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Quoth the Raven is a fan-made netzine for the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Ravenloft and Masque of the Red Death, produced by the community at the Fraternity of Shadows website and freely distributed from there. A spiritual successor to the earlier Books of S_ by the Kargatane fan-group, Quoth the Raven originally was released every few months, but ultimately settled on a once-per-year release date.

Each issue of QtR may have a central theme, but ultimately they accept any fan-produced materials submitted to the netzine in time. As a result, the articles for a given issue can be rather... eclectic.

Articles are usually written to suit the D&D edition currently out, but with the release of Pathfinder, and the fact that many Ravenloft fans are Advanced Dungeons & Dragons grognards, this is not always the case.

Because /tg/ gets shit done, we've also taken the trouble to list up just what goodies each issue contains, for those looking to see what they can loot for their own D&D games.

Issue #1[edit]

Stakes and Sunlight: Rules suggestions for adding more vulnerabilities to vampires, to make encounters more fun and more Gothic in flavor.

Tactics and Techniques - Feats for Vampire Hunters: An assortment of feats to enhance a player’s ability to fight vampires; Shot Through The Heart allows a vampire to be staked with a crossbow shot, Suspicious enhances the character’s ability to sense when others have been charmed, Unblinking Gaze grants immunity to mind influencing gaze attacks, and Vapor Trail allows the character to follow creatures in mist form.

Character Development - A Man With Nothing To Lose: Instructions on how to build and play a character who... well, what do you think from the title?

Perilous Pursuits - Hellstalker: A prestige class specialized in tracking and killing fiends.

Tools of the Trade - Hellstalker: Unique weapons developed and used by the Hellstalkers.

Arkandale: A new Ravenloft domain, built around the idea of “what if Nathan Timothy unwittingly took back the role of Darklord from his son Alfred, resulting in Verbrek being transformed into a new iteration of the original Arkandale?”

Growls in the Night - Beasts of the Bog: A collection of three monsters found in bogs throughout the Lands of Mists;

  • Bog Wraith - The ghost of someone who drowned in the bog.
  • Prince of Frogs - A malevolent shapechanging from who uses its guise of a handsome man to seduce beautiful women, whom it lures to the swamp to transform into frogs to enslave as its "brides".
  • Snake Lilies - an aquatic aberration that disguises itself as a mess of lilypads and snakes.

Celtic Banshees: A D20 templatic version of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons monster from the Undead Sea Scrolls 2001.

Dread Nymphs: A foul Ravenloftian version of the normal D&D nymph.

Tome of the Guardians - The Grim Familiar: An article on a corrupt magical item, the Grim Familiar, a magical ring that grants familiar-like powers but drives its wearer to become an evil wizard.

Fear and Loathing in Lamordia: Drug use rules and a guide to natural, synthetic and magical drugs of the Core.

From the Lab - Active Ladies Attire: Items designed to allow female adventurers to arm and defend themselves despite the leery attitudes of “higher culture”, such as the Fake Pearls (false ornaments that dissolve into poison or drugs in fluid), Fan Blade (lady’s fan that doubles as a slashing weapon), Iron Parasol (umbrella that doubles as a shield and concealed dagger) and Silent Sting (silenced derringer).

Corners of the Core - The Living Bayou: History and attributes of a unique Shambling Mound in Souragne.

Tainted Love: A mini-adventure in which the parties must lay a ghost to rest by rescuing her child from the unscrupulous bounty hunter who kidnapped him and murdered her.

Children of the Night - Kestrel: Details on a villainous NPC, the sole survivor of a hag covey, now alone after her mother and grandmother were killed.

Shuraz’tun Kir: An Island of Terror in the form of a necropolis in Pharazia, haunted by a cursed priestess turned vicious ghoul queen.

An Unwelcome Respite: A mini-adventure in which the party stumbles across an inn secretly run by a Red Widow.

Heinrich’s Curiosities - Items for Modern Gentlemen: An assortment of magical items designed to resemble items carried by high society gentlemen; the Cane of Youth (which negates physical infirmities), Hypnotic Watch (can be used to hypnotise others), Spectacles of Anonymity (makes the wearer impossible to recognize) and Whipping Boy (magical statue that absorbs curses directed at its master).

Whispers in the Darkness - Magic and Madness: An assortment of Enchantment spells aimed at inducing madness in the victims.

Extraordinary Expertise - Vincintiari’s Instruments: Details on masterwork musical instruments created by the master craftsman Nicholai Vincintiari, as well as several unique instruments that have picked up magical effects.

Sword, Fist and Mist: Discusses altering the material from Sword and Fist for use in Ravenloft campaigns.

Those Who Delve the Dark: Homebrewed D20 classes for playing Masque of the Red Death, in the form of the Adept, Aristocrat, Criminal, Expert, Mystic, Qabalist and Soldier.

Viy: A horrific giant native to the Gothic Earth, which can kill with its gaze.

Issue #2[edit]

The Rat: A short fiction piece in which a rat watches as a child murderer is found out and nailed to a tree, then goes to bring a swarm to feast on his flesh.

The Shining Bay: A fanmade cluster amalgamating Nosos, Paridon and Timor into a whole.

From The Lab - Diseases of Malus Sclerius: Mechanical stats for two Nososan diseases favored by the darklord; the intelligence draining Dum-Dum Fever and the incurable-save-by-magic Elevens

Extraordinary Expertise - Masterwork Firearms: Advanced rules for new kinds of firearms, and fluff explaining how these post-blackpowder quality weapons have been developed in the core.

Whispers in the Dark - Blackpowder Magic: Three new spells that enhance firearms; Arcane Accuracy, Penetration and Reload.

Children of the Night - The Invisible Man: A malicious man condemned to live half the day as an invisible phantom courtesy of an alchemical experiment.

The March of Progress: An in-depth examination of Cultural Levels and discussion of which domains in Ravenloft fit the various levels.

Character Development - The Thrill Seeker: Instructions on how to build and play a character to follow the archetype listed in the title.

Dr. Rudolph van Richten: Statistics for van Richten at three points of his career; the Amateur, the Expert and the Legend.

Heinrich’s Curiosities - Van Richten’s Lost Arsenal: D20 stats for several magical items originally collected and/or used by van Richten himself. The Crimson Obsidian Ring protects against level and ability score drain. Platlock’s Legacy is a +1 saber that grants lowlight vision, can critical hit undead, and boosts resistance to ghoul paralytic touching. Vitae Seeker is a variant +1 Heartseeker Short Spear that is far more deadly against vampires. The Amulet of Anubis grants Invisibility to Undead and can Turn Undead 1/month (and reverses the effects if worn by an undead). The Pocket Watch of Jugend can manipulate time and give a bearer some relief from the effects of aging.

Corners of the Core - Missaconic University: Details on a Mordentshire university with a shady history.

Growls in the Night - A Watcher in the Woods: The Jersey Devil adapted as a Ravenloftian monstrosity.

Gregori Ambermist: A fallen ranger cursed into a hideous half-man half-plant monster.

Okraina: A Russian-themed domain ruled by a female human witch, who spawned the domain when she murdered her stepdaughter to cover for her occultic secrets.

Crossroads of Gothic Earth - Mining the Demon Ore: Details on the mining town of Sudbury as it appears in Gothic Canada.

Secrets and Sorcery - The Brotherhood of Alchamae: Details on an arrogantly elitist knowledge-obsessed Gothic Earth qabal headed by Thomas Edison.

Knowledge is Power: Guidelines to adapting and using science in a more “gothic” flavor to one’s Masque of the Red Death games.

Tactics and Techniques - Scientific Feats: Assorted feats for scientist (regular and otherwise) themed Gothic Earth characters.

Perilous Pursuits - The Mad Scientist: A Masque of the Red Death prestige class, based on that iconic figure of horror sci-fi.

Issue #3[edit]

This issue has a theme of “The Carnival”, with most of its articles relating to expanding rules for Isolde’s Carnival, or else connected to the general theme of carnivals and circuses.

The Price of Admission: A fiction piece in which Professor Arcanus, the maledictive weregorilla from Children of the Night: Werebeasts, visits the Carnival of Isolde.

