Race for the Galaxy

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Race for the Galaxy
Card Game published by
Rio Grande Games
No. of Players 2 - 4
Session Time 30 - 60 minutes
Authors Tom Lehmann


Race For The Galaxy is a card game made by Rio Grande Games, and more precisely Tom Lehmann. The essential premise of the game is to play against your opponents and either colonize or build 12 planets or structures, or to get as much money as you can. The fun comes in combining your cards to stack up bonuses from "6-cost Developments," which function like Wonders in a Civilization game.

The game has been described as "Poker meets Alpha Centauri," "A race to see who can play Patience the fastest" and "Citadels meets Sins of a Solar Empire," and has two expansions coming out soon which deal with the mysterious "Imperial," "Uplift," "DNA" and "Terraforming" classes. Its art style is similar to that of Sins of a Solar Empire or Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, with homages to other sci-fi IPs present in some cards (one development, "Space Marines," has a figure on it who looks a good deal like a Clone Trooper from Star Wars.)

Screwing Over Your Opponents[edit]

This is a key part of winning. In the course of a round, each player picks one "action" from Exploring, Developing, Settling, Trading, Consuming or Producing. Since if one player builds or settles his twelfth item in his turn, the game ends, it's vital, come the end of the game, to avoid allowing your opponent to do that. Equally, it's important to stop one player quietly Consuming and then Producing every turn to steal all the money in the universe.

However, the game is mostly played to get you points, not to stop others from winning (this is where it differs from something like Munchkin) and you would do best to try and get similar cards that work well with your 6-cost cards (for example, "New Galactic Order" adds one point to your score for every point of military force you own. If you started with New Sparta and got that, then you're already 5 points up - so get Military worlds, Military developments and try to get something like Hidden Fortress to really boost your points!)


Just play the fuck every military worlds (protip: the ones with a red number) you own, it gets you FREE worlds. Start with New Sparta for extra butthurt.


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