobbly, floppy vibrator on it and forgot about setting up anyway to get Gav to stop when she's done.



Was once Kaoru, another classmate. After her sanctum's ward's detected a Spirit get close (Max investigating a mysterious figure in a red hoodie) she set an ambush that only came as close as it did in capturing Max because Max had several spells fizzle while trying to react. The Inner Circle, after Max woke up, then struck her with a mental attack and teleported her into the tower, triggering a mind virus that wiped all knowledge of her secret society. Has been programmed with loyalty, desire, masochism, a soon to fade sense of shame, a fading but never quite extinguished sense of embarrassment, and some cat-like mannerisms.



A dryad fertilized with Vampire Lord blood and Incubus Semen, born without eyes but an excellent echolocation capability. Has a small plush bat familiar she named "Fap." Uses magic to paint color on the echolocated surfaces through the eyes of cooperating people and familiars surrounding her. She loves meat but can not eat other food.


A dryad fertilized with Jötunn (Norse Ice giant) & Dvergr (Norse Dwarf) bonemeal and Half-incubus Semen, born in mid-November. She is big and cold. Her gold-white body has a noticeable wood grain. Her finger nails and toe nails are like smooth sapling bark. Her lips, nose, and other mucous membranes are blue-grey wood with an extremely tight grain. She has blue eyes and blue-green fir needles on her head. She seems to enjoy a colder environnement and has an unamed flying cold plushy serpent with a cold water spirit bound to it as her familiar.

Other Friends[edit]


Archmage and leader of the Lotus. Once punched a man into a cat. Looks kind of like Jeff Bridges.


A paranoid fourth-circle Lotus, recruited Max and Lin and helped them their first day in understanding some of the do's and don'ts in surviving the school. Has begun teaching Max living alchemy.


Another older Lotus, Max has been listening to her advice on tattoos.

Domino and Ali

Third circle Lotuses and a couple, Domino has a Dryad named Apple who's got a bit of a daddy complex.

Yin and Yang

Second-year twin Lotuses, Max gets the feeling they're a lot closer than most siblings. The traded Dom innuendo makes the feeling a lot more solid.


Max's roommate in the special dorm, is a half-succubus boy, with the unusual anatomy that would imply.


Fish girl and close friend of Sam. Shares his crush on Petrov.

Master Sanchez

The lotus resident expert in tattooing he was an old master when Carl was a first year. He did Max and Pavana's tattoos. He is so old he refers to tattoos as tatau.

Master Alexander Lee

The lotus martial arts master. He invented his own martial art for super-humans and has trained to master every weapon he can get his hands on including Zen archery.


Yuri Petrov

Archmage. The class' instructor. And the reason Max grew up without a father. Led Max to the clock tower and gave her the missing ward key when they met afterwards. Has shown no signs of assistance or opposition after the initial push he gave her to find the Tower. "Good work" can be considered soaring praise compared to his usual hostile assessments of student work.

Sanjay Gupta

Another classmate, is fighting over the #1 slot with Liz. Recently joined the Lotus, and is at least on the surface willing to avoid hostilities.

The Librarian

Name unknown. Controls the largest known magical library in the world, with texts unavailable elsewhere. Considers bribery the price for her assistance. Preferred bribes include rare books, original magical texts, rare magical materials, expensive fine wine, and physical dalliances with attractive partners (the memory of which has been known to cause shuddering in old as the world sex demons). She has a group of "bats" that she sends to collect overdue books, and a Wendigo-infused Dryad daughter named Wendi. Wendi has been modified with an infinite food paste generator ring in her stomach, a luck spirit bound to a tattoo, and extensive mental rebuilding to counter natural Wendigo tendencies. When Pierre first viewed her aura he recoiled in terror.


Dextra Domini

"The Right Hand." Religious zealots whose goal is to kill or drive out every demon at Scholomance, and indiscriminately killed three of the students at the special dorms in response to Breakfast's disappearance. (Out of character this is known to be because Breakfast was the daughter of a prominent MM family and DD needed to show a response to her disappearance Max and family are not aware of this.)

-Known members: Pierre, blond french boy in the class who will not shut up about them.


Little is known beyond that they want to summon or capture demons and bind them to their own use.

Prestige Societies[edit]

Prestige societies are groups of students and former students, often (always?) lead by an archmage which have their own sanctum and teach a prestige class on often on Saturdays. So far it seems each student must belong to no more than one and almost all join one. The following is the information we have on the assorted societies.

The Lotus[edit]

This society is based on the idea of Eastern internal alchemy and self-modification. It focuses on manipulating the flow of chi, applying magic item theory to one's own form. This is one of the very few societies that knows the secret of Living Alchemy. Anyone may join, and after a one year trial period applicants become full members and are taught living alchemy. Members who drop out of Scholomance are allowed to continue studying at lotus sanctum. Carl, the Lotus Grandmaster, has implied that this is his own subtle effort to try and deal with and counter the evil way Scholomance runs. All members are expected to teach and help any other member who asks as well as be a good student for those who teach them. Carl clams the Lotus is "Old. Older than the first yogi or the first whisper of the Tao.".

Leader: Carl Schools of Specialty: Enchantment, Alchemy
Secret techniques: Self enchantment, Living Alchemy
Known members: Max, Lin, Yin, Yang, Dane, Pavana, Domino, Ali, Master Sanchez, Master Alexander, Sanjay

Alchemists' Guild[edit]

A western alchemy based society which seems fairly neutral. Members sometimes sleep in the guildhall, which is said to have many "interesting" smells.

Schools of Specialty:Alchemy, possibly more
Secret techniques: None known
Leader: ???
Known members: Hera

The Society of the Archmagi[edit]

This very exclusive society only takes one student for each year, the student who appears to be best out of those who have no society at the end of the first week. Their goal is to focus on one student per class and help the "most promising candidate" become an archmage. They are not directly associated with all graduates, who are also called Archmagi.

Schools of Specialty: None/All
Secret techniques: Liz has attained a particular type of mental shield from them, which detects intrusion. It is unknown how secret this is.
Leader: ???.
Known students: Liz.
Known graduates: Petrov.

The Dream Weavers[edit]

The Dream Weavers are masters of the Dream Web, a manifestation of the collective unconscious. This society is only open to students who are spirits in whole or substantial part, as dream techniques do not work for pure humans. Members learn how to physically enter the Dream Web as well as manipulate emotions and shape dreamscapes.

Schools of Specialty: Enchantment, Conjuration
Secret techniques: Entering the Dream Web, Dreamscape manipulation
Leader: ???.
Known members: Dad

The Walkers[edit]

A society specializing in teleportation and dimensional manipulation. Most higher circle members live in extradimensional sanctums. Their society headquarters can only be reached by teleportation. They are associated with transportation and shipping groups, and a number of members including Sam are employed in that capacity. They have a motto or slogan: "You can't trap a walker".