The Freakshow: Details on several new Carnival members; Black Jake, La Petite en Pointe, and the Runt.

The Sideshow: Details on several new Carnival members; Armitage Avalon, aka Mr. Frost, Elthryn Winter, aka The Wraith, and Miranda.

The Human Morningstar: Details on a new Carnival member.

Whispers of Darkness - Smoke and Mirrors: An array of spells with a carnival theme; Funhouse Mirror, Hall of Mirrors, Masquerade and Puff of Smoke.

Character Development - The Entertainer: Instructions on how to build and play a character to follow the archetype listed in the title.

Perilous Pursuits - The Carnival Performer: A prestige class to depict an actual performer at Isolde’s Carnival.

Heinrich’s Curiosities - The Astounding Artifacts of Professor Arcanus: Three genuine magical items carried in Professor Arcanus’ menagerie; the Blood of Hambal Kamp (blood that forces a werebeast into human form), the Book of the Dead (magical tome that can cast detect undead, gentle repose, halt undead and speak with dead 1/day), and the Shrunken Head (a grisly totem that grants protection to the bearer’s mind).

Corners of the Core - The Three-Penny Circus: Details on a far darker and far less famous circus than the famous Carnival of Isolde.

Tome of the Guardians - The Calliope: Details on the cursed magical item that lies at the center of the Three-Penny Circus’ dark state.

Twist and Shout: An array of new Twisting effects to apply to those who stay in the Carnival overlong, written for D20 rules.

Growls in the Night - Creeplings, Fidgets and Crawlers: Details on the Twisted animals that flock in the shadows of the Carnival, traveling with it wherever it goes.

Delirious Nocturne: An adventure in which the party must confront a mad nobleman performing unspeakable experiments in hopes of discovering a cure for vampirism.

Defenders of the Misty Faiths: Discusses altering the material from Defenders of the Faith for use in Ravenloft campaigns.

Children of the Night - Jim Rook: Details on a benevolent NPC, the spectral-undead battling monk commonly nicknamed “The Phantom Fighter”.

Secrets and Sorcery - P.R.I.M.E: Details on a malevolently ambitious British qabal determined to ensure that the British Empire claims total and perpetual domination of the Gothic Earth.

Smoking Barrels: New rules for using firearms, both in Masque of the Red Death and in other D20 games aside.

Tactics and Techniques - Feats for Firearms: New feats to enhance a wielder of firearms.

Tools of War - Weapons in Gothic Earth: An examination of the non-fantasy weapons one is likely to find when adventuring in the Gothic Earth.

From The Lab - The Eraser: Details on a primitive mad science device, a memory erasing camera.

Issue #4[edit]

Soul Survivor: A short fiction piece on which a woman recounts the death of her beloved and how she sought to wish him back.

Absolution: A short fiction piece in which a dying man finds the true price of his bigoted self-righteousness.

Character Development - Knight Lords: Instructions on how to build and play a character to follow the archetype listed in the title.

Tome of the Guardians - The Sword from the Stone: A magical item, inspired by King Arthur’s legendary sword, that brings well-intentioned doom to those poor souls who do battle against the darkness.

Children of the Night - Count Yvern the Scourge: A death knight snatched by the Mists who searches in vain for a hero mighty enough to slay him and put an end to his cursed unlife.

Love, Labour and Lynch Mobs: An examination of how demihumans survive amongst the xenophobia and bigotry of the demiplane of dread.

Growls in the Night - Dread Wyrms: A breed of dragon uniquely suited to use in Ravenloft games.

Feudalism in the Dread Realms: An examination on the basic nature of feudalism and how it applies throughout the Core.

Corners of the Core - The Black Spire: Details on a mysterious ruin to be found in Tepest.

Perilous Pursuits - The Accursed: A prestige class in which a cursed individual learns to draw power from the dark magic placed upon them.

Whispers of Darkness - Magic of the Grave: Three new spells relating to graves; the necromantic spells of Create Barrow Wight (spawns an undead guardian for a grave) and Curse of the Barrow (prepare multiple skeletons to guard a tomb against incursion) and the evocation spell of Veil of Fear (creates an area in which intruders are stricken by fear).

Tactics and Techniques - Blessings of Hala: New Halan-themed blessings for the Hallowed Witch from Defenders of the Faith.

Death Flies on Swift Wings: Details on the Dread Vargouille, the Flying Skull, and the Dread Skull, a magical item that can summon six flying skulls safely before producing a flock of a dread vargouille and six flying skulls that will try to kill the bearer.

Castle Falkenstein: An adventure inspired by Wolfenstein, where the party must rescue captives from a Falkovnian prison under the control of a malicious sorcerer.

From the Lab - Falkovnian Super Soldiers: Details on three super soldier projects conducted by Falkovnia, and the templates to represent its members; Knights Kommando (basic superior soldiers), Sandmen (sleepless and tireless warriors), and Primal Soldiers (alchemically engineered werebeasts).

Secrets and Sorcery - The Warden Foundation: Details on a benevolent qabal dedicated to fighting the machinations of the Red Death.

Tools of War - Ammunition in the War on Evil: Specialist ammunition that makes firearms more deadly against supernatural monsters.

Issue #5[edit]

This issue has an Egyptian theme, with all its articles relating to either the Amber Wastes cluster of Ravenloft or the Egypt of Gothic Earth.

The Reapers of Ashkazeer: A short fiction piece in which a now-wealthy man learns the true price of his wealth and success.

Face Value: A short fiction piece in which an adventuring party comes to a grisly end in a mummy’s tomb.

Not Just an Ordinary Trip To Muhar: A short fiction piece in which a merchant rescues a child from the clutches of Tiyet.

In the Ruins of Eternity: An examination of the spiritual beliefs of the Hakiri people of the Amber Wastes.

Shoals on the Sea of Sand: An examination of the natural hazards, not including monsters, that one risks when travelling through the Amber Wastes.

Wrath of the Ancients: Details on four curses unique to the Amber Wastes. The Bane of Sobek dooms a victim to thirst as water fouls whenever they try to drink it. Thoth's Judgment slowly turns its victim to stone. The Curse of Ulthar summons a malicious cat-spirit that harasses the target of its vengeance. Should the cat be slain, it returns again and again, increasingly hostile. Revenge of the Pharoahs summons an invisible guardian spirit that terrorizes and ultimately slays those who dared to steal from a royal tomb.

Aljaugasba: A domain consisting of a city spiraling into decadence and corrupt hedonism, haunted by the darklord; a former vizier who used his psionic abilities to brutally enforce morality on his people to sate his own megalomania, only to be tricked into publicly murdering his sultan and thus condemn him to existence as an incorporeal undead who can now only possess foreigners.

Character Development - Archaeologist: Instructions on how to build and play a character to follow the archetype listed in the title.

Sephren’s Pyramid: A mini-dungeon in the form of a pyramid found in Sebua, built for the mummy of a lesser pharoah.

Fitful Slumber: Details on the existence of mummies.

Corners of the Core - Deir el Medina: An examination of a ruined city, once dominated by worshippers of Set and now home only to degenerate serpent folk.

Children of the Night - Inanamen: The lord of Deir el Medina, the mummy of a once-mighty High Priest of Set.

Growls in the Night - The Serpent Folk: Details and statistics for Set’s mutant half-snake half-man monsters.

Tome of the Guardians - The Spear of Ahmoth: An enchanted spear that once belonged to the faithful guard who discovered Tiyet's treachery, inadvertently causing her to make her decision to mummify herself. Steeped in his blood, it burns for vengeance against the heart-eater, and would be a powerful weapon to destroy her forever. However, it is so tied up in the need to slay her that it can never be taken from Tiyet's domain of Sebua until she has met her final death.

The Cult of Khepri: Details on a twisted Akiri cult that has found a new home in Matira Bay, following a corrupted and conquest-driven take on the faith of Khepri.

Character Development - Grave Robber: Instructions on how to build and play a character to follow the archetype listed in the title.

Secrets and Sorcery - The Order of the Cobra: A qabal native to Gothic Egypt, determined to avenge the desecrations that their fallen land has suffered by overthrowing the Ottoman and British invaders and retrieving the artefacts plundered by greedy foreigners.

