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A French miniature and RPG company established in 1997, Rackham specialised in producing high quality metal models for their medieval fantasy wargame Confrontation and its spin offs Cadwallon and Hybrid. In 2006 Rackham also released the sci-fi skirmish wargame AT-43. This marked a turning point for Rackham, as unlike Confrontation, all of the miniatures for AT-43 were pre-assembled and pre-painted plastic models. The fifth and final edition of Confrontation was released shortly after in a similar format.

The move to plastic was not successful, however, and in October 2010 Rackham was liquidated. Cool Mini Or Not now produce resin versions of some of the old Confrontation models, including some that were designed but never actually released. In 2013 they also Kickstarted a card and miniature game set in Confrontation’s world called Guilds of Cadwallon.

Update! As of October 2019, the French game company Sans-Detour successfully funded a Kickstarter for a new release of Confrontation. However, there have been zero, ZERO, updates from Sans-Detour since that time. Rumors have abounded that SD dove into the project despite being totally unprepared for how hard it would be to release a new version of a game that had been OOP for 10 years. In any case, this seems to yet another poorly conceived, and quite dead, Kickstarter failure with over 400,000 Euros vanished into thin air.