Schools of Specialty: Conjuration,?
Secret techniques: Advanced teleportation-related things, presumably
Leader: ???
Known members: Sam

The Prometheans[edit]

A society dedicated to the perfection of its members souls. They specialize in the art of binding their own souls and modifying them without killing themselves. Carl has implied that their efforts may exceed safe limits, saying "Well, maybe they should have named themselves after Icarus instead". It has been speculated that they may have failed an attempt to remove an inability to understand the WORD, or feed on Souls.

Schools of Specialty: Conjuration,?
Secret techniques: Soul binding, Soul modification
Leader: ???
Known members: None

The Four Pillars[edit]

Western elementalists. Lots of raw power, mostly sorcery and alchemy

Schools of Specialty: Sorcery, Alchemy
Secret techniques: ?
Leader: ???.
Known members: None

Dextra Domini[edit]

AKA The Right Hand A group of Catholic self-proclaimed "Monster Hunters". They hunt and kill demons and other spirits. They have links to the magically powerful sophisticated Malleus Maleficarum, their sister organization in the occult underground, which generally has "Less magic and more C4 and papal artifacts". They specialize in spells that let them read auras, to detect demons, as well as a few techniques for disrupting energy flow in spells and spiritual beings. They're bad news if they manage to survive their first year

Schools of Specialty: Enchantment, possibly Sorcery
Secret techniques: Advanced Aura reading, Spell disruption.
Leader: ???.
Known members: Pierre, one of our female classmates, The sniper who was in Dad & Petrov's 5th year.
Former Members: Breakfast


AKA Nemesis AKA Adversary AKA The Left Hand These are demonologists and the primary rivals of Dextra Domini. They are very dangerous, often unstable and insane. They serve as a principle justification for the evils of Dextra Domini. Says Domino: "They a danger to themselves and others. They try to bind demons as slaves and often reach further than is safe. They usually get themselves killed rather than killed by other students. Those that don't are... Well, evil. They sometimes enslave non-human students just because they can."

Schools of Specialty: Conjuration, possibly Enchantment
Secret techniques: Powerful binding techniques, ?
Leader: ???.
Known members: None


Because of the nature of the quest, it has inspired a certain amount of erotic writing.

  • A set of incest fics based on a divergence where we gave Dad a handjob rather than siccing him on as-of-yet innocent first years: [1] [2] [3]
  • A similar fic with the later divergence point of the critical roll convincing Liz that incest is totally cool: [4]
  • Wherein Max and Pavana have sexy Fight club:[5]
  • "I Somehow Made a Sub a Sadist, too" wherein Liz breaks a girl who threatens her Mistress: [6]
  • Writefagging for BFQ - Selene[7]
  • Lunch is a Dirty Little Slut [8][9]
  • Max gets brought home to meet the parents: Max x Liz x Liz's mom [10]
  • Alexander Lee: Dick of Justice [11]

Special Skills and Assets[edit]

Sensory skimming spell for vision wide area, Sensory skimming spell for vision, Sensory skimming spell for vision & hearing, Sensory skimming spell for vision, hearing & smell, Sensory skimming spell for vision, hearing, smell, and taste, Sensory skimming spell all senses, Self enchantment, Subtle wide area emotion manipulation spell with the ability to exclude people and penetrate wards, Faulty mind shields, Basic glandular Living Alchemy, Very subtle, hard to resist, selectively and area limited emotional effect with optional trigger based recurring mind seeds, Subtle, hard to resist, selectively and area limited emotional effect that reassembles itself if not destroyed completely with optional trigger based recurring mind seeds (basically the mental, emotional equivalent of herpes), A basic DD theory based aura reading, Basic human aura projection spell ?theory only?, Non automatic reincarnation mind drill, Theoretical healing mind drill, Basic spirit forge theory, Mundane super Bow


This is a list of notes intended for dynamic use over the course of the project as it continues in the immediate sense. It is not for general information.

Self Enchantments[edit]

Self Enchantment is the use of secret rate lotus techniques based on magic item theory to improve your self like a permanent in built magic item. See the game mechanics section for descriptions.



  • Reduced oxygen, Slow aging, Stamina


  • Sanity(Carl explicitly mentioned it as one of the ways to make the mindfork safe)

Might Want[edit]


  • Kinetic force-field sense augmentation(likely requires kinetic force-field, may weaken force-field, may freak us out, may be illegal),


  • Creativity(We want more in each of sanity, calm, & focus than this aug), Mind fork(requires sanity, we bicker a lot),

Might Not Want[edit]


  • Flight(possible traction issues, may be better to make foci), Spacial force-fields(warps reality, may mess with senses), Spacial force-field sense augmentation(likely requires spacial force-field, may weaken force-field, may freak us out, may be illegal), Telekinesis(each level gives 1 point with strength = to level),


  • Aggression(may make us do rash things), Empathy(may make us unable to do harsh things), Pain tolerance(may cause issues), Mind drill based memory recovery (Confirmed theoretically needs ground work),

Don't Know How To Do[edit]


  • Calming, Commanding, Convincing, Charismatic, Seductive, Trustworthy

Don't Want[edit]


  • Alchemy vulnerability(is a vulnerability), Anti alchemy ward(hurts our spells), Anti conjuration wards(hurts our spells) , Anti sorcery wards(hurts our spells), Anti teleportation wards(hurts our spells), Conjuration vulnerability(is a vulnerability), Sorcery vulnerability(is a vulnerability)


  • Anti enchantment wards(hurts our spells), Enchantment vulnerability(is a vulnerability), Altered time perception(This has been known to stop peoples hearts and mess with there coordination)

Permanent foci[edit]

Ideally we want 3-5 strain foci (many spells last ~1 hour foci need 3-4 to charge) for any kind of spell that has a duration and enough skill foci so we have as many as our skill level for each strain focus. 3-5 also seems like a good ballpark for most spells without a duration that aren't the kind you probably only need one set for.


  • Conjuration warding, Disenchantment, Durability spells, Foci crafting(1), Focus spells, Flight, Healing, Increased subjective time, Kinetic shield, Lie detection, Lying, Mental attack, Mental invisibility, Mind control ward, Mind reading ward, Perception spells, Photonic invisibility, Scrying, Sorcerous force multiplication, Sense reading, Spacial invisibility, Spacial shields, Spirit control, Speed spells, Strength spells, Teliportation, Teleportation ward, Water breathing, Basic transmutation


  • Alchemy magic items, Basic transmutation, Conjuration magic items, Enchantment magic items, Foci crafting, Sorcery magic items, Spirit control, Spirit summoning, Ward creation

Rooms(ie huge piles of foci)

  • Construct crafting, Foci crafting, Healing, Scrying


The following are notes for things that suggesters intend to do in the future.