Prince of the Nile: The legendary pharaoh Tutankhamun as an actual undead mummy in Gothic Earth.

The Rising Dark: An alternate setting for Masque of the Red Death, taking place in the Roaring 20s (1924 and on) instead of in the 1890s of the core game.

Issue #6[edit]

This issue has a theme of Nightmares and is the first QtR issue to lack any content for Masque of the Red Death.

Six Days in the Land of Nightmares: A short fiction piece in journal format, detailing an arrogant Lamordian scientist's expedition to the realm of the Abber Nomads.

The Abber Nomads: A detailed examination of the lifestyle and culture of the Abber Nomads, written from the in-universe perspective of an anthropological study. It ends with game mechanics for Abber nomad characters and the Abber Shaman prestige class.

Knowledge in the Nightmare: A guide to the use of dream quests and guardian spirits by the Abber Nomads.

Homeward Bound: A short fiction piece revolving around a man lost in nightmares.

What Screams May Come: A gamesmastering article on how to effectively use nightmares in one's games.

Perilous Pursuits - Dark Dreamer: A prestige class that draws power from the foul spirits that create nightmares, and who occasionally loan their strength to agents in the waking world.

La Confrérie des Rêveurs: A secret society founded by Dark Dreamers.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep: A short fiction piece detailing further events in the life of the captain of the Wayfarer, the ship that brought Dr. Gregorian Illhousen to the Nightmare Lands.

Refuge of the Mad: A guide to the hospices and sanatoriums of the Core.

The Hoftmann Hospital: Details on a particularly cursed Lamordian sanatorium, whose owner's stubborn denial of the supernatural blinds him to the Greater Fihyr growing stronger in the depths of the hospital.

Walking After Midnight: An examination of how sleepwalking is viewed in the realms of mist and mechanical support for sleepwalkers.

Minds in the Mists: Ravenloft-appropriate archetypes for characters imbued with psionics - Wild Men, Travelers, Wild Talents, Daydreamers, Prophets, and Charmers.

Issue #7[edit]

This issue has a theme of extraplanars, covering ghosts, fiends, elementals and celestials alike.

Second Time Around: A short fiction piece in which adventurers interfere with the plans of a demon.

The Shadow Fiend: Details on a strange demon-like creature of living shadow, severed from the foul Gwydion and given independent life to craft the magical items known as the Regalia of Gwydion, which are also statted in this article.

Letters of the Levkarest Temptress: A fiction piece covering the potential origins of the slain succubus known as the Levkarest Temptress.

Needful Things: Details on how to manage Faustian bargains and fiendish gambling games.

The Gentleman Caller: Three alternative statistics for the legendary incubus that haunts Ravenloft, wrapped in between fluff in the form of an in-universe discussion.

Demons of the Deep: A sequel to the fiction piece "Miles to Go Before I Sleep" from QTR #6.

Grave, Mist and Pyre: Ravenloftian Genasi (elemental planetouched) drawing from the demiplane's Dread Elementals of Grave, Mist, Pyre and Blood.

Theari: Benevolent celestials created when an innocent child dies violently in the reality wrinkle of a Good outsider, who chooses to shed some of their life-force to empower the child's soul as a new angelic being.

Heaven Sent: A Hound Archon named Goliath who stumbled into Ravenloft by accident and now seeks to spread light in its darkness.

Perilous Pursuits - Blessed Protectors: A prestige class representing the heroic champions sponsored by Goliath.

Children of the Night - Marcus la Monte: A uniquely intelligent and benevolent free-willed skeleton.

Heinrich's Curiosities - Four Fiendishly Foul Items: A set of four magical items of fiendish origin; the soul-erasing Armor of the Hellfire Knight, the emotion-leeching dagger Assassin's Conscience, the flight and madness granting cloak known as the Shroud Drakonis, and the paranoia-induced spell-weaving mask called the Face of Apomps.

Scotty's Vengeance: A fiction piece detailing the ruination of a ship called the Erie Board of Trade, and details of the vengeful sailor's ghost who destroyed it, yet still hungers for revenge.

The Grande Elizabeth: A hotel built for Gothic American aristocracy, yet which is haunted by unspeakable evils.

Issue #8[edit]

This issue has a theme of "freaks", focusing predominantly on aberrations and other oddities and unnatural things endemic to Ravenloft.

Skin: A fiction piece in which the Weathermay-Foxgrove Twins go hunting aberrations with a H.P. Lovecraft expy, unwittingly brushing upon the existence of a secret society dedicated to slaying aberrations.

Things That Should Not Be: How to successfully use aberrations in Ravenloft campaigns.

Malwid's Guide to All Things Aberrant: An encylopediac outline of the races of aberrations that might potentially be encountered in the demiplane of dread, written as an in-universe document.

Perilous Pursuits - Shay-Lot Cultist: A Lovecraftian prestige class involving obedience to the dread powers that rule the Rl'yeh-expy of Shay-Lot.

The Human Ooze: A uniquely foul monstrosity, a mad wizard whose obsession with oozes resulted in him devolving into a twistedly intelligent ooze.

The Hunted: A fiction piece in which a hunter of intellect devourers finds himself outsmarted by his prey.

Dread Devourers: An examination of intellect devourers, reworked to better fit the Ravenloft setting.

Growls in the Night - Alhoons: A new template for the dread "illithilich".

Misted Mounts: An examination of Paladin's Steeds and how they are affected by the corruptive nature of Ravenloft, detailing both the corrupt Dread Companions and the more benevolent Ezran Mounts and Blessed Steeds of Belenus.

Brutes and Banshees: An elaborate reworking of the Caliban race to better fit its setting fluff as Gothic mutants and man-born monsters, instead of being a crudely reskinned half-orc.

In Shadow: Unique and unsettling encounters that can be had whilst exploring the Shadowrift. Also includes a Fey Touched pseudo-template and a new Arak breed, the centaur-esque Lus y Vuignagh.

More Black Arts: A follow-up to the Black Witch prestige class article from the USS 2003.

Tayce Bloodyblades: A lethal boogeyman, a vicious killer who can be summoned through his enchanted dagger.

Xavier D'Arcey: A Paridonian poet whose mind has somehow survived the transition into a marikith... but for how long remains uncertain...

Diminutive Aberrations: A collection of foul aberrant vermin that stalk the Core; Leech Lice, Plague Grasshoppers, Scarlet Beetles, Fire Flies, Temporal Maggots, Tarnish Spiders and Eclipse Moths, and the cursed tome Estabane's Legacy, written by the corrupted mystic who created the aforementioned horrors.

Issue #9[edit]

This issue has a theme of the Sea and all its many horrors.

Lost at Sea: A short fiction piece in which a jealous sister tries and fails to save her sister from the depredations of an oceanic horror.

Scourge of the Misty Seas: An examination of pirates of the demiplane's seas, detailing their general lifestyle, tactics and regional variants.

Children of the Night - Augustin von dem Meer: A cursed sea vampire.

Aquatic Horrors: Three fluff-only aquatic abominations.

Sea Shanties: A passenger on a ship narrowly avoids being sacrificed by a superstitious crew.

Deep Kin: An elaborate discourse on the three major aquatic races of Ravenloft - KuoToa, Sahuagin and Reavers - complete with their religion, Terror Tracks, and Lovecraftian ability to interbreed with humans.

Lurking Beneath The Waves: Expanded rules to make underwater adventuring possible.

The Foolish Mermaid: A one-page fluff piece depicting the damnation of a foolish mermaid.

Old Sea Dog: A pair of NPCs for players to encounter; a retired ship's captain and the vengeful spirit of his dog, determined to exact revenge for the captain's failure to save him from being sacrificed by his former crew.

Character Development - The Old Sea Salt: Instructions on how to build and play a character to follow the archetype listed in the title.

Terrors of the Deep: A large collection of aquatic horrors. Giant Jellyfish, Barracuda, Sea Zombie, Nocturnal Rot disease, Dire Barracuda, Sea Vampire Spawn, Dread Siren, Soulless, Langoir, Sea Zombie Swarm, Meredoth's Horror, Wereshark template, Sea Vampire template, Sea Zombie Lord template, Sea Zombie template.

