Raketenwerfer Batterie

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Zis is a Raketenwerfer. It werfs raketen.

"I took ballistics in High school, fascinating subject. Explosives go up, and Explosives come down"

– Anonymous Artilleryman Company of Hero's 2

Mounting 36 rocket tubes, the LARS is capable of delivering massive salvos of high explosive onto enemy forces.

In Team Yankee[edit]

Das Stats

The LARS is basically the West German version of the Soviet BM-21 Hail, serving the same role of unarmored rocket artillery. As such the best place for the LARS is as far away from the front line as you can possibly be while still being in range of its Rockets, which shouldn't be very hard as they have a range of 80 inches.

Speaking of the Rockets, they have a surprisingly good Firepower of 4+, which means that half of all of the vehicles and dug in infantry you hammer will be destroyed, and with an Anti Tank of 3 is enough to threaten top armour 0 and unarmored vehicles. You can also load smoke munitions to screen your forces as PACT forces rarely have thermal vision. There is also a MG3 machine gun bolted to the top of the cabin, but if you are in a position to use it, you have seriously fucked up. Remember: Vehicle save of 5+. No goddamn AV. Just a d6. This thing is goddamn fragile and it should be behind that big huge Leopard building forest mountain.

Perhaps this vehicle's most interesting trait is the ability to take minelet volleys for an additional point. While not particularly useful against infantry, this ability can make life hell on earth for unsupported armour. From denying the enemy access to an easy flank, to mining out a known reserves entry, to pinning entire Soviet tank columns into glorified parking lots, having Raketenwerfers on the board can help funnel enemy vehicles into very dangerous situations.

A battery of two LARS will set you back 3 points in typically expensive West German fashion, and a battery of 4 will cost you 6 points.


Vatch me blow larch clauds of smoke out my arse.

Developed by the Bundeswehr in 1969, the LARS was a multiple missile lancher mounted on a Magirus-Deutz truck's chassis designed to deliver a huge barrage of missiles onto a target. That is not the vehicle that appears in Team Yankee, instead we have the LARS-2 (which is what the model is, seriously Battlefront you couldn't just put a "-2" in the title?) which was the same missile launcher from the first LARS mounted on a MAN Truck. The LARS-2 began replacing the first LARS in the early 1980s where it served for close to two decades before being phased out in 1998 by the American M270 MLRS, which is already being used by the Brits at this time.

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