Raj Vokar

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Raj Vokar
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The Titan Lord, the Liberator of Manaan, the Destroyer of Raat, Master of the Apocalyptican, Praetorian of Terra

Discovered (world)


Discovered (period)



Titan Marchers

Great Crusade Command

Primarch, 113th Expeditionary fleet



Unique Weapon

The Kagolus, an archeotech shotgun, and a large arsenal of personally crafted heavy weaponry

Distinguishing Traits

Titan pilot, patient, respectful


Violent fits of rage

Brotherwar role



Dies during the Siege of Terra

This page details people, events, and organisations from Warmasters Triumvirate, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the Warmasters Triumvirate page for more information on the Alternate Universe.

Raj Vokar, the Titan Lord, is the Primarch of the XVIIth Legiones Astartes; the Titan Marchers. One of the most liked Primarchs of the brotherhood for his ability to listen and connect with his siblings, he was also a master of siegecraft and adept at the piloting of the colossal Titan warmachines of the Adeptus Titanicus. While he usually presented himself as patient and calm of mind, he hid a powerful frenzy, which lead to him slaying countless xenos, traitors and separatists. His tragic death at the Eternity Gate during the Siege of Terra would hail the final shattering of the Brotherhood of Primarchs, and scar the remaining loyalists for the centuries to come.


Primarch Origin[edit]

When the Ruinous Powers of Chaos took the sons of the Emperor away from his Himalazian gene-labs on Holy Terra, the Primarch of the Titan Marchers was brought to the massive forge world known as Manaan. The gestation pod fell to the planet’s surface through the thick layers of black clouds expelled by massive factorums. It crashed into a munitions factory on the planet’s surface, killing several workers in the process. When government forces found the infant Primarch in the wreckage, he was given to the noble lady Pravis Vokar; one of the world’s wealthiest and most decorated women.

Manaan’s surface was covered in quarries and factories, it’s people forced to slave away their entire lives in servitude to their world’s nobility. The nobility no longer even lived on Manaan itself, but had instead they made their home on one of Manaan’s moons, Raat. Raat was a paradise moon, with lush white grassed fields and clean blue skies. The nobility lived a life of luxury, all at the expense of the billions of people on the surface below. The nobility controlled the people through the use of giant towering war machines, the Raakshas, and their Security forces, the Kramraat. The Raakshas were based on the same technology as the Adeptus Titanicus’ Titans, remnants of the Dark Age of Technology. Once used to protect the people from danger, now the massive engines stood as a symbol of the wealthy overlords, showing the people that they could never hope to rise up against the might of their masters. Pravis Vokar however, was possibly the only noblewoman on Raat who was disgusted by the oppression on the forge world below. In the Primarch, who she named Raj, she saw the potential to bring down their dominion of Raat.

In time the other nobles grew suspicious of Lady Vokar. They brought the wrath of the Raakshas down upon her mansion and succeeded in killing her. Raj, escaping the carnage and filled with rage, stole a shuttlecraft and attempted to make his way to Manaan. The craft was brought down before the Primarch could land, but he managed to survive the crash at cost of his legs. Raj was nursed back to health by a small group of insurrectionists and had recieved cybernetic replacements for his legs, as they were unable to save them. Raj quickly rose took take command over the insurrectionist group, who began calling themselves the Rajahs.

With the help of the Rajahs the Primarch would eventually take the megacity of Sattara, home to the warships that had once carried mankind across the stars to Manaan. Interstellar travel was no longer an option, but the ships' weapons were still entirely operational. First the Rajahs seized control over the Raaksha facilities, then, using the massive war engines, they quickly took control over the fleet. The warships took to the skies and unleashed every every lance, torpedo and archeotech bomb at Raat, turning the paradise moon into a hellish landscape. As the green moon burned a crimson red, the people of Manaan knew the tyranny of Raat would finally be over. These events would become known as the Burning of Raat.

This would only herald the beginning of a massive war that would engulf the entirety of the forge world. Before the fires on Raat had even died down, the world of Manaan was in complete turmoil. The Kramraat, whose word had been absolute for centuries, were now without orders and began consolidating their own power, taking cities and declaring their own sovereignty. The Rajahs waged a brutal war of reunification, backed by an ever expanding army of Raakshas. Raj himself discovered his aptitude for piloting the giant machines. Under his leadership the last remaining members of the Kramraat, calling themselves 'the Alliance', were driven back to the last city not under the control of the Destroyer of Raat, megacity Pancave.

