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Raldoron was the First Captain of the Blood Angels Legion, and Chapter Master of the Protectors. He was chosen to be First Captain because he was an adaptable leader, contrasting Azkaellon, and for being able to read the hearts of his men. He later became the first Chapter Master of the Blood Angels.

Raldoron about to make the "Painted Count" his bitch.

Crusade and Heresy[edit]

He was present for Melchior, along with Sanguinius and Horus. He would also be present for the Edict of Nikea. In the aftermath of the Edict, he was talking with Nassir Amit about the effect it would have on the Librarians. Amit interestingly showed concern about the Librarian's having some in his own Company. During the pre-Signus Kayvas Belt, he led the assault against the final ork ship. At Signus, he allowed his equerry, Kano, and his fellow Librarians the opportunity to awaken Sanguinius. Which they did. Meanwhile, he led an assault against Kyriss, Ka'banda and the Cathedral of the Mark, being accompanied by the High Warden and others such as Meros, who later sacrificed himself. He fought besides Sanguinius when they travelled through the Ruinstorm. He was also present for the Titandeath.

Siege of Terra[edit]

Raldoron was in charge of protecting the Helios Gate of the Imperial Palace. His aid was none other than Maximus Thane. He was frequently visited by Sanguinius, who talked of Baal and other matters. He also beat up the new leader of the Night Lords, Gendor Skraivok, in a pretty one-sided fight. Later, he would defend the Collosi Gate alongside Jaghatai Khan and Captain-General Constantin Valdor, against Daemons and Death Guard forces.


He would return the now dead Sanguinius to Baal. He would also become the first Chapter Master of the new Blood Angels.

Personality and other notes[edit]

He was not the most outgoing of characters, but could read the hearts of his men. He was a fluid and adaptable leader. He also had a great hate for the Night Lords, saying that even if the Heresy had not occurred, he would have volunteered to lead the hunt for them. He had a pair of combat knives which are kept on Baal. Cannon Conflict, another piece of lore, Bloodquest, says that Belarius was the first Chapter Master of the Blood Angels.


Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Raldoron 180 7 5 4 4 3 5 4 10 2+

Raldoron is an HQ for the Blood Angels in the Heresy tabletop. He has a fairly standard praetor statline with +1 WS, artificer armour, iron halo, bolt pistol and a combi-flamer. However the real kicker here is his fuckawesome sword that's a master-crafted shredding Paragon Blade with Murderous Strike that isn't a specialist weapon and his special rule which lets him choose his warlord trait (from the legion table, you'll have to roll if you want one from the rulebook). He also comes with Furious Charge (bringing him up to S6 on the charge), wounding even Castellax on a 4+ (rerollable through Shred). All this gives him a spot on the list of deadliest praetors, right up there with Sigismund and Sevatar. Unlike them, however, he doesn't offer much in the way of buffs or support to other units in the army; he's a beatstick, and a good one, and that's it. Stick him with some Crimson Paladins and let him kill his way across the table.

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