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The Rajah is a class by Dreamscarred Press that combines their creations Path of War and Akashic Mysteries. Rajah is unusual for being the lone martial initiator with low base attack bonus (with the squishiness that comes with it) and for not being able to bind veils to itself. The Rajah makes up for this by its ability to perform maneuvers through a chosen ally and gain an accuracy boost that makes it equal to full BAB while doing so, being able to make allies attack as part of its maneuver recovery, and being able to bind its own unique veils, called titles, to its allies.

Besides its core ability, Rajah has the ability to be constantly surrounded by more powerful than normal Unseen Servants. Starting at level 3 it gains its pick of talents known as Heraldry every other level. All Heraldry options, except for Impassiveness, are non-combat abilities that let you do nifty things befitting of a noble like giving you a magic palanquin for your Unseen Servants to carry you around in that turns into a portable house, creating supernaturally stylish clothes, and having an extraplanar merchant on speed dial.

Rajah is a tier 3 class: Able to inflict serious pain in combat, and support its allies beyond just direct damage, and has plenty of options outside of combat. Rajah "suffers" from never really getting its final balance pass due to real life issues. As such, it has plenty of ways to get seriously above average in power without much effort, especially if using its single archetype Batal.

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