Projects Underway[edit]

  • Spirit ecosystem
  • Maintain and update Utility belt.
  • Teaching Selene tai chi.
  • Let Sam liquidate our gold.

Minor Side Projects for Mention Before Time Skips[edit]

  • Have everyone Pitch in and teach out daughters in there spare time.
  • Replace the ladder with stairs.
  • Remember to call mom.
  • Slowly assemble 3 sets each of Focus crafting and basic transmutation foci(1 drain and 3 boost for each set).
  • Have Liz design her tattoo.
  • Have Liz tattoo the meals (practice on raw pork bellies).
  • Crafting defensive tattoo foci.
  • Study BSDM with Liz and Yin/Yang.
  • get the stuff on our shopping list.
  • Make lunch feel welcomed and loved and Dom her with Liz.
  • Set up our library.
  • Set up our lab.
  • Apothecary cabinets.
  • Make sexy cloths for the meals.
  • Some kind of super-tech armored clothes.

Short Term (Immediate) Projects[edit]

  • Talk to Liz about a more open relationship, being with Dimitry, and her child abuse and family.
  • Formally figure out our goals
  • List out our proprieties based on those goals.
  • Have a Family safety meeting.
  • Spend time with dad.
  • Secure our bolt hole and repair the books in it.
  • Crafting unusual magical toys to help teach the dryad children magical concepts.
  • Make Alison her temperature control necklace
  • Get a book scanner (possibly 2 so we can bribe the librarian with the second).
  • Visit the free city of limbo and set up a home there.
  • We need to give mom some money without raising suspicions.
  • Take Selene and Alison out to spend a day outside with family.
  • Agree on a yellow level safe word for Liz.
  • Prepare our wards for the group study lounge.

Medium Term Projects[edit]

  • Place the necessary scrying wards on the Meals tattoos.
  • Gather bribes for the librarian.
  • Shape shifting gag.
  • Make the meals tails and ears sensitive lifelike and 'pleasurable'.
  • Build a meditation butler (A small simple construct to light incense in the gym and see to similar things while we meditate)
  • Upgrade Fap/Gaviscon/unnamed serpent.
  • Study purely mundane things like mathematics and literature.
  • Train hard with martial arts, free running, and shooting.
  • Teach the Meals to do chores properly.
  • Spruce up and ward our bolt hole.
  • Try to find additional backup bases and bolt holes.
  • Camouflage the outside of the tower.
  • Enchant the door to the lab rat room to be boring, and place a permanent calming field on that room.
  • Enchant one of the sitting rooms or the library to better aid studying (focus field).
  • Make our third daughter a familiar.

Long Term Projects[edit]

  • Ask Dimitry about the parkour room than maybe start it.
  • Piles and piles of foci.
  • Research the last few years of Scholomance and what being an archmage entails.
  • Selectively restore the Meals' memories.
  • Bind a network of spirits to monitor Schoolamance to report to us.
  • Sniper constructs as back-up.
  • Hand grenades with legs. (they are useful flexable distractions)

Projects discussed without clear consensus[edit]

  • Making Pierre's Testicles Produce Estrogen Instead of testosterone. (it is agreed we will do this if we break him but uncertain if we will do it to draw him to us)AKA Operation Estrotesties, Operation Dedick the Dick Nazi.
  • ear protection (simple).
  • mind backup (medium-long).
  • Ask out Yin and Yang (simple).
  • Prepare a copy of our notes on Selene's spell for the librarian(short, we may want a family secret).
  • Use living alchemy to make a rat that makes extra blood and likes being drained of it to teach Selene how to use her fangs.(Pros this is a safe way for Selene to learn to use her vampire heritage. Cons. This sends bad messages to Selene about biting and is a lot of effort for little to no reward especially if blood doesn't remove strain form her).

Interesting Projects that are to much work for the reward[edit]

  • A shape-shifting stamp capable of making any symbol focus we can think of and having a preloaded library of drawings.
  • Telekinesis limbs/ Touch telekinesis.
  • Super bed for the meals

Shopping List[edit]

For fun

  • Remote control vibrator
  • Ballgag
  • Dildogag
  • Buttplug
  • Ring gag
  • Pin-locked manacles and/or padded leather cuffs
  • Handcuffs (More than 1 pair, might be useful as foci, too)
  • One of those gloves that keep your hands together, I think they are called monoglove or something
  • Rope (I think we already have some but maybe special rope for bondage or something)
  • Silk gloves, elbow length
  • Matching thigh-highs

For meditation

  • 24 hour incense coils
  • A desktop waterfall
  • Scented wax
  • One of those things that go DONK

For learning living alchemy

  • Lab rats and cages
  • books on biochemistry, chemistry, anatomy, pharmacology, metallurgy


  • Microwave

Utility Belt[edit]

Just for foci

  • Antihistamine pills, Ash, Baking powder, Beef jerky, Bird seed, Birth control pill, Birthday candle, Blank keys, Blood, bones, Capsaicin, Cards, Cayenne pepper, Coffee, Dead bug, Dead seamonkeys, Dice, Dirt, Dog food, Dust, Energy bar, Erector set pieces, Feathers, Film, Fireworks, Fish hooks, Flour, Flower petals, Food coloring, Food powder, Fur, Glitter, Golf tees, GORP, Gun powder, Grommets, Hair, Incense, Kinects, Lace, Latex gloves, Laxatives, Leather, Lego, Lock picks, Marbles, Microchips, Miracle grow powder, M&Ms, Nails, Nuts & bolts, Nuts(food), Oatmeal, Pain pills, Rice, Salt, Saltpeter, Sand, Sand paper, Screws, Semen, Sleeping pills, Splenda, Staples, String, Sudoku book, Sugar, Sun flower seeds, Swizzle sticks & straws, Tacks, Talcum powder, Tea leaves, Tinsel, Tiny cross, Toothpaste, Toothpicks, Pebbles, Pennies, Pepper, Piece of aluminum foil, Piece of paper towel, Piece of rice paper, Piece of wax paper, Plastic bags, Popcorn, Powdered baby formula, Prepaid phone card, Vitamins, Washers, Wire

Mostly used as foci

  • Band-aids, Batteries, Bobby-pins, Breath-mints, Chopsticks, Coins, Crayons, Duct tape, Fishing line, Floss, Garbage bag, Gauze, Gum, Hand warmers, Lipstick, Magnet, Magnifying lens, Medical tape, Modeling clay, Moist towelettes, Needles, Paintbrush, Pins, Q tips, Razor, Safety pins, Soap, Tape, Tape measure, Thermometer, Thread, "Tide to go", Tums

