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Book with a star on the cover
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Empyreal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Energy)
Portfolio Shadow Elves, Knowledge, Radiance
Domains Energy, Law, Good, Magic, Protection
Worshippers Shadow elves and Schattenalfen
Favoured Weapon Shortsword

Rafiel is the patron Immortal of shadow elves.


Long ago, Rafiel was a nuclear physicist in Blackmoor, experimenting in thought-transferrance, a science that rivalled magic in its use. It was during one of these experiments that the Great Rain of Fire occurred, destroying his physical body and trapping his mind in the realm he was exploring, and sustained by the energies of the explosion.

He wandered the realm, deprived of sensations for a long time, until one day, his mind made contact with the ancestors of the shadow elves. Having been forced underground due to a similiar incident that destroyed Blackmoor, Rafiel became sympathetic to them and begun guiding them, their need for guidance eventually allowing Rafiel to create a new body for himself, finding himself in having attained Immortality in the Sphere of Energy. He eventually lead the shadow elves to the Refuge of Stone, where they discovered the 14 Verses Rafiel created to govern their life.


Rafiel appears as a middle-aged human, dressed in a starched white robe, wearing glasses.


Though the shadow elves think of him as stern and harsh, requiring them to abandon the deformed and mutated babies to the caves, in reality he ensures that they are found by humanoids and raised by them, and that the shadow elves slowly heal from the radiation they were exposed to. He is kind, calm, and wise, showing great interest in nuclear physics. He's liked by Ordana for helping the shadow elves, and he and Rad share the interest in discovering the secrets of radiance. He despises Atzanteotl for having corrupted elements of the shadow elves, creating the Schattealfen.

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