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The characters of MGNQ are a diverse lot since Deculture apparently either has an intense dislike or inability to create new characters and instead does to other authors and stories like the English language does to other languages; he knocks them out in a dark alley with his barbell and goes through their pockets for ideas and interesting tidbits to use, then mixes and matches freely.

Exemplary for this modus operandi are the characters taken from the Black Rock Shooter anime / manga franchise which, if you have watched / read it, have practically no character of their own, generally being stoic and just bashing one another over the head with their giant anime weapons. In here however, they were generally used as a template to go nuts in terms of characterization with. Of note is Kharn (no not that one) who uses the visual template of the character Black Gold Saw while removing the stoic demeanor and inserting the one of her namesake mixed with a lesbian with a rabid craving for blondes.

In this manner, characters from any and all Madoka spinoffs have been appropriated along with the main cast (obviously), as well as side characters from any anime you care to mention; a non-exhaustive list (with the original name, if the name was changed, in brackets next to it) would be:

  • Black Rock Shooter: Kharn (Black Gold Saw), Kumatora (Black Rock Shooter), Raleigh Alondight / Hotwheels (Chariot), Yuu (STRENGTH)
  • A Certain Scientific Index/Railgun: Misaka, Souji (Accelerator)
  • Idolm@ster: too many to count, but notably Iori Minase
  • Touhou: Marisa, Yuuka, Raymooh, what the fuck did you expect? The latter two can be described as fan interpretations of the original characters twice-removed, because they are based off of PNPRPG characters that Deculture used to play in a Touhou RPG with some of his friends a while before MGNQ even existed. Which times them in around 2011/12. This stuff is old isn't it?

Note: Work in progress.