Tools we can use as foci

  • Bullets, Comb, Condoms, Disposable Handcuffs, Emory board, Erasers, Flashlight, Glasses repair kit, Good combat knife, Hand sanitizer, Laser pointer, Matches, Mechanical pencils, Nail clippers, Notepads, Pencils, Pens (several colors), Refill lead, Scissors, Small mirrors, Super glue, Swiss army knife, Tiny tools, Tissues, Tweezers, USB drive, Water

Requires special notes

  • Assorted pills and other healing foci
  • Baking-soda (a base)
  • Cream of tarter(an acid)
  • Lighter (contains flint, butane, and a striker)
  • Small glass plastic metal vials( the vials can hold foci and be foci) yo dog
  • Tiny compass(like the Lego ones)
  • Tiny envelopes (same thing) department of redundancy department
  • Watch batteries (use these in the belt they are smaller and lighter than AAAs)
  • Yeast(may be illegal if so dead yeast)

Things we could stock at home

  • Any illicit drugs, Blank CDs, Bleach, Cheap books, Flatware, Gravel, Guano, Red & white wine, Shampoo, Several kinds of hard liquor, Vinegar (red, white, balsamic)

The Tower[edit]

The tower is where Max Liz Lin Dad Selena and the Meals Live. Petrove and Dad first enchanted it to serve as their sanctum when they were in the 5th circle together befor Petrove betrayed Dad.

It's a truly ancient-looking clocktower - it looks vaguely middle-eastern, and it's crumbling. It's made from blocks of white marble, gilded in brass, with a tarnished onion dome on top. It is Square, and about 5-7 meters wide depending on which floor you're on. One of the walls has partially fallen apart at the top, and it has studs and rings of metal going up and down the sides. It’s visible in the distance from a path well off he main track far enough from the path that you can't jump to it, you would have to free run across a series of roof tops in order to actually get to it, then climb up the collapsed section or at the base through the huge brass doors. The entire tower is warded against intrusion by anyone without a key and only the top three stories are visible over the various rooftops from the path.

The tower keys are large, decorative-looking brass key on a leather cord. The handle flares at the end and is covered in extremely intricate magical patterns and circles. You can get through the wards fine with the key in your hand or even in your pocket and a key is necessary to use ether of the teleportation circles.

Access between the original levels is by a ladder in a single shaft going the entire length of the tower down to the top of the ramp in the second sub basement level, the ladder itself being brass rungs blending seamlessly into the wall.

The top room of the tower is mostly filled with gears and other machinery once used to run the clock and giant bell. The wall is partially collapsed, but would be relatively easy to fix by restacking the bricks and a small application of Alchemy. The floor is wooden, there's a trap door in it that leads further down into the body of the marble brick tower.

The first floor down is just an empty, dark, marble-walled room with brass grilles for windows.

The next level, which has simple furniture and rugs.

The next has inlaid into the walls intricate patterns of brass, with a simple metal circle inlaid into the floor. There are no furnishings. The circle is the basis for the towers warding system that Blocks scrying, teleportation and conjuring except to specific locations. It requires a power source. The circle is to trap a spiritual being - like an elemental or a demon - and use them as a power supply. When active the circle itself blazes into incandescent light. The patterns on the walls glow bright enough that you could probably see by them without the circle, but not bright enough to be called bright.

Down the next ladder there is a room much like the last one. The circle in here, though, has strange lines and symbols in it. It is an outbound circle. It allows teleportation of things away from here to wherever the caster desires if they have one of the tower keys

The next room looks much like the previous one, but with the lines and circles in the center inverted. This is an incoming circle. For summoning and teleportation in through the wards. It only works if you have one of the tower keys

The next level is dimly lit by the patterns on the walls and full of cardboard boxes and is general storage.

Going down. The next floor is the pantry.

The next level is the kitchen. It has a magic circle on the counter that heats anything metal pressed against it. The sink has running water from who-knows-where. There's a small table off to one side as well as an elemental powered cold box.

The next level is the master bedroom. There are two doors, one of which leads to a simple bedroom with a bathroom and other to a closet.

You keep going down. The next room is another sitting room, like the one upstairs.

After that, is the armory. It has A few swords, some pistols, some assault rifles, a sniper rifle, a few shields, a suit of non-magical chainmail fitted for a grown man, a suit of ballistic armor in Max’s size, some ammunition and a place for Max's strength 7 Bow.

Heading down another level there is a tasteful entryway of white marble, mosaic floors, and brass gilding. At the far end of the room from the ladder is a large pair of solid brass doors, engraved with all kinds of arcane marks and insignias. They open to a dark and twisting path this is the ground level. When the wards are active you can only leave through the doors if you have a tower key. The ladder continues down even lower.

The ladder continues down through the floor. When you get down, you see a long hallway made of the same marble brick, with alcoves all the way down the hallway. One of which has metal bars for a jail cell, made of brass. All of the rest are open and have soil on the floor and sunlamps on the ceiling so that this floor may be used as a garden.

The ladder shaft stops at the top of the subbasements ramp. The subbasements ramp is a wide spiraling ramp/staircase with garden space all along it and rooms, a total of twelve, branching out into the walls as it goes deeper. The spiral is about three meters wide going around a two meter column, forming a cylinder about eight meters across with rooms branching off of it. It has plenty of space to expand, it has arches going all the way down the ramp, holding up the ceiling, which is the floor of the layer above - the large pillar around which it wraps, and so on. All of the subbasement rooms are, for the most part, identical save for where they are located on the ramp. Each room is about five meters by five meters in floor space with ceilings about three meters high.

Currently one is the Meals bedroom an has a large nest shaped bed with a hard mattress and many soft pillows it is also where they store there outfits. Another is full of cages containing rats for use in living alchemy and other experiments. Another Max's biology/Living alchemy Lab, another is Liz's second spirit forge.


13th Machinery bell partially collapsed wall
12th Workout/meditation room
11th Sitting room
10th Power room
9th Outbound teleportation
8th Inbound teleportation
7th General storage
6th Pantry
5th Kitchen
4th Master bedroom
3rd Selena’s room
2nd Armory
1st Entryway
B1 Basement garden has 1 jail cell
Subbasement spiral has 12 rooms all are warded

Planed rooms in spiral
B2 Play room for our daughters
B3 Library
B4 Apocithary cabinets room
B5 Workshop
B6 Lab
B7 Rats
B8 Shared bedroom for all of the Meals
B9 Storage
B10 Spirit forge
B11 Parkour room
The ramp appears to end here but through a camouflaged door it continues down to
B12 possible sex dungeon & tentacle room
B13 Jail cells

Game Mechanics[edit]

Basic System Info[edit]

The thread uses a basic dice pool system to determine success. The quest runner determanes the number of dice rolled, usually the appropriate stat plus any modifiers. Any result of 70 or over is a success a 100 is two successes and a 1 is -1 success. Critical failures occur when there the number of successes are less than one. One die has the highest chance of failure. 3 dice have the highest chance of a crit fail. Any number of dice over 5 is strictly better than any lower number of dice.

