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There is now a page for Tau Quest. Tau quest was quite a good railroading quest thread about a FUCKING XENO that wouldn't FUCKING DIE. Every fa/tg/uy wanted to masturbate to the thread until they found out IT was really a DIRTY XENO SCUM ANDROID. Teamed up with AdMech Techpriestess and they're totally lesbian for each other.

Fuck if I am making it useful right now.

You're a douche

But seriously....

Okay. Tau quest, made by oldfag mcfagerton Shas'O whatever his name was (alternately known as Taucron Quest and Xeno Quest), was a quest thread about an amnesiac female earth caste tau awaking on a seemingly abandoned explorer ship. She is attacked by what appears to be the zombified former crewmen of the ship, until she eventually comes into contact with the presence of an ancient Necron Tomb Lord, who explains that the Tau had picked up Necron technology that had killed all other lifeforms aboard and was slowly converting the ship into Necrodermis. The Tomb Lord, however, had ensured our protagonist (who had assumed the name Xeno) survived - modifying her with Necron technology - so that she could help reclaim the control of her position as tomb lord and overthrow her usurping lieutenant, The Dusk of Uncountable Suns, by finding several powerful archeofacts. Along the way, she battled the reawakening Necrons and gained a sidekick- drone, a tau drone converted into a scarab, while her body was slowly replaced with Necron technology. Eventually she became a hybrid - neither Tau nor Necron.

The Quest's Threads[edit]

The first parts of the quest were up during a period of time when Sup/tg/ was down, so they weren't archived, but the rest can be found here:

I'd suggest you start reading with the recap of unindexed threads here:

So, What Was It Like?[edit]

It was really, really, really good.

Or maybe not; you make the call.

Basically, it started as a rip-off of Portal, that turned into System Shock, that turned into Alien: Resurrection, that turned into GUNNM, that turned into Madoka Magica. It was quite grimdark and depressing towards the end, but fa/tg/uys interpreted it as quite cute and comical, resulting in massive amounts of Grimdawww, and Xeno becoming /tg/'s new waifu, to her author's great displeasure.

In fact it was so full of win a multitude of awesome drawfags (and later on drawfags of a... /d/ifferent kind), seeing the opportunity for MOAR awesome, contributed their awesome to the already awesome quest making it more awesome and ending it with a power level of 9000+ Rumors abound that Queen Miko made a piece for Tauquest as well.

Unfortunately Shas'O Tau'Quest, the creator of tauquest and multiple related RP threads (three aborted sequels of Tau quest following Xeno's wacky hijinks around the galaxy; and a short-lived spin-off entitled Drone quest about a Scarab and a tau girl doing even stupider things) was banned from /tg/ by a nazi moderator because of the fanwank going on about her own fanwank. She still decided to try and run a last spin-off based on the character of Anima (the aforementioned lesbian techpriestess) but gave up because of said wankery.

But as the fanwank goes on, so does the not-so-touching memory of Xeno mcFailcron.

Sometimes another Xeno thread is attempted, but they get deleted pretty quickly due to the massive amounts of hatred they invoke on /tg/. Try at your own risk.

List of archived from some anon:

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