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The famous Rageface

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF... Rage is the most important fuel on which the neckbeard runs (with meatbread coming at a close second), and the only way to get his share of rage is to grapple the troll whenever he appears on /tg/. Here is a summary of the things /tg/ hates and the most common sources of trolling.

Sometimes known as Raeg, never to be confused with Raege, or there *will* be rage. Also, this has nothing to do with that boring 2011 video game.

Things that /tg/ Loves to Hate[edit]

  • Twilight, and its author Stephanie Meyer by extension: Uncollapse this tab at your own peril

Twilight is a 4-part book series/5-part movie series featuring the least menacing vampire in the history of literature and the thinly veiled author avatar that loves him. Due to the fact that it draws on and panders to the basest and meanest aspects of female nature in women, it became wildly successful among the hormonal pre-teen crowd as well as legions of sexually frustrated housewives and ruthlessly mocked by everyone else.

To make an unnecessarily long story short, a Mary Sue named Bella gets saved from a car crash by Edward, another Marty Stu and he looks all emo and shit. After half a book of plodding romantic crap, we learn that he's a vampire (as though the sunken eyes and pale skin weren't a massive tipoff). But it's okay -- him and his family are vegetarian vampires, they don't drink human blood. Oh, and sunlight doesn't kill them, it makes them sparkle like Tinkerbell on a six-coffee bender. Oh, and he and his family all have superpowers as if they were the vampire Justice League.

Things become even more retarded when her best friend is revealed to be a werewolf, and the least convincing love triangle of all time ensues, inasmuch as it is explicitly stated over the next two books that she'll choose Edward. Meanwhile, various other shit involving the not-Catholic vampire Illuminati among other things happens, most of which is glossed over or covered in the most hamfisted way ever. This is itself combined with said Mary Sue insisting on being turned into a vampire only to be told they need to get married for some reason. Stupid, yes. But if you view it as a metaphor for sex and keep in mind that the author is a devout Mormon, it makes a lot more sense. Incidentally, said Mormonism is also why we get such peculiar euphemisms as "Holy crow" in the book. No, really.

The last book of the series can be summed up as follows: I'm gonna die a horrible death during childbirth, and my kid's gonna look like a god-forsaken hellspawn all because I fucked a vampire. Oh wait, hold the phone-- it's ok, he's going to turn me into a vampire too, and mystical vampire magic will heal my spine so I can frolic through the forest in heels and a cocktail dress while my werewolf ex-boyfriend tries to fuck my baby hellspawn daughter. (Speculation that this is a way for Meyer to passive-aggressively vent about being married and having kids at an early age is unconfirmed. But seriously, anyone can tell that it was intended.)

(As a small side note, an occasional /tg/ sentiment is that there's possibly a better story hidden under all that Schlicking material -- the Vampire mechanics are not that bad, if you're not going to have them burn up in the sun, and the vague plotline of the first book ("'Vegetarian' vampires come into conflict with wandering criminal vampires") would make for a fairly good Vampire or Hunter campaign.)


See Also[edit]

P.S: If your Rage can be heard a) on the other side of the Planet, b) in Space, c) in Limbo AND d) by your own Son twenty Years into the Future, then you're doing something right! Or not. Depends on who's at the recieving end.


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