The Night the Sea Stood Still: A side-trek adventure in which the party must escape from a haunted ship.

Nedragonne: An island domain originating from the world of Krynn, created by a Greater Seawolf of Sea Elf lineage who, upon learning of his inherited lycanthrope, went berserk and slaughtered his former family and kingdom when they tried to exile him for his lineage.

Winter's Sorrow: An adventure in which the party must try to protect a woman from being drained to death by the ghost of her lover, a sailor lost at sea.

Perilous Pursuits - The Vistani Killer: A villainous prestige class representing the Vistani-hunting murderers employed by Mallochio Aderre to kill his hated kinsfolk.

Perilous Pursuits - The Monster Hunter: A prestige class that enhances the character's adeptness at hunting a specific race of monsters.

Issue #10[edit]

This issues focuses on the theme of Human Evil.

The Heart of Stone: A fiction piece in which Alanik Ray, the Ravenloft Holmes expy, is summoned to protect the life of a noblewoman.

The Fraternity Unleashed: Game mechanics and in-universe profiles for the Ste. Ronges cell of the Fraternity of Shadows - the metaphorical heirs to the Vallaki Kargatane who wrote the Books of S_. As well as updating the material for Professor Erik van Rijn, Gabrek Krakul, Kristoff Lutemmi and Professor Victor Hazan from the USS 2002, it features the new team-members Ambrose Skully (an arrogant, abrasive, vulgar and obnoxiously hedonistic male gnome author) and his dread sock puppet-golem companion Socko, Doctor Anthony Reuland (a native-born tiefling who fears the call of his fiendish ancestor), and Drusilla (insane prophet Gothic Earth female vampire and a blatant Buffy rip-off).

Perilous Pursuits - Fraternity of Shadows: A prestige class representing membership in the Fraternity of Shadows.

The Show Must Go On: Details on the Weeping Rose Actor Society, a depraved secret society of torturers and murderers that slaughter and maim innocents for the entertainment of the most depraved and hedonistic of nobles.

The Lost Gazetteer: A gag article in the form of a comical correspondence between "S" and Azalin.

André Duvet: A madman who, having lost his friends and family due to a plague that originated in a hospice for the homeless, now leads a cult that secretly murders beggars and homeless people in order to purify his city.

Aspects of the Four Horsemen: Apocalyptic horror in the form of four plane-touched undead abominations representing War, Pestilence, Famine and Death.

Double Effects: A fiction piece in which the Weathermay-Foxgrove Twins are called by one of their friends to help investigate a mysterious plague - actually, the local doctors are using them for experiments.

Double Effects Companion: Game material-related write-ups of the various NPCs who appear in the Double Effects article.

Perilous Pursuits - The Nightlord: A villainous prestige class that reflects an individual who has mystically sworn themselves to the servitude of a Darklord.

The Complete Misty Warrior: Discusses altering the material from The Complete Warrior for use in Ravenloft campaigns.

Secrets and Sorcery - The Eye: Details on a mad cult on Gothic Earth that seeks the subjugation of humanity.

Issue #11[edit]

This issue has a theme of Things That Go Bump In The Night.

Report on Fihyrs: An article expanding on fihyrs, giving them far greater customization options. Includes an extensive in-universe fluff version of the rules and an examination of several individual fihyrs.

Things That Go Bump: A follow-up to Noises in the Night from the Book of Sacrifices, furthering the existence of Boogeymen in Ravenloft. Aside from a general Boogeyman template, it adds three new Boogeymen to the mists; The Dirty Thing, Basket Case, and the Elf-Knight.

Tales from the Fireside - Frightening Fey: An in-universe report listing a number of tales about strange horrors lurking in the mists, each followed by suggested game mechanical support. The Singing Maid, the Aqua Sanguine, Tarja, Fingerblades and the Crawling Man.

Scearidd: Fey who disguise themselves as birds and try to form empathic bonds with children, often resulting in the deaths of both those around such children and ultimately the children themselves.

Children of the Night - Grimalkin the Breathstealer: A foul cat-goblin fey who uses the guise of a cat to steal the breath, and thus the lives, from babies and small children.

Return to Arlington Farm: An update/revisioning of the domain from the original Undead Sea Scrolls 2001, this time written under Ravenloft D20 rules.

Growls in the Night - Dread Leprechauns: The famous Irish fairies twisted into a suitably Ravenloftian monster.

On The Road: A new core class for a Ravenloft campaign, the gypsy.

A Most Frightful Excerpt: Hand-drawn art and fluff text referencing unique and terrible spirits and other monsters found in the demiplane. A sequel to the Register of Monsters articles.

La Petite Valacha: A neighborhood in Ste. Ronges that serves as a ghetto for Valachani immigrants.

Perilous Pursuits - The Folkloric Warlock: A prestige class, representing a spellcaster who learns to tap into superstitions and gossip about their kind to enhance their own power.

Waning Gazlight: An assortment of strange creatures native to the Gothic Earth; Colonel Bogey (a fey being driven to challenge sportsmen in order to prove its own superiority), Greed Spirits (a foul two-headed baboon-like beast that creates cults of charmed slaves around itself), Shackles-Rattles (sapient beetle-things that enslave the dream-selves of humans), and Wahnsinnbestie (living incarnation of paranoia).

Queen Tera: A former disciple of Imhotep, an ancient Egyptian sorceress resurrected by the magic of the Red Death to plague the Gothic Earth again.

Issue #12[edit]

Races of the Mists: Part 1 - The Dwarfed: Part of a series of articles, preceded by an in-universe examination, attempting to reflavor the demihuman races to be more "Gothic" and suitable for a lower fantasy-themed Ravenloft. This article examines Dwarves, including the racial variants of Black-beards, Delvers, Hill Dwarves, Pale Dwarves and Folkloric Dwarves, new dwarven feats, a Dwarven Crafting rule, and mechanics for Dwarven Rune Magic.

Fear and Frostbites: Discusses altering the material from Frostburn for use in Ravenloft campaigns.

War of the Mace: The fluff and mechanics for three magical Ravenloftian maces submitted as part of the 2005 "War of the Mace" fan-contest. This article covers all three; the Mace of the Inquisitor, the Schneekugel and the Heartblood Mace.

Evening by the Fire: A follow-up to a Souragne entry in the "Superstitions, or...?" article in Undead Sea Scrolls 2001, detailing the true monster who caused the superstition of the Red-Robed Visitor.

Grim Tales - The Wolf: A folkloric fey monster, born from the tales of the big bad wolf.

Growls in the Night: A collection of new monsters for use in Ravenloft; the Border Zombie (the zombies Azalin creates to defend Darkon), the Eater (ravenously hungry cannibalistic undead), Hammer Zombie (stone-fisted zombies), Leaping Zombie (zombies that can leap great distances), Miser (a restless dead created when a miser's spirit returns to punish inheritors who have wasted its money), Scython (powerful skeleton armed with blood-drinking scythes for hands), Sharptalon (blade-handed skeleton), Sneak (prank-playing faeries), Swordwight and Swordwight Warlord (hateful soldiers driven to return from the grave by their sheer envy of life), Teri (feminine tree-spirits that hate all forms of civilization), and Tombskin (ritually created undead with earthen powers).

Misty Divine: Discusses altering the material from The Complete Divine for use in Ravenloft campaigns.

The Black Opal Guild: Details on a guild of necromancers, complete with a prestige class to represent membership.

Races of the Mists: Part II - The Little People: Part of a series of articles, preceded by an in-universe examination, attempting to reflavor the demihuman races to be more "Gothic" and suitable for a lower fantasy-themed Ravenloft. This article examines Halflings, including the racial variants of Hairfoot, Stout, and Tallfellow, and some new skills and feats.

Registry of Monsters: Hand-drawn art and fluff text referencing unique and terrible spirits and other monsters found in the demiplane. A sequel to the Register of Monsters articles.

The Tower of Silana: An adventure in which the party must raid the tower domain of a member of the Black Opal Guild.

