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Joan's Joyless Journey (a.k.a Joandventure or JoanQuest) is a Quest revolving around Joan, a young girl whose life has been turned upside-down. She hit puberty out of nowhere and has done a ton of stupid stuff such as punching a wall and attempting to use everything she has ever found as a hat. Also, Sergals (FURRY ALERT). The world Joan's Unpleasant Ambulation exists in has a number of strange things, including a Robutt with a large butt, headcrabs, and zombies.


  • Author: Sir Double Faggot;
  • Length: 27 threads (on tg), 31 in total;
  • Running Time: From January of 2009 until April of 2009;
  • Status: Dropped;
  • Categories:: Comedy; Furry; Adventure.
  • Original Art: Yes;


The threads can be found here.

The last few threads created for this quest are available on tgchan:

Link Topic Date
Thread 28 JOANDVENTURE MAXIMUM, EPISODE 1 AND 2 28th of September, 2009
Thread 29 JOANDVENTURE MAXIMUM, EPISODE 3 9th of October, 2009
Thread 30 JOANDVENTURE MAXIMUM, EPISODE 4 19th of November, 2009
Thread 31 JOANDVENTURE MAXIMUM, EPISODE 5 AND 6 24th of January, 2011

How It's Played[edit]

Players would write a small description of what they'd want the character to do. The ones considered most relevant to the story by the Quest Master would be used. Somethimes, the Quest Master would require a 1d20 roll to verify whether or not an action would be possible.

Joan's Miserable Existence has shown a great deal of flexibility with regards to accepted actions, which results in fewer complaints about railroading than some other quests.


Spoiler.gifThis article contains spoilers! You have been warned.


Joan eating.png

Protagonist of JoanQuest. Joan has, despite her heritage, almost no combat abilities. She reacts to the common stupidity of /tg/, and as such has taken some fairly moronic actions. It's questionable if Joan has really done anything of any value since starting her miserable life, aside from befriending a female sergal by the name of John.
Hats are one of her interests and she is often manufacturing ones from improvised materials like headcrabs and Robutt heads.
According to Naga her complete lack of strength was caused by a botched incantation.


John Cutlery.png

John may or may not be a rapist, with her potential victim having been Joan. Then again, rape is to sergals what stealing is to Kender, so maybe we can't fault her for that. Despite apparently being unable to speak she manages to communicate with artistic abilities and fearsome jaws. Mom used to frighten her, but she's over it now.

Joan's mother[edit]

Joans mother.png

Joan's mother is a ditzy and (possibly) accidentally violent nutjob. She is half-viking and half-dwarf, and killed Joan's dad for looking at her suddenly huge mammaries.

Joan's maternal grandparents[edit]

Joan grandparents.png

Joan' grandmother is a dorf and her grandfather is a viking. They appeared when Joan arrived back in her home and brought gifts including some kind of dangerous magical book. They probably fought against Sergal marauders before, making Joan very concerned about John.

Robutt (disassembled)[edit]

Joan robutt.png

This invention of the late Hitlerdad was a robot with sensual Butt Checks. Robutt's abilities included firing his Lazors, stealing and shapely Butt Checks. Joan eventually sapped it's graceful Butt Checks, thereby destroying the owner oft the most beautiful Butt Checks known to man.


Joan naga.png

Joan's lesbian childhood friend. Her constant ass groping and tit fondling somehow managed to completely derail the thread she appeared in. She thinks John is CJOPAZE and tried to worship her.

Minor Characters[edit]

Joan characters.png

Hitlerdad was murdered by Joan's mom for the following reasonable reasons: .
Spy and Engineer died while performing their patriotic duty.
Avenger... WHO?
Zombies everywhere holy molly gee golly.


The story of the quest revolves around Joan getting involved in increasingly dangerous situations, as well as odd characters, and family members. It cointains many sexually provocative scenes, many of which involve John, the furry character.

Although the quest itself stopped being ran on /tg/ all the way up until the 27th thread, it had a short-lived continuation on tgchan. Its abrupt end was due to the quest being constantly trolled to death, and also due to the Quest Master's permaban (which eventually was lifted).


Official art by Sir Double Faggot.

A few pieces of fanart.