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Talents. Class benefits. Archetype benefits.

Aka feats.

They suck.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to create "class X's flavor of hitting someone with a stick" should be damned to the deepest depths of hell, for it serves no purpose but to pad out books with more copies of the same goddamn actions.

In Iron Kingdoms it was spells; every magic class had their own specific versions of the same damn effects. Why? Because gun mages need their flaming runeshot. Sorcerers need their fireball. Arcane mechanics need their fire runeplate. Repeat for blessed effects, cold effects, etc.

In Pathfinder/Starfinder, every class needs a dozen pages just to explain all its specific feats, many of which are pretty damn similar if not literally identical.

The pinnacle of RPG design is a system where there skills are the only currency that players deal in.