Issue #13[edit]

When Nightmares Wake: A short fiction piece in which a smuggler's attempt to steal horses from Nova Vaasa is brutally thwarted.

Starlight Signs: Framed as an in-universe text, this article examines the Zodiac signs of the Demiplane of Dread.

The Omen Watchers: Details on an elf-dominated society of stargazers and astrologist-diviners. Includes a membership-representing prestige class.

The Isle of Ravens: An update/retcon to the domain from the Book of Sacrifices.

Story of the Fallen Queen: Details the new domain of Murllia, a domain of fallen, corrupted elves inspired by Tolkien.

Children of the Night - Ermintrude: An annis hag who, dissatisfied with the typical life of her kind, has resumed her former identity as an adventurer and become an unlikely champion of the weak. Includes the adventure "For Fame and Glory!" in which the party is unwittingly drawn into an attempt by Ermintrude's abandoned covey to destroy their defected sister.

The Umbra: An examination of the leaders of the Fraternity of Shadow, complete with game statistics and a bevvy of new spells developed by them.

Sorcery and Shadows: Discusses altering the material from The Complete Arcane for use in Ravenloft campaigns.

Races of the Mists: Part III - The Fey: Part of a series of articles, preceded by an in-universe examination, attempting to reflavor the demihuman races to be more "Gothic" and suitable for a lower fantasy-themed Ravenloft. This article examines Elves, including the racial variants of Darkonian, Mist-Elf, Outlander, Sithican and Wild-Elf, as well as new feats and some advice on better representing "elven magics" in-game.

Registry of Monsters: Hand-drawn art and fluff text referencing unique and terrible spirits and other monsters found in the demiplane. A sequel to the Register of Monsters articles.

Children of the Night - Conte Aerik D'Eauberville: A misbegotten caliban who has overthrown and enslaved his aristocratic family, turning them into a den of depraved cannibals. Comes with the attendant adventure Family Dinner, in which the party must defeat the madman and his pack of living ghouls.

Vile Mists of Darkness: Discusses altering the material from The Book of Vile Darkness for use in Ravenloft campaigns.

The Curse of Maplegrove: A city in the Gothic Earth bedeviled by strange occurrences, in truth the effort of an unjustly executed woman to exact revenge upon her treacherous sister from beyond the grave.

Bleakstone: Details on a city fallen particularly deeply under the cursed touch of the Red Death.

Issue #14[edit]

Races of the Mists: Part IV - The Gnomic: Part of a series of articles, preceded by an in-universe examination, attempting to reflavor the demihuman races to be more "Gothic" and suitable for a lower fantasy-themed Ravenloft. This article examines Gnomes, including the racial variants of Mist Gnomes, Mad Gnomes, and Folkloric Gnomes.

An Audience with the King: A rough examination of how to more effectively use Azalin, Darklord of Darkon, in Ravenloft games.

Oleric's Colloquial Guides - Part 1: Weaponsmiths of the Core: Part of a series of articles that examine assorted businesses of the Core, framed as in-universe reports. In the netbook, this article is placed wrongly; it begins on page 87, whilst the second article begins on page 51.

Oleric's Colloquial Guides - Part 2: Vineyards of the Core: Part of a series of articles that examine assorted businesses of the Core, framed as in-universe reports. In the netbook, this article is placed wrongly; it begins on page 51, whilst the second article begins on page 87.

Anatomy of a Horror Tale: A study on how to successfully write horror tales, to better advise a Ravenloft DM on how to better plan adventures.

Codex of Darkened Souls and The Key of Penitent Salvation: An examination of two mutually interlinked artefacts; one malevolent tome, and a benevolent key that sees to keep the tome locked away.

Twisted Races: A collection of new races to serve in addition to or in place of the iconic D&D demihumans for fantastical races. The Booged, Dhampir, Fey-Born and Midget are all covered in this article.

Registry of Monsters: Hand-drawn art and fluff text referencing unique and terrible spirits and other monsters found in the demiplane. A sequel to the Register of Monsters articles.

Boggy Downs: An examination of a particularly foul pocket of Mordent.

Issue #15[edit]

This issue marks the first appearance of D&D 4th edition material in Quoth the Raven.

Cult of the Morning Lord: A detailed examination of the Morninglord faith.

Verbena: An island of terror consisting of a single wandering herbalist shop, its darklord a bitter and disfigured herbalist-turned-witch. This article was clearly not written by a native English speaker, and poorly edited at best.

Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: An adventure in which the party must rescue a small island village off the coast of Mordent, when the abandonment of a "pagan" ritual results in the release of a fearful outsider, the Kelpie.

Shadow and Flame: An examination on potential native origins for Dragonborn. Options presented are the Created (mortals twisted into dragon-like form by foul experiments), the Cursed (individuals who have been punished for their evil or for meddling with magic with a draconic form), the Tainted (mortals with some ancestral corruption that chooses just now to manifest), the Monsters (dragonborn who live in hiding in the depths of the earth), the Sentinels (dragonborn who resemble draconic gargoyles and use that to hide in plain sight), and Born-Dragons ("pure" dragonborns native to domains like Falkovnia and Sithicus). It also covers potential domains for native Dragonborn to hail from, and how all Dragonborn, natives and outlanders alike, can survive in the face of xenophobia.

New Barovia: A short fiction piece involving an assault on Strahd by his renegade spawn.

Fairhafen: A domain themed after European/Germanic fairytales, its darklord a rather stereotypical "evil witch-queen".

The Hobby's Ghost-Pipes: A Korred native to the lost Zherisian parish of Stonedown, and his magical flute.

The Northwest Train Line: An alternate history for the Core, in which a mighty cross-domain steamtrain network is established.

Sideshow Games: An extensive article on the Carnival, divided into three parts; a short story involving an assault on the Carnival orchestrated by the Gentleman Caller, an examination of the new and tweaked NPCs that featured in that story, and a map to use in reference.

Issue #16[edit]

Hidden Places: An examination of various strange locales scattered across Ravenloft.

Dark Corners of Ravenloft: An examination of various locales scattered across Ravenloft.

Oleric's Colloquial Guides - Part 3: Hospices and Healers: Part of a series of articles that examine assorted businesses of the Core, framed as in-universe reports.

Through the Cellar Door: Details on a thus-far successful attempt by the Fraternity of Shadows to artificially generate a Mistway for their own use, connecting two properties of the Fraternity; one in Richemulot, the other in Souragne.

Atolls in a Sea of Mist: Details on several Oubliettes, fragments of mist-wreathed land too small to even be called domains.

Rites of Decay: New necromancy-themed rituals for use in a Ravenloft 4e game; Animate Dead, Army of the Dead, Bestow Salient Skeleton Ability, Bestow Salient Zombie Ability, Eternal Guardian (Lesser, Normal, Greater), and Reprogram Eternal Guardian. It also includes a new power keyword, Animating, to back its submission of some classic necromancy spells recreated as 4e Wizard spells.

Starbury Valley: An ore and lumber-producing city neighboring Bleakstone in the Gothic Earth.

Empire Hospital: A follow-up to the Bleakstone article from QtR #13, examining a specific location in Bleakstone.

Issue #17[edit]

The index for this issue refers to a "Children of Zhakata" article that is missing from the actual issue. Lost Wonders of the Mists: An article that discusses three ancient ruins, framed as an in-universe text. It covers the Mastaba of the Sphinx in the Amber Wastes, the isle of Atlas in the Sea of Sorrow, and the Temple of Angor Kai in Sri Raji.

Noblesse Oblige: A new base class for Ravenloft D20, the Aristrocrat.

Maps from a Troubled Mind: A fluff article, detailing the journal of a warden at a sanatorium as he becomes involved with a mysterious, artistically gifted lost one held there for his own safety.

Bound in Darkness: Part of a planned series of articles updating the Binder to be more Ravenloft-compatible by creating new, less Goetic vestige. This article presents vestiges themed after some of the major arcana of the Tarokka deck; the Innocent, the Temptress, the Marionette, the Artefact, the Raven, the Broken One, the Horseman, and the Hero.

Unhappy in its Own Way: 101 strange, eerie quirks to flesh out small villages, hamlets and other weird settlements.