  • [A numerical summery of the odds of various numbers of dice in the current system [12]]
  • [A graphical summery of the odds of various numbers of dice in the current system [13]]
  • Numbers in Anydice: [14]

The Four Schools of Magic[edit]

Sorcery manipulates energy - heat, kinetic energy, raw arcane energy, and so on.

Alchemy manipulates matter - transforming, reshaping, and imbuing with enchantments.

Enchantment manipulates minds - emotions, thoughts, memories, and perception.

Conjuration manipulates space - teleportation, summoning, and weird spatial manipulations.

Number of Dice[edit]

For non magical actions requiting dice you role your stat plus any miscellaneous bonuses, like augments and situational modifiers plus half the stat of anyone helping you rounded down helpers don't add augs or other bonuses.
For casting spells you add you role your current unstrained level in the appropriate school plus half the current unstrained level of any helpers rounded down plus up to that many permanent foci as well as up to that many temporary foci plus any miscellaneous bonuses.
For example, Max has Enchantment 4, and, as such, can have up to four temporary foci and four permanent foci, for a total of twelve dice, on any given roll. Further if Max helped Samyaza with Enchantment, he would have a functional score of 7, and a maximum pool with foci of 21.

Temporary Foci[edit]

Temporary foci are mundane items with at thematic link to the spell being cast. When used to cast a spell whether it succeeds or fails the item is turned into a magically inert "ash". Normally only a small sample of the focus material is necessary say a few grains of rice or a pinch of sand. If the focus is an object though like a syringe or cup it may need to be much larger, but a small simple item may suffice for example a small weight on the end of a string can count as an anchor. Appropriate symbols can also serve as foci for example a model caduceus or the red cross symbol can be used for healing. But a drawing can't stand in for an actual object for example a picture of a dog dose not count as dog for purposes of say a loyalty spell. Each temporary focus adds one dice to the spell it is used on and any number of foci can be used in a spell. Rare foci like kraken tentacle can be used with similar mundane foci like squid tentacle.

Permanent Foci[edit]

Permanent Foci come in two variates, Normal and Strain reducing. Normal Foci act much like Temporary Foci except they need no apparent link to what they are foci for and they are not destroyed when used. The other variety are Strain Foci strain foci can take any form just like Normal Permanent Foci but instead of adding dice they remove the strain of casting a spell. All permanent foci take between 3-4 hours to recharge. It normally takes an hour to make a Permanent Focus and is like casting any other spell or other magic item. Temporary Foci have one advantage over Permanent Foci. Permanent Foci are constructed with one relatively narrow purpose, unlike Temporary Foci. Examples of sufficiently narrow categories are Teliportation, Mental attack, Warding, Focus crafting, Healing, spacial shields, kinetic shields. Illegal categories include enchantment, crafting, travel spells, and foci that can do a broad range of effects on a specific target. Casting a spell with a drain focus doesn't impede your recovery of strain in any way.

Bound Spirits[edit]

Most magical creatures are at least in part some kind of spirit. Spirits of all kinds draw power and sustenance form thing they are metaphysically associated with and empowered by. One example is simple plant spirits drawing sustenance form plants, other plant spirits sunlight sun spirits and so on. Another example is Dimitry He is an incubus and feeds on the energy of humans, his is a powerful emotion spirit. A properly sustained spirit leaks energy in this energy is normally absorbed by nearby spirits for their own sustenance, then amplified and leaked out again and so on. Purely spiritual beings don't have the same "Life energy" living things and partially spiritual beings like Max have.

Using conjuration a mage can alter and control spirits and their energy in a number of ways. One of the simplest examples is to compel a spirit to follow a simple command.
Another common use is to compel a spirit to remain attached to a physical object while there energy is siphoned off to fuel a magic item. This proses can drain a spirit to destruction, but if the draw is small relative to the spirits power the spirit can survive almost indefinitely.
The most Iconic form of spirit binding is compiling a spirit to serve over a long term in some specified fashion. typical examples of this are part of Gaviscon's additional loyalty to Liz as his initial summoner, the obedience of Lunches former Tengu to her and her family in almost all respects for generations, How Dimitry proposed to use number of least solars to search the sun for the remains of the aforementioned Tengu, even the Blood Bond between Dimitry and max is a natural specialized and powerful form of this effect.
Possibly the most spectacular and difficult form of spirit binding is spirit manipulation. Using spirit manipulation you can restructure the essence of a spirit. Doing this to anything more that the most basic spirits or causing more then the lightest most superfluous of changes in an advanced one is normally fatal. With specialized knowledge it is still incredibly dangerous and difficult. Examples of this inculcate soul augmentation, YHWH's curse on humanity making them unable to recognize any pattern in the Word, and possibly Liz's spirit forge.

Magic Items[edit]

Magic items are objects which actively change and manipulate magic. Magic items can be detected through the proper use of sorcery because of the changes they cause in the ambient magical energy. In this respect foci differ form true magic items because foci do nor alter ambient magic they are only tools for aiding magic cast through them just like mundane foci.
To make a magic item a mage first needs a physical object to tie the magic to. Then the mage also needs some way to power the item. Many magic items have some form of controls. All magic items need to be imbued with their desired effects.
Mechanically every of magic item constructions involves using alchemy to alter the magical nature of the object except, possibly the power supply. To add an effect that is not strictly alchemy based requires a role against the lowest of alchemy and the other schools being used in that casting during construction.


There are generally 4 ways to power a magic item. First you manually charge it with sorcery(this is only good or short time or a few uses before needing to be recharged manually). Second you use sorcery and or conjuration(if the user is a spirit) to draw power from the wielder(this is difficult to do safely and effectively and drains the user). Third use sorcery to draw ambient energy from the surroundings to power the item(this option is normally only useful for low power or intermittent applications as there is only a small amount of energy hitting the object for it to absorb, large energy batteries are more difficult and make intermittent large operations possible but unwildly. Forth use conjuration to bind a spirit as a power source in a prepared binding(This is the most common option. It allows for automatic recharge if the source is relatively large compared to the draw, high power output, large minimum energy reserves compared to other options, theoretically astronomical power reserves and draw form large spirits or many smaller spirits, easy replacement power for small operations and easy stopgaps for all but the very largest. drawbacks include a vulnerability to being messed with via conjuration, and possible revolt or revenge from the spirit used or its alleys this is most notable with powerful or unstable spirits.


