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Black crow with spread wings seen from above
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank Temporal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Thought)
Portfolio Humor, luck, thievery, pranks
Domains Thought, Chaos, Luck, Deceit
Worshippers Halflings, tricksters, thieves
Favoured Weapon Sling

Raven is an Immortal associated with luck, pranks, and humor.


Originally called Falcho Fallowguard, he learned of Immortals thanks to the books he pilfered in life, and stumbled upon his patron whilst looking for something he had dropped whilst riding his dragon companion. His quest, to steal something from all the major races of Air, was a veritable holiday when compared to what othes had to go through. When he ascended he begun having second thoughts about his new status, as he saw all the other Immortals being way too serious and begun playing pranks on them. Though this earned him some admonishment of his superiors, he still continues playing them on other Immortals.


Raven appears as old yet spry halfling, with twinkling eyes. His hair and body are glistening black, making him indiscernable in the dark, if he closes his eyes and mouth.


Raven's personality hasn't been shaped by the pursuit of Immortality like others. He never takes anything seriously, rarely follows rules, and has a brilliant sense of humor. He would rather have others take care of problems on the Prime Material Plane, and if ordered by other higher ranking Immortals to do something, he merely tries to look busy.

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