You Are What You Eat: A new race for Ravenloft D20, the ghoul-blooded and unimaginatively named "Humghoul".

The Man in the Cage: A story with a theme of betrayal.

The Storykeeper: The villain of the Man in the Cage, statted up as the Darklord of his own tiny domain.

Paths through Shadow: An adaptation of several Pathfinder rule sets for use in Ravenloft; the Traits system, and alternative abilities for necromancers.

Robert Sweeny's Adventure Archives: Seven story hooks rescued from the now-lost Alanik Ray Ravenloft fansite.

Bleedings of the Profane: An assortment of new Evil typed spells.

Allies in Darkness: An adaptation of the 3.5 PHB 2's rules for organizations and affilliations made to be used in conjunction with Pathfinder rules.

Gorn le Sauvage: A short story in which a caliban sets out to make a life for himself, using the brutish savagery the mists gave him.

Issue #18[edit]

Natural Philosophy: An examination of the more advanced forms of technology present in the lands of mists, written as an in-universe text crafted by Ambrose Skully.

Champions of the Mists: Details in Ravenloft D20 for "The Van Richten Clan"; updated stats for van Richten from his QTR #2 article and of the Heinrich's Curiosities items from the same issue, as well as stats for George Weathermay, and the Weathermay-Foxgrove Twins in rookie and experienced formats.

Antunia Papiècu: History, statistics and present-day sketch for a female Falkovnian patriot, and the prototype for a super-soldier program that revolves around chemically mummifying Falkovnians. Comes with a built in adventure in which Antunia secretly contacts the party to help her destroy the project that created her, having lost her patriotism when her sons were forced to become tar mummies like herself. Also features the Falkovnian Tar Mummy template.

Along the River: Details on various notable mills and other sites of industry present in the core.

More Hidden Places: Yet more strange and eerie locales scattered in the mists.

Traits of the Mists: An array of new Ravenloft-appropriate traits for those seeking to use Ravenloft under Pathfinder rules.

Feasting with the Falcons: The party becomes involved in a diplomatic dinner gone terribly wrong, prompting the threat of another war between Dementlieu and Falkovnia.

Elements of Terror: An attempt to create islands of terror that serve as the demiplane's analogue to the Elemental Planes, based on the established corruption of elemental earth, air, water and fire when exposed to the demiplane's innate evil.

Issue #19[edit]

Races of the Mists: Paka: A detailed examination of the mysterious paka, the vindictively vengeful feline shapeshifters, including stats for playing paka under both Pathfinder and D&D 4e rules.

The Friend: Details on a benevolent but dangerous incorporeal outsider that is drawn to the minds of Lost Ones, giving them the strength to fight against whatever horrors drove them into insanity, no matter how the innocent may suffer in the process.

Cute Enough to Kill: Details on the fensha, a foul magical beast that uses its appearance as a cute kitten with retractile wings to trick people into taking it into their arms, allowing it to then slowly feast on the life essence of those around them.

Vampire Cat: A twisted abomination that appears as a near-ordinary cat, but which has the appetites and powers of a vampire. Written for 2nd edition AD&D ruleset.

A Helping Hand: Details on the White and Gray Cats; a pair of celestial felines who, having become trapped in the realm of mists, struggle to do good, despite their natural limitations.

Blaustein: A preview excerpt from the Survey of the Sea of Sorrows planned netbook, detailing the isle of Blaustein.

Point Portage: This Masque of the Red Death article examines another city neighboring Bleakstone and Starbury Valley, covered in earlier issues.

Cold Island: Examining a dark and mysterious island native to the Gothic Americas.

Issue #20[edit]

Ghastria: A preview excerpt from the Survey of the Sea of Sorrows planned netbook, detailing the isle of Ghastria.

Cynthia DeGrieves: Details on a vorlog inadvertently created when Dr. van Richten slew Baron Metus, the vampire who started his career.

Mist-Fortune: 101 examples of particular "jinxes" a character may suffer from, translating their bad luck from mere flavor into mechanical support.

Prince Doon: An NPC for the party to become involved with; a benevolent prince who seems cursed with ill-luck, the result of his vengeful half-sister, a powerful witch who was disowned when their father took Doon's mother as his new mistress.

Claude Renier: Game mechanics for the former darklord of Richemulot, as well as details on his character, history, and what his rule was like for Richemulot.

Cursed Charms: Examples of various bad luck superstitions relating to physical objects, such as giving gifts of roses, from across the Core, with mechanical rules for added "bite".

Sea Wolves: A guide to the most unusual branch of the lycanthropic family, the ocean-dwelling sea-wolves. Written as an in-universe report, based on the recollections of one traveler who came to a grisly end, but who passed on his fatally-won lore to a medium. Contains D20 stats for the Leopard Seal, Dread Sea Wolf and Greater Sea Wolf.

The Pumpkin Sword: An extremely twisted and foul sapient magical sword that drives its bearers into sadism and madness.

Silent Partners: A collection of seven intelligent magical items designed to be companionable, without becoming a distraction or a source of conflict. It covers the magical items: Cruagh (fiery rapier with the personality of a bloodthirsty, foolhardy swashbuckler), the Madonna Blade (a greatsword housing the essence of a celestial that sought entry to the demiplane of dread), Roselynne's Cameo (a magical locket that offers eerie prophetic advice on what spells to prepare for the day to wizardly owners), Ivicane (a protective shortspear that cherishes the wilderness), Grentang (an acid-shooting crossbow that seeks to help its wielder amass a great fortune), the Wisdom of Otei (a shield that offers friendly advice(, and Orchestratto (a longsword that produces morale-boosting music for its bearer and which lives to kill - including its bearer, if it can).

The Ocean's Ferrymen: Details on the society of the dread selkies, seal shapeshifters who make a life for themselves in the waters of the demiplane.

Children of the Night - Johann Haydyl: A Grabenite who narrowly escaped being transformed into a lebentod, now become a member of the Knights of the Shadows.

The Jinks: Details on a powerful thieves guild that has spread through the core, becoming a full-fledged organized crime syndicate.

The Thompson Museum: A follow-up to the Bleakstone article from QtR #13, examining a specific location in Bleakstone.

Issue #21[edit]

This issue has a theme of "dark desires". It is the first issue to feature material for 5th edition D&D.

The Criminal Rings of Nova Vaasa: A detailed examination of the criminal underworld of the domain of Nova Vaasa, including punishments, the criminal codes of tattoos, and a reinvention of Malken.

To Granny's House: Details of Ressetheidt, a village in Lamordia that has made a Faustian pact with the hag known locally as Granny Knochen, who trades them a magical tincture that determines the drinker's true love in exchange for being allowed to eat the village's dead.

Nora Metzenger: Details on a female half-elven mercenary and revolutionary who works with the resistance in Falkovnia.

The Missing Piece: Covers the crazed clockwork engineer Gustav Malvoni and his terrible creation, Vir Stannum, the Clockwork Man, a powerful dread golem.

Song of the Cypress: A fiction piece in which a noblewoman's servant recalls the fall of the house she serves, devastated by plague and with the survivors called to join the terrible savages known as the Moor Men.

Scalies of the Sea of Sorrows: An excerpt/preview for the next Van Richten Files netbook; as that netbook will cover Sea Creatures, to tie into the Survey of the Sea of Sorrows Gazetteer, this article covers Reavers.

Sennentuntschi: A strange female-appearing straw golem derived from a myth of the Swiss Alps. Written in Ravenloft AD&D rules.

Ol' Reaper: When Wilfred Godefroy murdered his wife and daughter, he slew his own beloved horse as a scapegoat for his crimes. But Ol' Reaper followed his treacherous master into undeath, a ghostly stallion that now seeks to punish all who have escaped crimes by letting others take the blame, particularly his former master.

The Eternal Smith: A fiction piece in which a smith unwittingly damns a village that turned on him.

Dark Shadows: New rules for 5e D&D to reflect characters who have embraced the gothic trait of characters laboring under the crushing weight of a doom-heralding shadow. The specific Shadows covered by this article are Addict, Bitten, Cat's Eyes, Cold One, Cursed, Gravesight, Haunted, Hollow, Lunatic, Possessed, Redheaded, Redeemed, Reincarnated, Second Sight and Shadow Touched.

