Raistlin Majere

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A character in the Dragonlance series of books, Raistlin Majere holds roles of varying importance. Eventually, the powerful wizard engages in an enterprise that would challenge the very gods.

He has a twin brother named Caramon. Not unlike Cameron Dias, he is the polar opposite of Raistlin, namely a dit and a staunch fighter. This makes them the perfect pair, akin to nuts and gum. When Raistlin isn't acting like the quintessential Just as planned, he condescends to his big brother, who has yet to figure out if he's a boy or a girl, let alone take the time to appreciate that his brother despises him. Their relationship mimics that of Tyrion and Teclis, except with more dickery.

Instead of listing which Dragonlance novels he appears in, its easier to list which ones he hasn't been in:

  • Legend of Huma.
  • Tazman the Minodevil.
  • Tanis and the quest for his black eye-liner
  • Tanis and the quest for his Projekt mixtape.
  • Palladium's quest to find the secret garden of the Kender and drop a 50-megaton warhead on it.
  • The Where's Waldo book: Find Sturm Brightblade or any Solomnac Knights for that matter.
  • And the choose your own adventure book: Tasselhoff Burrfoot and the case of the stolen *insert*

Raistlin is so popular, there is even a Russian Play about him called the Last Trial:

  • [1] (LINK BROKEN!)

It's an even more grimdark adapation of the Twins Trilogy centering on him and Camaron.