There are many ways to control a magic item. The most basic and simple is for the object to always run when it has power this method requires no extra design or construction work for the controls(this option obviously lacks finesse but is a good choice for things you always want on like wards and mind shields. If your system has a high energy requirement and a small power source you can also let the item turn off natural when the spirit powering the item dissipates. All Lotus augmentation uses this method and the creators own chi for power.
It is possible to make a magic item that is controlled by building in a sensor and linking it to the other functions. The sensor is a specialized simple detection spell that reacts to some obvious condition to activate the item or control area/intensity in line with the strength or weakness it picks up. Such sensors are not capable of intelligent assessments without a control elemental so they could detect the color blue on there own but not a blue shirt.
It is also possible to add manual controls using just alchemy any other school of magic can also be used in mechanical controls if the mechanical control indirectly controls the object through an imbedded, possibly dedicated, sensor control mechanism. Examples are sorcery which sensing an electrical circuit closing. A conjuration sensor to sens a distortion on the shape of the object or changing proximity to the power elemental. Even enchantment to detect living touch.
A magic item may also be controlled by the thoughts of its user. To do this the mage must built in an enchantment to read the thoughts of the user and then translate those into direct commands for the item. Then all the user has to do is think the right thoughts at the item and it works. This option also allows a magic item to feed information to the user but mind shields can interfere with that.
A magic item can also passively aid its user or act as a mundane tool this needing no controls. Like a magic sword aiming itself for its users opponents. Or a tool allowing you to lift more with telekinesis.
If your magic item requires intelligence the only practical option is to bind a spirit to it for the purpose of operating the item. This spirit can also be used to power the item but that is not required. To do this you need to bind the spirit to the form of the item. Conjuration, enchantment and or diplomacy must also be used to teach the spirit how the crafter desired the item to function and for the spirit to follow those plans. The spirit can then be integrated in such a way that it has control of the items functions and sensors much like mental controls. There is very little if any difference between an immobile construct and a spirit controlled magic item.
It is also possible to make a magic item the intentional inert and has no controls. there are several reasons you may do this. First this is a potential way to shut down a malfunctioning or currently undesirable item without destroying it, so that it may be salvaged later. Another reason to do this is to make a trap magic item that appears to do one thing but when someone tries to force it to operate it has an unexpected effect. Also the item may just not have its controls yet.
It is possible to use magic to alter an existing item and attempt to control or alter its function on the fly. Powering an item manually with sorcery is one of the most common examples of this. The same idea can be used to hijack a magic item and make it preform without the use of its normal controls (this works like a normal spell or crafting attempt depending on the intended permanency of the change).


In many ways a magic item is like a precast spell


Constructs are a combination magic item and bound spirit. All constructs have a material form and bound spirit.
A construct uses its Spirit component to provide power and intelligence most use there material form to provide a physical advantage. The physical form also serves as a kind of armor for the spirit component.
For example before his first upgrade Gaviscon needed his shell to maintain his form or else he would have slowly decayed or violently exploded. Other examples of this include Sanjay's crystal monkey or Fap both of which need their physical form to interact with there environment in most ways. The monkey used a lightning spirit that had no ability to interact as a solid object on its own. Fap uses an air spirit and without his form could not interact well with other objects.
If a constructs physical form is destroyed the spirit may be destroyed in the proses but it is also possible for the spirit to continue without its artificial form, depending on the type and amount of damage. This can be dangerous to the creator if the spirit is unstable like early Gaviscon or if its form contains some form of restraint on the spirit For example if you bound a demon to your construct and wards in its form served to aid you in controlling the normally hostile demon. On the other hand for a loyal stable spirit like Fap this would merely be inconvenient to its master.
A constructs physical form can do more than just serve as armor or a physical form for its spirit. If properly enchanted the body can add new powers that the spirit otherwise would lack. One probable example is Sam, Hera and the Vodo Chick's miniature iron gorilla that burns ghosts. It is unlikely the without its body that constructs primary spirit could burn ghosts for fuel.
The constructs body can also contain built in magic items under the spirits control. These magic components can come in many forms. Some functionally resemble Lotus augments or magical buff items and run continually to enhance the construct. Others can resemble normal magic items that merely draw excess power from the constructs spirit (or have a separate independent power supply possibly another spirit). For example a wand of lightning bolts on a construct built on an earth spirit. More complex magic items that would normally require a mage to operate or serve as an automated item can also be built in like say a weather control system
It is also possible to bind multiple spirits to a signal construct. The simplest form of this is to use one Spirit to run the construct and another simply as a power source for a built in magic item. It is also possible to bind multiple spirits and have them work in tandem to control the body. An example of this is the plan to add an air spirit to Gaviscon to better aid and control is flight as well as allow him to us air powers and multi task while flying. You could also build into a construct an automated independent magic item the has its own spirit.

Self Enchantment[edit]

Self enchantment is a lot like making a magic item only more delicate and time consuming. To self enchant you must enter a deep meditative state and alter you magical and physical rhythms using your own chi for power making your body a living magic item. You can not use foci for self enchantment but appropriate surroundings like incense and chanting help to achieve the necessary focus.
All self enchantments are ether mental or physical and keyed off of the appropriate stat. To gain a new augment or improve an existing one requires a number of success equal to the key stat times the final level of the augment. Each roll represents 3 hours of work. You can work as long as it takes to finish a self enchantment but if you interrupt the process part way through all progress is lost.


A short description of the function of each augment listing its known and suspected properties and any pertinent notes. Speculation should be confined to the speculation section in each augment or if the augment itself is speculative that should be clearly stated in the label following the name. Every augment should have speculated drawbacks as an exercise in paranoia. As well as being a warning to look out for unintended consequences like when Dane failed to carry anything strong enough for him to use as a tourniquet due to his augments. Known drawbacks are confirmed as a problem.


Coordination: Have at 2
Known advantages: aids us in precision tasks like martial arts climbing tai chi catching balls ect. It also aids in flexibility and reaction time.
Known drawbacks: None.
Speculated advantages: many art and “recreational” activities.
Speculated drawbacks: We may need to miss a Krikkit ball to not destroy all reality.