Sour Ground: Alternate rules to make resurrection more punishing, consisting of a new rule about resurrection caps (lower of Constitution or PC level), a D100 table of side-effects to returning from the grave, and a new spell that allows a caster to have some protection against this rule.

The Clay of Heroes: A collection of sample heroic player characters for 5th edition Ravenloft.

Mikhail: A short fiction piece, told from the perspective of a crazed or inhuman woman whose lust for the titular human character leads to her murdering other women he is attracted to.

Heart of the World: An examination of Barovia, its purpose in Ravenloft campaigns, expanded world-details such as culture, faith, etcetera, and otherwise how best to make use of it.

The Domain of the Endless Word: An examination of Pharazia, its purpose in Ravenloft campaigns, expanded world-details such as culture, faith, etcetera, and otherwise how best to make use of it. It includes some creative re-presentation of Diamabel, pointing out the rather unfortunate implications of the classical version, a mad Muslim-esque would-be-god.

Demise: A preview excerpt from the Survey of the Sea of Sorrows planned netbook, detailing the isle of Demise. It includes not only its Darklord, Althea, but also the legendary Phagian Viruses and a new monster, the Stone Spirit.

Fey Lost: An adventure set in Tepest, in which the party becomes involved in a true clusterfrag; a gifted artisan has unwittingly caught the attentions of both a benevolent sylvan fae, who wishes his love, and a malevolent shadow fae, who wishes to rip out his soul and fashion it into a changeling (or elf-shot). All the while, an Inquisitor is sniffing around, looking for heretics and fae to burn.

Issue #22[edit]

Wolves to Guard the Sheep: Extensive details on a Kargat cell, containing a mixture of malevolent humans and true monsters, all commanded by a vampire named Ermenus.

Relentless: A fiction piece in which a man foolishly signs on with Peter van Riese, the Darklord of the Sea of Sorrows.

A Tour of Western Waters: Presumably a teaser/excerpt for the Sea of Sorrows Gazetteer, this article presents a basic overview of the Sea of Sorrows and of its darklord.

The Lady in White: An adventure of the classic Monster Hunt format, revolving around an undead monster known as a Porcelain Lady.

The Brightwell Legacy: A fiction piece based upon a correspondence to the Weathermay-Foxgrove Twins from one of their more exotic companions, the woman who calls herself Mu, a witch unwittingly brought to the demiplane of dread from the Gothic Earth. It ends with the narrator's profile in Pathfinder ruleset, and detailed origins on her past.

Die Kaiserreich: An extended redesign of Falkovnia, written to avoid the rather hamfisted themes of the canonical domain by lightening the brush of evil, depravity and military horror with which it was normally painted.

Domains That Came Before: A mini-gazetteer covering three domains that previously existed only in now-lost Choose Your Own Adventure books; Bileplate (a wasteland overlaid by a twisted dream reality, ruled by a mad priest), Theka (a feral land in which a mighty spelljammer has crashed, the desperate vampire who runs the ship struggling in vain to restore it to flight), and Mordianna (a domain originating from Oerth, in which a depraved vampire has total power, yet still isn't satisfied, as he fears for his own unlife).

Nation of Progress: An extended redesign/examination of Lamordia, somewhere in nature between Die Kaiserriech and the articles Heart of the World and Domain of the Endless Word from QTR #21.

The Midnight Market: A strange and exotic market where goods and trades mystical, depraved and perverse are traded, thematically akin to the Goblin Markets of Changeling: the Lost.

Mochocarania: A new domain that serves as an alternate to Invidia, based on answering the question "so, what if Malochio actually did become a darklord himself?"

Ustalav Gazetteer: A conversion of the Golarion region of Ustalav, the Pathfinder's resident "horror gaming zone", into a Ravenloft domain.

Issue #23[edit]

Ghosts of Ravenloft: A number of non-hostile ghosts for use as allies in Curse of Strahd.

Something Lost: A fiction piece involving a living, predatory, planeshifting house called Maharta.

Lorrimar Radzinsky: The ghost of an overambitious monster hunter who perished in the choking fog surrounding Castle Ravenloft, now striving to protect others from sharing his fate. AD&D ruleset.

Sergeji von Zarovich: A topsy-turvy take on the Darklord concept, with Strahd's brother as a benevolent equivalent called a "Lightlord", having returned after his murder as a ghost who seeks to protect Barovia, his beloved and even his brother, in hopes of ending the curse. Pathfinder rules.

Curse of the Godfather: Adapting the characters/plot of the Godfather movies to Gothic Earth.

Corpse of the Starved God: A reinterpretation of G'Henna aiming to make it more useful and complex, re-envisioning it as a Tibetan-flavored domain rather than as just its mad Darklord's playground.

All Too Real: A set of four Domains inspired by real-world historical horrors - Freienbauernland, Carattionia, Magiasacra, and Metropia.

Issue #24[edit]

All crunch material in this issue uses 3rd edition/Pathfinder mechanics.

Tepest, Land of the Fey: A redesign of Tepest into a more high-fantasy, fairy-tale themed domain, with tweaked versions of the curses for the Sisters Mindefisk.

The Jungle of Rain & Fire: A new domain attached to the Wildlands, based upon the 2010s live action remake of Disney's "The Jungle Book".

Three Fairies: Three unique fey individuals to use for campaigns; the ogre-like Brum of the Mound, who trades his great strength for gifts of coin; the macabre Elegist, a fey musician who stirs the dead to rise from their graves and sometimes to take living prey to join them; and Cecil, the Master Cat, a talking cat who seeks out the desperate and elevates them to new heights - only to betray them and move on to a new prodigy.

The Conferences of Victor Gagné: A fiction piece culminating in stats for its main star, an elan psionic lich obsessed with the practice of alchemical ascension and transmutation.

The Zeindost Domain: A coastal domain of unusually xenophiliac nature, where nonhumans and humans live in peace, much to the fury of its xenophobic darklord.

The Marauders' Legacy: Five magical items granted power by being infused with the souls of a band of adventurers captured by Azalin.

Archibald Everlast, The Wandering Crow: A rare force for good in the Demiplane of Dread, a uniquely benign lich-like immortal who roams the Demiplane seeking to educate and thusly weaken evil by attacking the ignorance upon which it feeds.

Buck, Ghost Dog of the Northland: A uniquely malevolent spectral canine in the cold arctic regions of Gothic Earth. The issue's sole Masque of the Red Death article.

Issue #25[edit]

Verbrek: A reinvention of the werewolf-haunted domain of the canon; in this take, humans and werewolves live predominantly in peace, despite the efforts of one evil cult to drive the werewolves into open domination of humanity. Features a homebrew Pathfinder Paladin archetype, the Chaotic Good Holy Liberator, and two new religions; the Cults of Fenris and Mother Moon.

The Conferences of Victor Gagné: Part 2 in the fiction article of the same name from issue #25, in which our narrator becomes involved in the machinations of extraplanar entities stranded in the Demiplane of Dread. Features mechanics for three items mentioned in the story (the Biding Codex - a book of Ravenloft lore made from a magically transformed Keeper, the Contact Crystal - a device intended to initiate fiendish transposition, and the Exacerbation Manacle - a device intended to facilitate fiendish transposition by accelerating its progress), a variant on fiendish transposition mechanics to allow for the victim to be replaced by a denizen of the Far Realm instead, and PC stats for the star of the story; “Nikolai Kazic”(Zaxxott Ssentroi), a transposed tsochar wizard. All crunch material in this article uses 3rd edition mechanics.

Fifty Shades: Fifty paragraph-long descriptions of NPCs who are not what they seem, such as the Goatrix, a black goat-headed fiend that presides over a small cult of witches... and which is actually a Broken One/Mongrelfolk who has tricked its "cultists" with some low-level magic and a knack for showmanship, or the stage magician Mighty Maximus, who pretends to be a mere entertainer to disguise his true nature as a powerful and benevolent wizard.