The Alliance fortified every last inch of Pacanave and used the city’s civilian population as a way of deterring the Titan Lord from using his largest weapons, counting on his desire to save those civilians. Contrary to the Alliance’s expectations however, Raj laid siege to Pacanave with a ferocity that no one on Manaan had ever seen. Raj used every bolter, lascannon, lancer and bomb he had in his arsenal, glassing Pacanave and everyone in it.

When asked about the Siege of Pacanave later in his life, Raj would claim that the absolute destruction of the city was necessary to ensure that nobody could escape in order to threaten his reign later on. However, those close to him during that time would say that Pacanave was one of the earliest examples of what happens when Raj loses his temper. The Alliance had angered Raj by digging in and trying to waste both his time, and the time of Manaan’s people. They had put their own self interest and greed above the future of Manaan, and their insolence could not be tolerated any longer.

Up until the destruction of Raat, and the chaos that ensued in it’s wake, Raj had always been optimistic about the nature of mankind. He used to assume that most people were interested in bettering their lives, and those of the people around them, but that a small corrupt group had gotten in the way of that, as his adoptive mother had told him. After the Burning of Raat any sense of order and humanity had been lost, giving way to anarchy and to individuals claiming more and more for themselves. The decision by the Alliance to try and waste Raj’s time in order for them to stay in power was the last straw, fully unleashing the Titan Lord's fury.

After the destruction of Pacanave, it was up to Raj to consolidate his dominions. As soon as he knew his newfound empire would not collapse, he wandered into the remains of Pancave alone, hoping to clear his head and meditate. There, he would sit in meditation for ten days, when the skies parted and a golden light came down from the heavens. In the light Raj saw a golden figure, who soon revealed himself to be his father, the Emperor of Mankind.

Raj and the Emperor spoke for hours, with the Titan Lord eventually being brought onto the Emperor’s ship, the Bucephelus. Raj told his father of what he had done on Manaan, how the had destroyed the nobles of Raat and united the forge world under House Vokar. The Emperor in turn explained the history of the Imperium of Man and the purpose of Raj’s very existence. He promised that Manaan would be brought in the Imperial fold as one of it’s prime forge worlds. In exchange, he requested his son to accept his destiny and to lead the XVIIth Legiones Astartes. Raj accepted his newfound role with pride, focusing his legion on warfare alongside the war engines of the Adeptus Titanicus and renaming them 'the Titan Marchers'.

The Great Crusade[edit]

Raj Vokar early in the Great Crusade, wearing an earlier iteration of his armor, the Kavach Vokar

As soon as Raj Vokar took command of the Titan Marchers legion, he met and spoke with the techpriests of the Adeptus Mechanicus, specifically those of the Collegia Titanica. Raj offered them the secrets of the Raakshas of Manaan. While the Raakshas, based on the same technologies as the Imperium's Titans, had diverted from the designs of the Machine God, they were still of great interest to the techpriests. They would also be given full access to Manaan's Raaksha foundries and be allowed to rebuild them to suit the Imperium's Titans. In exchange the XVIIth legion would recieve a greater number of Titan Legio attachments than other Astartes legions. Raj began translating the tactics and strategies he had used during both the Manaanan Insurrection and Unification Wars. The legion would focus on careful planning and analysis, followed by a single, devastating assault. The legion's advance would slow, but steady and backed by gigantic firepower from heavy weapons and super heavy tanks and walkers.

Unlike the other legions, the Titan Marchers rarely campaigned solely on their own. The XVIIth legion would most often back the campaigns of other legions when progress was deemed to be too slow. Because of this, Raj Vokar and his sons would meet and form strong bonds with the twenty other Legiones Astartes. Raj's patient and understanding nature allowed him to befriend most of his brothers, Mot Hadad being the only notable exception. He would ultimately find himself forging the strongest friendships with Linares of the Silver Blades, Lambach Kropor of the Chosen of Hecate, Je'She of the Sentinels and Piter Karomonov of the Ussaran Liberators. During the Crusade, Raj would forge many gifts for his brothers. For Linares he would craft the wrist-mounted Storm Bolter Flor de Plata. For Zelbezis Dyestes Heavy Bolter Thunderous Authority .

