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A fate worse than death.

Magical Girl Noir Quest (MGNQ) is an ongoing quest created by drawfag Deculture. Initially an edgy Madoka Magica detective fanquest, /tg/'s choices quickly turned it into the bastard child of an anime convention and the most Pink Mohawk of Shadowrun campaigns. Despite a somewhat unreliable schedule, it's one of the few quests of 2012 to endure to this day.


See /List of MGNQ Characters

MGNQ loosely follows the life of Chiaki Matsuda, an amnesiac, hard-boiled, chainsmoking drunkard of a magical girl, as she attempts to keep her job as a corporate mercenary. A host of supporting characters are introduced on a regular basis, the most commonly seen being Pinky, the Lovecraftian abomination antagonist and Chiaki's ex-girlfriend.


With nearly two hundred over two hundred and seventy over THREE "how the fuck does /tg/ have this kind of attention span" HUNDRED threads finished, actually reading MGNQ is a daunting prospect, and many attempts have been made to catalog them all: