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That's a nice Titan you got there, its head is going up on my trophy wall.

The Ravager is a Heavy Support variant built upon the Raider chassis and used by the Dark Eldar and more specifically with space normally reserved for Kabal members filled up with two additional sponsons. The changes made can be seen with the mounting of three devastatingly powerful heavy weapons. Upon the battlefield it fulfills the role of armored fire support, engaging the heaviest of enemy targets, though in comparison to one of the Imperium's tanks, it is akin to a swift-winged raptor to a lumbering beast of burden although its armor is still dirt poor in comparison. Like all vehicles from the DE, the Ravager replaces defensive armoring for speed and are so fast and maneuverable that they can ambush an enemy tank and destroy it in a single devastating pass, disappearing again before the enemy knows what hit them.

The targeting arrays of a Ravager are outfitted with as much information about their quarry as their Kabal can muster, and each grav-skiff's crew briefed as to the best way to annihilate the enemy vehicle in question. This means that the Ravager's gunners can focus on blowing up your precious Land Raider with a few shots while getting away with a smiling grin. Once this task is achieved the Ravager's crew have a carte blanche to swoop around the battlefield, wrecking as much shit as possible before either fleeing the battle or falling apart due to their wet-tissue armor.

During a planetary raid, a Ravager squadron is fully capable of appearing from nowhere, delivering the death blow to even a Titan of the Adeptus Mechanicus in a single volley, and then disappearing over the horizon before the behemoth has even toppled to the ground. How the hell can they fell a mighty Titan you may ask? Well its because the Ravagers are equipped with three heavy weapons, usually Dark Lances or Disintegrator Cannons which means you can kiss your hardened ceramite plates goodbye. Ravagers may also be equipped with special upgrades, like the Horrorfex, Night Shield, Screaming Jets, Shock Prow and Scythes.

Dais of Destruction[edit]

Vect in all his pimpin glory.

It is of no surprise that residential pimp lord, Asdrubael Vect would have his own pimp-mobile. This heavily modified Ravager consists of two firing platforms on either side of a raised platform, the Dais (Hence the name), to support the throne of Lord Vect and his personal bitches and hoes which happen to be two Sisters of Battle (per typical Wardian/Neckbeard fashion damsels) lounging lazily, probably not to piss off their master. Vect is also accompanied by personal Incubi bodyguards, and three gunners.

He appeared in Dawn of War Soulstorm where he had to come and help Tahril's sorry ass. His Dais counts as the Dark Eldar's ultimate unit and its Dark Scythe ability which overloads the weapons is utterly rapetastic as all infantry from the lowliest Grot to the mightiest Terminators gets their ass handed to them in a cone of fire.

In 5th Edition, the Dais becomes one of the few Dark Eldar units to be capable of being fielded in a game of fucking Apocalypse. In case you want an HQ that takes up half to a quarter of your points (and who doesn't!) Vect can take this as a dedicated transport.

Round armor 13 and three lances is potent, but will probably be a waste in all but the largest games. If you really want to give Vect an insane clown posse, one should note that this is the only dedicated transport that you can load up with Harlequins, and the Vail of Tears is pretty nice to have with Vect. How and why the Dais of Destruction tend to attract so many killer clowns is anyone's guess; I guess the answer can only be found in Cegorach's secret Jack-in-the-Box. Fuckin' fire magnets, how do they work?

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