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Cover page. Going clockwise around the table from the left, that's Fumi, Sachi, and Momo.

Quick Start!! (a.k.a. "My Little Neckbeard") is a manga that features a cast of RPG-obsessed Japanese schoolgirls and their wild misadventures through the sweaty, awkward, and often endearing world of mainstream traditional games.

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The manga is structured very similarly to Azumanga Daioh, featuring an over-the-top cast of female characters doing silly things.

The cast consists of three main characters:

Mizuho "Momo" Momoko (瑞穂桃子): Momo is the group's foreverDM. Her campaigns and stories are thwarted at every turn by Sachi and Fumi. She has a fascination with swords and often compares everyday occurrences to game mechanics of famous Japanese RPGs. The one with the short, pink hair.

Karasuyama Sachi (烏山サチ): The silent and annoyed-looking powergamer of the group. She will roll dice before she buys them in order to discern their probabilities (though she still has bad luck with her rolls anyway) and is the "big sister" of her peers, often citing older Japanese RPGs and berating Fumi for her naivete. The one with the purple ponytail.

Washima Fumi (輪島フミ): The token young, cute, naive character of the group. She concocts long-winded backstories for her characters and obsesses over her new hobby and her friends. She has a preference for playing non-human races (specifically reptile- or dragon-based -- to the point where one bonus strip depicts her as a lizard wearing a human suit) if the game setting allows it. The one with the long, blonde hair.

Others who join the party later include:

Sakurako: Momo's sister. She is very practical-minded and doesn't have much patience for her sister's antics. She also tends to develop crushes on the handsome male NPCs in the settings they use.

Ikegami: A third-year student. She and Momo have similar flairs for dramatic improvisation -- the first time they meet, they improvise a shared backstory for the characters they roll.

Takami: A teacher who used to game. The girls realize this when she slips and calls for her students to respond in initiative order before catching herself and asking them to sound off alphabetically. She misses having time to game, but realizes that by supervising the girls' game club, she can join them during school time. Even then, she often has to go to staff meetings, and is somewhat sensitive about her age (27 -- which is considered an old age to be unmarried in Japan) and lack time to game.

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