During the two centuries the Great Crusade lasted, Raj would be responsible for the creation of many great works. He oversaw most of the construction of the Mahaltaitan his majestic personal palace on Manaan and eventual Fortress-Monestary of the Titan Marcher chapter. He worked alongside Marduk Engur and Rahman Keita'mansa to build three Artegal-class Super Battleships, the Destroyer of Worlds, Diluvian and Chrysaor respectively. His greatest and most remembered work was on the legendary Apocalypse-class Super Battle Titan, the Apocalyptican. The Apocalyptican is a combination of the two largest 'regular' Emperor-class Titan patterns known to the Imperium of Man, the Imperator and Warmonger patterns. The Apocalyptican combines the flexible weapons of the Imperator-class with the long range devastation of the Warmonger-class. The combination of the two patterns necessitated the use of an even larger and tougher chassis. The result is the largest and most powerful Titan ever built, with complicated systems that even the most experiences Titan Princeps can't handle. Only Raj Vokar himself could pilot the legendary war engine.

Raj was present at the Ullanor Campaign. Attached to the prong of the campaign lead by the Emperor of Mankind himself, the Titan Lord brought the wrath of the Imperium to the Ork WAAAGH!. Ullanor would be the first and only time the Apocalyptican saw use on the frontlines of the Great Crusade. He would be the first to arrive at the scene when the Emperor was felled by Warboss Urlakk Urg. Raj found Deshain Kane, Primarch of the Gunslingers, with his father, claiming that the Emperor had taken the Warboss' attack in order to save the Primarch. In reality the Warboss had managed to overpower the Emperor through sheer strength, and Deshain, in a moment of selfish indulgence, had allowed the Emperor to be incapacitated. Raj trusted his brother's words, not knowing that this would be the first of many betrayals to come. In the wake of the Emperor's incapacitation, Raj and his Titan Marchers returned to Terra, leaving the Ullanor campagin in the hands of the newly formed Warmasters Triumvirate. After being instated as Praetorian of Terra, Raj spends the next two decades reinforcing the Imperial Palace, hoping that the Emperor would one day recover from his wounds and lead mankind again.

During these two decades he only leaves Terra once, when he sent alongside Linares to bring Lambach Kropor to heel. While the Titan Lord was not present during the Council of Nikaea, he believed that the judgement of the Emperor himself could not be ignored. The Decree of Nikaea declared the ban of Psychic powers by the Astartes legions, and when Malcador the Sigillite detected the echoes of a powerful dark spell being cast by the Primarch of the Chosen of Hecate, Je'She reluctantly sent two of Lambach's closest brothers. He hoped this would allow for a peaceful resolution, but he could not have been more wrong. Brother was forced to fight brother, until Lambach, his legion, and a chapter of Titan Marchers fled the planet, not to be seen again until the Brotherwar.

Upon his return to Terra, Raj felt more defeated than ever. He could feel the Imperium of Man crumbling beneath his feet, but there was nothing he could do about it. Five years after the Censure of Lambach Kropor, tensions had risen between Warmaster Je'She of the Watch and Warmaster Jon-Frederic Aristide, Primarch of the Emperor's Dragoons. Upset about Malcador the Sigillite's decisions to transition power from the Legiones Astartes to mortal humans, Jon-Frederic had put down a number of planetary governors is the galactic east and claiming dominion over his front of the Great Crusade. Malcador calls for a meeting of Warmasters of the planet of New Hope, hoping to stop further hostilities. Raj joined Je'She at New Hope, leaving the Burned Prophet, Primarch Kinnévail Kincaid of the Doomsingers, in charge of Terra's defence until his return.


The Assassination of Malcador the Sigillite at the Summit of New Hope would mark the start of the Brotherwar, and the millenia of war that followed. Unknown to those legions that sides with Je'She of the Watch and Jon-Frederic Aristide, Malcador the Sigillite was assassinated by Primarch Elsu Eyanosa of the Soaring Host, who had fallen to the Ruinous Powers of Chaos years earlier. Accusations were quickly thrown around, and soon enough war had erupted between the Space Marine legions. The Battle of New Hope lasted for several months and ultimately resulted in a relative stalemate. When Valorn Adras and his Pale Hounds arrived in the system, Raj and his Loyalist brothers fled the system.

