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Driblis Quest was a quest ran by Driblis himself. Notorious not only for being one of the first quests ran, but also for the implementation of actual decision-making mechanics.


  • Author: Driblis;
  • Length: 3 threads;
  • Running Time: February of 2009;
  • Status: Stalled;
  • Categories:: Spin-off (from Dorf Quest); Comedy.
  • Original Art: Yes;


The original threads are no longer archived on neither Sup/tg/ nor Foolz/, but they're still available on /tg/chan's archive, thanks in part to Driblis himself.

Link Topic Date
Thread 1 Driblis Quest: Part One 9th of February, 2009
Thread 2 Driblis Quest: Part Two 11th of February, 2009
Thread 3 Driblis Quest: Part Three 20th of February, 2009

How It's Played[edit]

Much like Dorf Quest, this quest used an inventory system, allowing players to store items to be used later on. Actions were suggested by the players, the one considered best by the Quest Master being chosen. If an action was difficult to perform, the Quest Mater would require a 1d20 dice roll under the most appropriate stat. The available stats were Body, Mind or Talk. Status Effects and Health Points were also implemented, and each attack performed would decrease the character's HP by one or more.



A cute, male kobold who's the main character of the story. Goes around fighting creatures and making hats.


Follower of Driblis. A female kobold who fishes. Helps him out throughout the quest.


Driblis Quest: Part One[edit]

Driblis wakes up, makes clothes and hats and attacks zombie goats. Also gains a follower named Jibblet.

Driblis Quest: Part Two[edit]

A bear is killed and a cat named Tomifliblin.

Driblis Quest: Part Three[edit]

An elf is encountered.


Driblis Quest OP Image
Driblis Quest Characters
Driblis Quest Fight Screen