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Another one-page RPG from Jeff Moore, written in 2006 before one-page RPGs were "cool" and "in."

The character sheet is damn easy. You have three stats:

  • (R)AGE - used for tests to hit in hand-to-hand, and added to hand-to-hand damage
  • (P)RECOGNITION - used for tests to cast spells, and added to initiative
  • (G)RACE - used for tests to hit with ranged weapons, and added to armor defense

The rest is derived from gear, or levelled up with magic treasures.

This game uses two normal d6 dice.

Character Creation[edit]

Name: Race/Job:
RAGE: Wounds:
PRECOG: Black Magic:
White Magic:
Adjusted Precog:
GRACE: Armor:
Gold: Treasures:

To create a character, divide 4 points among your Rage, Precognition and Grace stats. Min/Max per stat is 0-3. Your Wounds stat is the sum of your Rage, Precog and Grace, times 2. Every starting character will have 8 Wounds.

Select one of the following equipment packages for your character:

  • Warrior - Chain armor and a sword
  • Archer - Leather armor and a bow
  • Wizard - Cloth armor, staff, and one magic tome (either white or black)


Sword is any melee weapon for hand-to-hand combat (includes staff, axe, mace, club, pike, etc). Damage is 1d6 + Rage

Bow is any ranged/missile weapon (slings, crowsbows, javelins, thrown spears, etc). Damage is 1d6.

Cloth armor is any normal clothing. Defence is 0 + Grace, gives +1 to Precognition, gives Speed of 6.

Leather armor is padded, cured and meant for protection. Defence is 1 + Grace, adds +1 to Bow damage, gives Speed of 6.

Chain armor is flexible metal covering (includes banded and scale armor). Defence is 2 + Grace, gives -1 from Precognition, gives Speed of 4.

Shield is any handheld blocking device (includes bucklers, tower shields and main gauche for parrying). Gives +1 to Defense, and -1 to Precognition.

Plate armor is heavy rigid covering, including a helmet. Defence is 3 + Grace, gives -2 from Precognition, gives Speed of 4.

Elixirs are magical potions that will improve your stats. Once consumed, their effect is permanent. Red Elixirs give +1 Rage, Purple Elixirs give +1 Precognition, Golden Elixirs give +1 Grace.

Tomes are magical books that increase your ability to cast magic. Once they are studied and invoked, the effect is permanent and the tome is rendered useless. White Tomes increase White Magic by +1 spell per day, Black Tomes increase Black Magic by +1 spell per day.


To accomplish tasks that are not guaranteed to succeed, you must roll a test. Roll 2d6, and add the appropriate stat to the result. If the result is 8 or more, you succeed. A roll of 2 ("snake eyes") is always a failure.

Use Rage in tests of physical prowess or being fearsome: swinging a sword, breaking down a door, bend bars, lift gates, intimidating a prisoner.

Use Precognition in tests of perception and knowledge: casting a spell, finding a hidden trap, listening at a door, remembering an old legend.

Use Grace in tests of poise, stealth and charm: firing a bow, move silently in a dark house, flirting with the guard.


Each round, every person rolls Initiative (1d6 + Precog). This determines who goes first.

On your turn, you can either: move up to your Speed and attack; or move twice your Speed; or cast a spell.

To attack with a sword, you must be adjacent to the target. Test with Rage, damage is 1d6 + Rage.

To attack with a bow, you must be not adjacent to any enemies. Test with Grace, damage is 1d6 (+1 if wearing Leather armor).

To cast a Black Magic spell, test with Precog. If successful, roll 2d6: chose one die to be damage, the other is how many targets. If this means there are more targets than enemies, the spell-caster must choose other players to be targets. Add +Precog to the damage number, and not the number of targets. If unsuccessful, the spell is not lost; spells-per-day are only how many successful casts there are.

To cast a White Magic spell, test with Precog. If successful, roll 2d6 + Precog: this is how many wounds you restore to the target, up to the target's maximum ((Rage+Precog+Grace)x2). If unsuccessful, the spell is not lost; spells-per-day are only how many successful casts there are.

When doing damage, if the damage die shows "6", there is a chance for a critical hit. Roll for a second attack of the same type. If this attack is successful and the damage shows "6" again, roll yet another die and add this to damage (critical hits don't do more than three dice of damage). Any pluses to damage are added after the dice are tallied.

To recover damage, characters must either use White Magic or rest. If staying someplace comfortable (ie.: a public Inn, at home, guests of the baron, &c.) each character recovers 1d6 wounds each night. If camping out under the stars, in a cave or in the streets, each character recovers only 1 wound each night.