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Added in Races of the Wild, Raptoran are a race of shitty Aarakocra cosplayers. Physically they look like humans with wings, faces that vary between "human" and "slightly elf", and haircuts that evoke bird heads. They are centered on one thing: Their racial flight ability.

Raptorans start merely able to jump good and glide, plus the minor abilities of low-light vision, always knowing which way is north and getting a small boost to [air] spells. At 5HD they are able to fly for up to their constitution modifier in rounds (minimum 1), twice that if they accept becoming fatigued. They can reach tall heights by alternating between flying and gliding though if they keep it up for 10 minutes they are fatigued. At 10 HD they can fly at will. They can only fly in light armor unless they take the Raptoran Fighter kit which allows them to fly in medium armor at the cost of heavy armor proficiency they can't use anyways.

Interestingly, Raptorans fluff is built around this. Their flight is a result of a pact made with the elemental lords of air that blesses the only the fittest. Their communities throw them out into the world when they hit their minimum starting age and don't expect them to return till they have enough HD to fly. They have relatively high birth rates to accommodate the natural losses, 4 children a year and fertility till 150. This gives a natural reason for why an otherwise isolated race has common enough adventurers (And they ruined it by stating "raptorans rarely display any sort of greed". WotC clearly didn't understand what an adventurer is.). Another result of this is that Raptorans tend to have a high percentage of mid level NPCs.

They are described as favoring Barbarian (since it boosts their movement and con modifier), Druid (since they like nature), archery focused Fighters, Ranger (since they like nature and archery) and (when they occur) Sorcerer, with Ranger being the most common class amongst the sample community. Despite this, their Favored Class is Cleric for some bizarre reason. Since Raptoran can naturally fly and have difficulty flying with heavy armor they tend to focus on archery. To this end they have a special racial weapon called the foot bow, designed to be used while flying.

Raptorans are, unusually enough, one of the few player races in D&D that is explicitly hatched instead of mammal birth. The only particularly common other ones, Lizardfolk and Kobolds, were designed as bad guys not truely intended as player characters while Dragonborn were declared to birth like mammals to explain lizard boobs. Despite their ties to the elemental plane of air, Auran is not among their language options for some reason.

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