Durability: Have at 3
Known advantages: Prevents most forms of bodily damage including cutting heat and crushing, with little sensory interference or other static.
Known drawbacks: Reduces our ability to judge the relative temperature abrasiveness and sharpness of objects by touch. Makes exfoliation harder and contributes to our need for special exercise equipment. Makes being tattooed and many medical procedures more difficult. High levels necessitate using specialized tools and or extra strength for some forms of first aid like tying a tourniquet.
Speculated advantages: At higher levels may make us immune to some forms of attack. Resistance to being strangled. Resistance to acid.
Speculated drawbacks: It may interfere with physical intimacy. Or make it difficult to handle others safely and comfortably.

Notes: Level 2 is a minimum to study Master Alexander’s martial art for super humans.

Flight: Speculated & Might not want
Known advantages: Allow you to fly or limit the amount of weight you put on the ground.
Known drawbacks: None.
Speculated advantages: may allow super jumping and levitation before true flight,
Speculated drawbacks: It may cause traction issues it may not allow us to walk it may not be easy to control, flying makes you obvious.
Notes: Foci may work better, likely uses sorcery or possibly conjuration,

Healing: Confirmed & have at 1
Known advantages: Every level halves recovery time from physical injury as well as reduces scaring and increases recovery speed from diseases and toxins.
Known drawbacks: None.
Speculated advantages: May grant full blown regeneration especially at high levels as well, allow the metabolizing of poisons before they kill you, prevent hearing degradation and other slow degenerative diseases boosting base life expectancy, may counter some physically rooted mental illness, may prevent you from being a disease carrier or reduce your time as one.
Speculated drawbacks: May cause cancer, may prevent or undo tattooing or other body mods, may allow shrapnel or other unwanted foreign material to better lodge in your body, may make getting drunk harder, may necessitate more frequent and or potent medical drug doses, may aggravate auto immune diseases.

Kinetic force-field sense augmentation: Speculative & may want
Known advantages: In part counter the sensory masking of force fields and slightly extend the range of our sense of touch.
Known drawbacks: None
Speculated advantages: It may also make us more aware of other sorcery effects, or some conjuration effects
Speculated drawbacks: It may weaken our shields it may disorient us.
Notes: Likely uses sorcery. likely requires kinetic force-field, may be illegal, may be to much work, may weaken force-field

Nutrition reduction: Have at 1
Known advantages: Each level halves required amount of food you need. You can stockpile nutrition up to a normal days eating or only eat 1/2^n amount of nutrition a day where n is the augment level. Makes you less tied down, and gives fewer opportunities to be poisoned.
Known drawbacks: Less time bonding over food with family.
Speculated advantages: May help with any nutritional imbalance ailments.
Speculated drawbacks: Being a gourmand is harder. It may limit our ability to eat cool magic things to aid us.

Oxygen reduction: Explicitly Implied/Confirmed & Want
Known advantages: each level halves oxygen requirements You can stockpile air up to a normal persons use eating or only use 1/2^n amount of air where n is the augment level. this in effect allows you to hold your breath for 1/(2^n) times as long and recover 1/(2^n) as fast.
Known drawbacks: It may make it harder to check your breath or pulse if unconscious.
Speculated advantages: May help with swimming endurance and some stealth.
Speculated drawbacks: May lead to oxygen toxicity, may play hob with breath based trigger and detection systems, may futz wit medical tests.

Notes: I don't remember if this was highly implied or flat out confirmed. But exact details beyond that it used the same principles as nutrition and sleep were not provided.

Shield: Have at 1
Known advantages: Use a sorcery based field to make it harder to hit us.
Known drawbacks: Blocks sense of touch equivalent to the boost form perception of the same level.
Speculated advantages: May help in some placed durability dose not.
Speculated drawbacks: may make catching things harder. May interfere with intimate contact cuddling ect. May interfere with spiting ect.

Notes: Uses sorcery. We plan to always keep this less than perception to prevent loss of touch.

Sleep reduction: Have at 2
Known advantages: Each level halves required sleep you can stockpile sleep up to 8 real hours or only sleep 8/2^n hours a night where n is the augment level. Improves mental healing rate to equal the equivalent portion of a nights sleep.
Known drawbacks: Less cuddling and sleeping with your SO.
Speculated advantages: Our dream-scape may be vulnerable less often.
Speculated drawbacks: We can take advantage of our dream-scape less often.

Slow aging: Confirmed & Want
Known advantages: each level halves your rate of aging
Known drawbacks: delays the time it takes to reach your physical prime.
Speculated advantages: may delay the onset of many age related illnesses. May make maintaining a youthful outlook easier.
Speculated drawbacks: seeing your children and loved ones die of old age, staying in your feeble old age longer, being more obviously supernatural, ignorant government agents coming to steal your immortality

Notes: assuming there is no math error on the part of some anons you will always gain more time from this aug then the expected average time spent getting the next level. Every second we delay in getting this costs more time as this aug is NOT retroactive. As a half demon Max has an expected base life span over 500 years not accounting for her excellent health, as with all auds it requires high level lining alchemy to place on others Max plans to do this for Liz if she doesn't find her own immortality.

Speed: Have at 3
Known advantages: Allows us to move faster and with less effort. Can help climb, jump, run, falling safely, and other such things including most physical combat. It is also useful for mobile stealth by covering distance faster than expected.
Known drawbacks: None
Speculated advantages: may help in long distance running and sniping,
Speculated drawbacks: may make some slow motions harder we have seen no indication of this.
Notes: Level 2 is a minimum to study Master Alexander’s martial art for super humans.

Stamina: Confirmed & Want
Known advantages: increases endurance and resistance to drugs disease and other harsh conditions, it allows better resistance of toxins and to continue strenuous activity longer, long distance running
Known drawbacks: May increase the required frequency or dose of any medicine, make it harder to get drunk.
Speculated advantages: may prevent you from being a disease carrier. May make staying up continually easier.
Speculated drawbacks: May make it harder to build and tone muscle and improve flexibility naturally. May make getting to sleep harder.

Strength: Have at 3
Known advantages: It allows the application of more physical force it can be used to aid such things as climbing punching and similar pursuits as well as make carrying large lodes simple.
Known drawbacks: makes it easier to brake things or hurt people accidentally
Speculated advantages: None as of yet.
Speculated drawbacks: It may make it easier to accidentally harm things handled. Coordination likely mitigates this issue if it exists.

Notes: Level 2 is a minimum to study Master Alexander’s martial art for super humans.

Telekinesis: Confirmed & might not want
Known advantages: each Level gives you a manipulative point, they have an effective body score equal to their level, and aren't boosted by other augs, regardless of level they cant go much further than your normal reach,
Known drawbacks: None.
Speculated advantages: may allow us to manipulate things we normally couldn't get to or in weird and novel ways.
Speculated drawbacks: May be confusing may accidentally hit things while distracted, may have unpredictable effects on some magic.
Notes: Uses sorcery. If it can be used by a mind fork we want at least 2 levels if we get mind fork.


