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The Quest
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Quest run by Name(s)
Length X threads
Ran from Month/Year to Month/Year
Status Finished, On-going, Stalled, or Dropped
Index of threads [sup/tg/ link w/ archive tags]
Original art Yes or no.

Short description of quest.


Description, if necessary.

Link Topic Date
Thread 1 Topic Title 1 xth of Month, Year
Thread 2 Topic Title 2 xth of Month, Year
Thread 3 Topic Title 3 xth of Month, Year

Or instead:

  • bullet points;
  • with relevant;
  • archival locations.

If there's only one location, one sentence with the link will suffice.

How It's Played[edit]

Description of the mechanics implemented in the quest.


Description of characters.


Overall summary of the story.

Topic 1[edit]


Topic 2[edit]


Topic 3[edit]


Speculation and Theories[edit]

Completely optional.

Additional Information[edit]

Place to put any relevant external links.


Description 1
Description 2
Description 3

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