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You heard the man.

A Quest of awesomeness run by Gnome about the rise of a Dorf to Godhood and his adventures to get there. The best way to get a good summary of what happened in the quest is to read each character's description in the Dorf Quest Characters article.


  • Author: Gnome;
  • Length: 65 threads;
  • Running Time: From January of 2009 until July of 2009, anniversary thread on January 3, 2010;
  • Status: Finished;
  • Categories: Fantasy; Party; Comedy; Action.
  • Original Art: Yes;


The threads can be found here. If you're just looking for the anniversary thread, it can be found in this page.

How It's Played[edit]

There were multiple playable characters involved. Players would write what they'd want the current playable character to do, and the Quest Master would choose an appropriate action. However, each playable character had a character sheet describing his/her strengths and weaknesses, which would determine the outcome of certain actions. The Quest Master also seemed to keep track of Mutations, which were physical enhancements or disabilities. There was also an inventory system in use.


For information on all of the characters of the story, check out the Dorf Quest Characters article. The main party consisted of the dorf Beardbeard, the elf Garrelf, the human rogue Aldwin, the neckbeard apprentice Lily, and the orc priestess Cultist.


If you want to know more about the world of this quest and its Gods, go to the Dorf Quest Setting article.

Additional Information[edit]

Dorf Quest has its own TVTropes article!


Epic moments found throughout Dorf Quest.

Loads of fanart.

Underwear/Dapper images.