The Mistland's Tourist Guide to the Frozen Wastes: A brief revamp/update of the long-forgotten "Frozen Wastes Cluster", described in the style of a tourist guide. Contains 5th edition stats for the Darklords Tsar Gregor Zolnik and Prince Ladislav Mircea.

On The Subject of the Death Knight: A reconfiguration of the 3e Death Knight template to give it more "oomph", to better support the classic fluff of Lord Soth challenging and actually subtly intimidating Strahd von Zarovich.

Richemulot: A Dread Alternative of the wererat-infested domain of canon, here reinterpreted along similar lines to the Verbrek article in this same issue; a land where humans, halflings and wererats live (mostly) at peace.

A Hundred Shades of Dark: 100 paragraph-long concepts for new darklords and domains of dread.

Lilliend: A new domain of dread, a strange land filled with beautiful women, struggling to maintain its population when its insane darklord, a lesbian vampire, slays any man within her grasp as soon as they have fathered a daughter, and greedily feasts on the blood of female virgins, seeking to cultivate a reincarnation of her long-lost twin sister, whom she harbored an incestuous desire for. All crunch material in this article uses Pathfinder mechanics.

Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street: An update of the famous penny dreadful story of Sweeny Todd to a historical fact in Gothic Earth's London.

Issue #26[edit]

The Conferences of Victor Gagné III: Part the Third: The Shadow The Third installation in the adventures of Victor Gagné, this time involved in the fight with a peculiar line of vampires

Deadly Denizens Another 50 unique NPC of variuous nature

Ravenloft's Elemental Planes:43 original spells for 5e

Skulland, Land of Undeath and Life: Presents Skullland , a dread alternative reworking of Necropolis a land were half of the population are awakened skeletrons or zombies; It includes the templates of the Skullander Skeletron and that of the Skullander Zombie.

The Coldhands: Not even death can stop true heroes,Presents a group of Five undead good NPC, it includes three new feats under Pathfinder I rules, Improved and Greater Demoralize, and Redeemed Companion.

The Mummy’s Curse An adaptation of the clasical horror story of the the Mummy

Another 100 Shades of Dark:Presents 100 more new Darklords

Lazendrak, Land of Honey and Blood:Presents Lazendrak, a new domain where Vampires and Living Humanoids convives in harmony,it includes the option of Safe Feeding for vampires.

Van Richten’s Files: The Clavius Keel Case Adapts some 3rd Edition Eberron related material on the Undead to Ravenloft , including a typology of undead according to Van Richten's Guide to the Walking Dead along with suggested salient abilities . The in-character framing of the material depicts Van Richten's correspondence with a new NPC, Horace Grenville, regarding Clavius Keel, a necromancer, and some of his undead.

Mordentshire, Land of Souls and Hauntings:dread alternative reworking of Mordent, repupulated with both living being and ghosts . Includes new character options under Pathfinder I rules, like the Lamplighter Enforcer, a new Archetype for the Fighter Class; the Ghost-Thouched template,and a new Oracle Curse, the Compulsive Laught.

Issue #27[edit]

Bitter Victory: A short story in which a band of mercenaries find their willingness to ally with Strahd von Zarovich to save Barovia is a pyrrhic victory.

Friedliches Konigreich: The domain of a hobgoblin darklord, who can only seethe as he watches his people live in peace with humans and demihumans.

Conferences of Victor Gagne: More of the ongoing story.

Borcan Epic "The Knife of the Ba'al Verzi" and Other Operas: Details of several famous operas in the Demiplane of Dread, with attached adventure seeds.

Forgotten Shades: A collection of 50 darklord concepts.

Darkon, Land of Wonders & Tyranny: A reinvention of the classic land of Darkon. Pathfinder Roleplaying System.

Loose Ends: A short story in which a woman tracks down an artist who was once a Falkovnian veteran of the four Dead Man's Campaigns.

Harrington Dale: A domain that revamps Arlington Farm from a cursed, isolated farmstead into a rural Americana-inspired inhabited realm.

The Tale of Ivar Skytte: A side-story to the Conferences of Victor Gagne.

Sithicus, the Land of the Prophetess: A reinvention of the classic land of Sithicus. Pathfinder Roleplaying System.

Detective Alexandre's Private Kargat Casebook; Errant Bloodlines: A short fiction piece in which a Kargat agent unwittingly introduces Azalin to a very unusual little girl.

Lost Souls: An assortment of 30 short NPC concepts.

Excerpts from 'The Register of Monsters': Hand-drawn art and fluff text referencing unique and terrible spirits and other monsters found in the demiplane.

Dominia Survey: An excerpt from the upcoming Sea of Sorrows netbook examining the domain of Dominia.

Issue #28[edit]

Hands Stained with Shadow: Mechanics-free analysis of how to incorporate the subclasses from Grim Hollow into Ravenloft campaigns. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Dementlieu, Land of Manipulation & Hypocrisy: A reinvention of the classic land of Dementlieu. Pathfinder Roleplaying System.

The Grand Estate Cluster: A Cluster based on the videogame Darkest Dungeon. Pathfinder Roleplaying System.

A Primer to the Umbra Peoples: A massive assortment of new demihuman player character race options. Specifically: Broken One, Carrionette, Ermordenung, Lebendtod, Caliban (Banshee, Bestial, Brute, Cannibal, Witchspawn), Dhampir, Fetch, Ghedan, Ghul, Mortif, Quevari, Bakhna Rakhna, Braunchen, Hebi-no-Onna, Paka, Ravenkin, Red Widow. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Olerick's Colloquial Guides Presents: An assortment of famous and infamous landmarks from throughout the core.

Excerpts from 'The Register of Monsters': Hand-drawn art and fluff text referencing unique and terrible spirits and other monsters found in the demiplane.

Post-Apocaloft: Seeds to an alternative version of the Demiplane of Dread, born from when Gothic Earth entered the Nuclear Age and "Apocalyptic Horror" replaced Gothic Horror.

Cursed Items: A set of twenty flavor-only cursed trinkets.

Dovehome, the Anti-Ravenloft: Basic notes on a reversed version of the Demiplane of Dread, where Darklords are tormented heroes damned to realms of suffering.

Lamordia, Land of Progress & Technology: A reinvention of the classic land of Dementlieu. Pathfinder Roleplaying System.

Falkovnia Uber Alles: A Nazi-inspired secret society for Falkovnia. Pathfinder Roleplaying System.

Sins of the Father: Expanded lore and mechanics for Vigo Drakov, the Half-Vistani Half-Fiend that Vlad Drakov ironically believes is his most successful and worthy son. Pathfinder Roleplaying System.

Falkovnian Rebels: A historical guide to notable rebellions against the Darklord Vlad Drakov, from attempted assassinations to full-blown anti-Falkovnia networks.

The Spawn of the Lizard: Expanded history and lore for a particularly unusual band of Falkovnian rebels; kobolds and dragonborn led by a cursed bakali warrior-emperor. Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition.

The Cyclops's Legacy: Expanded lore on the Falkovnian Ministry of Science, examining some of its terrible superweapon projects. Pathfinder Roleplaying System.

Borca, A Land of Poison & Intrigue: A reinvention of the classic land of Borca. Pathfinder Roleplaying System.

Judgment on Silent Wings: A conversion of the Owlmay into a druid subclass, ranger subclass, and race. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Lampago:' Gothic Horror fiction set in d20 Modern.

City of Ravenloft: A reinvention of the Demiplane of Dread as a single massive city rather than a sprawling continent.

Scenes from a Starving Land: A smattering of expanded lore for the domain of G'henna. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition.

The Conch Shell of Sorrows: Assorted lore and mechanics relating to a demonic unholy relic of Dagon. Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition.

Invidia, The Land of Conflicts & Demagogy: A reinvention of the classic land of Invidia. Pathfinder Roleplaying System.

Students of Sylvan Sorcery: Three fey-connected subclasses; the Sidhe Scholar Wizard, the Circle of the First World Druid, and the Glamourweaver Sorcerer. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

The Conferences of Victor Gagne: The final in the titular series of fiction pieces with added crunch.

Heroes of Chibiloft: Lore for a new array of characters appearing in short comic sketches scattered throughout the netbook.