Split off from his brothers, Raj contemplated whether he should rush to Terra's defence, return home to Manaan, or take the fight to the traitors. After thorough discussion with his most trusted sons, Raj decided to deliver the Emperor's wrath to those who had decided to abandon the Imperium of Man. The Titan Marchers spent the major part of the next two decades marauding Imperial space, weathering the Ruinstorm and tearing down Traitor and Separatist fleets. Raj ultimately returned to Terra in time for the Siege of Terra, defending his father's palace alongside Linares, Pacha the Earthquake, Je'She of the Watch and Kinnévail Kincaid.

Fate & Legacy[edit]

During the final days of the Brotherwar, Raj piloted the Apocalyptican in the defence of the Eternity Gate against a seemingly endless swarm of traitorous Astartes and Daemons. Traitor Primarch Deshain Kane, realizing the necessity of destroying the Super Battle Titan, managed to tear through the Apocalyptican's hull and slay most inside. He executed Raj Vokar in his command throne, his conciousness still connected to the Apocalyptican. When the Gunslingers detonated charges near the Titan's core engines it exploded in a massive storm of plasma fire, killing thousands, both traitors and loyalists.

Raj's death had a profound impact on the rest of the brotherhood of Primarchs. Even though Marduk Engur died mere hours later, Raj's death would always be remembered as the first. His death marked the end of the traitors' assault, as Lambach Kropor broke away from the rest of the Chaotic forces and fought side by side with Linares one last time, in order to banish the newly ascended Daemon Primarch Deshain Kane to the warp. Lambach Kropor stole Raj's body and took it with him to his homeworld in the Eye of Terror. Shortly after the Siege of Terra Linares disappeared into the Warp, seeking to avenge Raj's death a thousand times over.

Nurgle, God of Death and Decay, battled Khorne for Raj's soul as it entered the Warp. Nurgle managed to snatch away the Primarch's soul, and has held it over Lambach's head for the last ten millenia as a bargaining chip. Lambach, even though he had been forced to fight Raj during his censure, still deeply cared for his brother. Enough to tear away from the other traitors. Lambach would spend the next 10,000 years trying to resurrect Raj, but to no avail.

The Titan Lord was immortalized in Kinnévail Kincaid's new Ecclesiarchy. An Imperial holiday, Rajadaavat, was declared on the day he was originally found on Manaan, decades earlier. While most of the worlds across the Imperium celebrate Rajadaavat in their own way, it is ultimately a day of remembrance and thankfulness.

Command of the XVIIth legion would ultimately be picked up by Taarush Amin, who was previously the Chapter Master of the legion's second chapter. When Je'She of the Watch proposed the Codex Astartes, the Titan Marchers were among the first to agree to the decree. The legion had been split among many fleets for centuries, with only their gene-sire uniting them as a legion. When Raj died, it became inevitable that the Titan Marchers would ultimately fall apart. They took up many worlds across the Imperium, always trying to live up to the Titan Lord's ideals.


Raj Vokar Tabletop:

Points 395+ WS7 BS7 S6 T7 W6 I5 A4 Ld10 Sv2+

Wargear: Kavach Vokar, Aiolus Missle Launcher, Kagolus, Master-crafted Power Sword, Nuncio-vox, Cognis Signum

Kagolus: Kagolus is an archeotech shotgun with the following stats, Range 15", S5, AP4, Assault 3, Master-crafted, Overcharge, Deflagrate.
Overcharge: When targeting a unit within 6” increase the Strength of this weapon to 6.

Kavach Vokar: A modified Cataphractii armor designed and built by Raj Vokar himself. This armour provides Raj with a 2+ armour save and a 3+ invulnerable save. Raj may not perform Sweeping Advances and can shoot two weapons in the Shooting Phase, or when firing Overwatch.

Special Rules: Primarch, Sire of the Titan Marchers, Split Fire, Tank Hunters, Very Bulky, Relentless, Arsenal of the Titan Lord

Sire of the Titan Marchers: All units with the Legiones Astartes (Titan Marchers) special rule get +1 Leadership (to a maximum of 10). Additionally Raj counts as a Super-heavy Vehicle for the purposes of the “Shadow of Giants” special rule.

Arsenal of the Titan Lord: Raj may take any one weapon from the following list. Doing so will increase his cost by the indicated amount:

Heavy Flamer +0pts

Twin-linked Heavy Bolter +0pts

Multi-melta +5pts

Reaper Autocannon +5pts

Lascannon +15pts

Plasma Cannon +15pts

Conversion Beamer +20pts

Graviton Imploder +20pts

Photon Thruster +20pts