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Spoiler.gifThis article contains spoilers! You have been warned.

This page contains all the information related to Dorf Quest's setting.

Important Locations[edit]

The current area map

The Mountainhomes[edit]

Beardbeard's home town. Notable locations in the Mountainhomes include Musclebeard's Tavern, and the temples to Xom and Moradin. Known for its strong mining community that Beardbeard doesn't give a shit about. Has been repossessed by Buzzardloved.

Aordor, Merchants' City[edit]

Aldwin's home town. Notable locations in Aordor include smoldering crater and giant mutated arm of Satan.

Teven, Elven Capitol[edit]

Garrelf's home town. Notable locations in Teven include Queen Arialla's palace, and the temples to Satan, Heracles, Fate, and Ra.

Eridia, Port Town[edit]

Cultist's (and Kav's) home town. Notable locations in Eridia include the docks, the mercantile district, Kav's Legit Joint, and the temples to Fate, Heracles, Poseidon, Nemelex, Pelor, Yog, and Ra. Cultist's mommy lives here as an oracle-for-hire, but without all the plot armor and lame mary-sue powers.

Ajys, City of the Dead[edit]

One of the few remaining places where Xanatos is openly worshiped. The 'city' consists of a single temple to Xanatos, and a lot of graves. There was a Djinn here. It is gone now.

Liam, City of Excess[edit]

A ritzy city where nothing is free. Anything and everything is available here, but it comes at an exorbitant price.

The Goldmoon Slayers[edit]


An organization dedicated to assassinating corrupt individuals, they use a temple of Heracles in the middle of a forest as their main base of operations. The Goldmoon Slayers were lead by Goldmoon, the strongest among them, and she was backed up by Nevada, the second strongest member. The two of them lead the guild with virtue at the core of their beliefs - only those deserving of death were to be assassinated. The end result of this meant Goldmoon had to turn down a lot of contracts.

Finlay was in the guild primarily for the money, however, and being the third strongest, he led an opposing faction - one that felt anyone could be assassinated, for the proper price. With the death of both Goldmoon and Finlay, the guild hall's leadership is currently undergoing a major toss up, and anyone could be an enemy. This means Nevada and Aldwin are prime targets for any friends Finlay may have left behind.

Goldmoon's Group

  • Goldmoon: Guild Founder
  • Nevada: "Number 2"
  • Mado: Apprentice
  • Aldwin: Current Leader

Finlay's Friends

  • Finlay: "Number 3"

Unknown Orientation

  • Nana: Priestess of Poseidon
  • Thod: Chef
  • Mace: Close Quarters Combat Trainer


Beardbeard's wannabe city-state. Presley's kingdom


  • King: Presley
  • Bard:
  • Records Keeper:
  • Bishop:

Citizens: Unknown.

Presley was made king by Beardbeard after he ascended to godhood. Presley lived to be a just ruler, making Buzzardloved a place of freedom and music. It's populated by all kind of races.

Ives, Naga City[edit]

The Jungle capital of the Naga race. Currently under Queen Arialla's control.

After Garrelf's defeat it's unknown what happened to city.


  • King Queen: Arialla
  • General: Garrelf Swiftrip
  • Bard Pet: Jeeves
  • Concubine: Krann
  • Records Keeper: None
  • High Priest: Teflnok

Citizens: 625

  • Military: 250 Naga
  • Agriculture: 120 Naga
  • Mercantile: None
  • Technology: 25 Naga
  • Sorcery: 90
  • Clergy: 135
    • Godly Presence: Poseidon, Satan, Fate


The following facts are provided by Gnome himself, for clarity. Anyone without a God in the Playable Characters section of this wiki COULD later obtain a god, at /tg/'s request. Note that this could only be done while /tg/ is currently in control of said character.



Primordial God of Time and Destiny. His domain involves divinations and illusions. Fate is worshiped by Nevada. Fate is not based on external sources. Fate seems to like Beardbeard, for reasons unknown. Probably involves some sort of JUST AS PLANNED shit, however.

Fate is the strongest of the gods, and his divine duties involve keeping the others in line.


Primordial God of Chaos (and Perversion/Love, depending on who you ask). His domain involves mutation, transformation, and emotion. This does include shapeshifting magic, although the closest we have seen to this is Cultist's granted mutations. Priests of Xom are capable of suppressing their own mutations - casual worshipers like Beardbeard have no such luck. Xom is worshiped by Beardbeard and Cultist. Xom himself is based off of Ruby Quest's [Red.]

Xom is tied with Yog as second strongest of the gods.

Currently let loose upon reality.


Primordial God of Order. His domain involves protection and restoration of the natural order of things, as well as mental domination of its foes. Yog does not have any worshipers among the party, and is in fact despised by Cultist. Yog is very loosely based on the Yog-Sothoth of HP Lovecraft fame.

Yog is tied with Xom as the second strongest of the gods.


Primordial God of Death. Her domain involves necromancy and ice. Xanatos is worshiped by Coco. Xanatos is very creepy and very shy. As a result she is beloved by a subset of fans who want Beardbeard to get in her pants. However he gave up on his attempts because it seems she became closer with Satan/Djinn

Xanatos is the fourth strongest of the gods.


God of Luck and Competition. His domain involves adjusting chance and bending rules to your favor/outright cheating. Nemelex is worshiped by Aldwin and Yami. Nemelex is based off of Dungeons and Dragons' Beholder, but with many many more eyes. Nemelex himself seems to care deeply for his worshipers, as shown by his threatening of Beardbeard for an event that nobody is quite sure of in the slightest.

Glittergold Satan Djinn[edit]

God of Magic and Nature. His domain involves the manipulation of others' magic, such as counter spells and the redirection/alteration of magical effects, as well as life magic. Glittergold Satan is worshipped by Garrelf, and Satan and Beardbeard are good friends. Glittergold is based on the Happy Mask Salesman Satan is based off of the Christians' mythological Lord of Hell.

Glittergold has been replaced by Satan, who was taken over by Djinn.


God of Strength and War. His domain involves weapons, armor, power, and destructive magic. Heracles is worshiped by Kav. Heracles is strongly based on the Heavy of TF2.

After Beardbeard challenged him and usurped his divinity, he died. He's currently kicking back in Valhalla, presumably eating a sandvich while waiting to respawn.


God of Judgment and Light. His domain involves those stupid alignment-based spells and healing. Pelor is worshiped by Goldmoon and Lily. Pelor has not made an appearance, seen by the party, but he can be seen in the pantheon.


God of the Sky and Weather. His domain involves flight, lightning, and weather alteration. Ra is worshiped by Mado.


God of the Earth and Stone. His domain involves stone, fire, and crafting. Moradin does not have any worshipers among the party. Moradin has been featured on Gnome's pantheon panorama, and seems to be moonlighting as the barkeep Musclebeard. Nicknamed "The Blind God" from what Beardbeard did to his eye.

He was finally defeated by Beardbeard, who took his divinity.


God of the Sea and Travel. Her domain involves teleportation and water. Poseidon does not have any worshipers among the party. Poseidon has not made an appearance, seen by the party, yet although she can be seen in the pantheon.

Poseidon is the weakest of the gods.