Aggression: Speculation & Might nor want
Known advantages: Makes intimidation easier, may help in some physical actions,
Known drawbacks: makes us rash may leave us open in fights(calm may counter this and not have many other uses canceled), may scare people, may make us do rash things, may make it harder to be a good calm stable loving Dom,
Speculated advantages: None.
Speculated drawbacks: There may be monsters drawn to anger that would feed on this, this could make meditation harder, this could have negative relationship effects, this may make us a mean drunk,
Notes:Speculation, may be illegal, probably don't want. Calm may counter the adverse effects.

Calm: Have at 2
Known advantages: Makes meditation and taking criticism easier, aids in teaching, it also aids some studying, it is also useful for giving clear rational arguments and explanations, it dose not appear to suppress emotions only increase control of them.
Known drawbacks: none.
Speculated advantages: It may have other social aids and allow you to look half as Zen as Carl.
Speculated drawbacks: high levels may make us seem cold and distant we have no evidence of this based on other Lotus members though. It may dull our reactions where immediate emotional reactions are of use.

Notes: This is very useful and is a linear boost to self enchantment

Creativity: official maybe & Might want
Known advantages: Aids in coming up with new and novel solutions to problems as well as aiding lateral thinking. This would be helpful in things like creative writhing, art, original spell research, some kinds of programing,
Known drawbacks: Makes it easier to come up with bad ideas (but not harder to discard them).
Speculated advantages: may allow you to understand weird and crazy people better.
Speculated drawbacks: May make it easier to come up with completely new complications no one has ever seen in projects and are thus hard to fix.


Empathy: Speculation & Might nor want
Known advantages: better understand and relate to others, better influence others, better predict other peoples behavior
Known drawbacks: may make it harder to do harsh things, may make us suffer to be around people in pain
Speculated advantages: May help our mind forks stay in sink.
Speculated drawbacks: may make us vulnerable to some mental attacks, may make us easier to scam, may make us go crazy,
Notes: Speculation, may be illegal(as mind not soul), probably don't want. aggression may counter some negative effects

Focus: Have at 2
Known advantages: Makes meditation easier aids in studying and spell creation aids in long boring projects, helps in class studying, can help in spotting unusual things.
Known drawbacks: None
Speculated advantages: aid in sniping & intentional searches. May be part of why Max can work like a machine.
Speculated drawbacks: May make it hard to brake out of meditation or notice things while meditating. May cause OCD style issues.

Notes: This is very useful and is a linear boost to self enchantment

Memory: Have at 1
Known advantages: Aids in studying reassure learning and remembering important information.
Known drawbacks: None.
Speculated advantages: May help in recovering form some mental attacks.
Speculated drawbacks: May make it harder to get over horrible experiences.

Mind fork: Confirmed and Might want
Known advantages: Gives you a second copy of your Mind that can do such things a study, invent spells meditate to relive strain, construct other augments and possibly even cast spells and enchant more Tattoo foci, pay attention to things or even just talk to you. all while your root mind goes about your normal day.
Known drawbacks: Mind forks can easily go insane and become dangerous possibly trying to takeover or worse.
Speculated advantages: It may allow you to have one mind active and running your body while the other sleeps, may make mind repair easier because each part could serve as a reference point and backup to the other,
Speculated drawbacks: May make you easier to posses, may actually be a form of possession, may make you easier to enchant especially from mass enchantments as you have more than one mind, may cause confusion and delays as forks argue even if non hostile, may cause problems when the players are split closely on an issue,may slowly sever off part of your soul

Notes: requires sanity, may not be wise as we bicker a lot,

Mind shield: Have at 1
Known advantages: strengthens the weakest parts of the mind and backs-up important memories, aids in resisting most mental attacks.
Known drawbacks: Makes being willingly enchanted harder.
Speculated advantages: May help protect you from some forms of soul attack.
Speculated drawbacks: may cause problems with conventional use of mind control on yourself

Notes: dose not interfere with adding other augments

Logic: Pure Speculation
Known advantages: Spot logical fallacies, Preform mental math, make sound deductions, identify your logical premiss, analyzing other peoples arguments, programing, many kinds of spell research, some forms of mental self exam, mundane science,
Known drawbacks: may alienate others. may be hard to run or rp
Speculated advantages: None.
Speculated drawbacks: may futz with the alogical(not illogical) bases for our decisions, may make us vulnerable to new kinds of mental attack we were one blissfully ignorant of,
Notes: New. Pure Speculation. May be illegal.

Perception: Have at 1
Known advantages: noticing things, seeing things, sporting patterns, listening in on conversations and other related things this operates primarily by improving data processing not sensory input.
Known drawbacks: None
Speculated advantages: snipeing
Speculated drawbacks: May make you more susceptible to some forms of sensory attack. including overloads and pattern triggered traps ala D&D explosive runes. May make us vulnerable to sense overload

Notes: We have no evidence of it making us vulnerable to sense overload.

Pain tolerance: Confirmed & Might not want
Known advantages: Based on a simple pain numbing spell, It doesn't remove pain it just makes it less debilitating and distracting,
Known drawbacks: makes pain less obvious and noticeable
Speculated advantages: may make us braver
Speculated drawbacks: may make us miss other sensations, may a=make treating injuries harder, may hurt our long term ability to empathize about pain, may make us braver,

Notes: we probably don't want this as we can cast the spell for 90% of the good and 0% of the bad effects.

Reflection: Pure Speculation
Known advantages: allows better mental self examination, helps to find why you feel and believe what you do.
Known drawbacks: Encourages "contemplating our navel", we may not like the answers we find or the changes that prompts.
Speculated advantages: may help the mind fork stay sane, may fight clever mind attacks the amplify our own self doubt,
Speculated drawbacks: may drive the mind fork crazy, may make things like mind seeds even harder to extract, may allow clever mind attacks the amplify our own self doubt more strength,
Notes: New. Pure Speculation. May be illegal and folded into creativity logic and sanity.

Sanity: Confirmed & Want
Known advantages: Makes mind forks more stable, the mental equivalent of Stamina making us more resistant to any insidious as opposed to violent mental assaults. Improves mental recovery.
Known drawbacks: None.
Speculated advantages: may improve our common sense, may make it easier to talk to people about there emotional problems.
Speculated drawbacks: May make it harder to pull of or succeed at Crazy 1 in a million plans. Temporary insanity may be useful in some magic, May make some forms of conventional voluntary mind control harder. May make it harder to talk to people about there emotional problems,

Notes: We need this before we make a mind fork preferably at 2 before we start then the forks first job is to add more.