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Peek-a-boo, motherfucker!
A brood of Raveners.

A Ravener (Tyranicus ophidius subterra) is an assault-specialized Tyranid creature, much like the Space Marines' Assault Squads. They both focus on being in close quarters, they can Deep Strike, and they are both ill-suited for dealing with lots of dakka. While primarily melee units Raveners can still be armed with ranged weapons, albeit at a higher than average cost. Notable is that their weapons are not fused to their limbs: instead, they are located in their chests to not reduce any of their melee capabilities. The cheapest weapon Raveners can be armed with is Spinefists, which is a decent weapon when dealing with large numbers of light infantry with saves below 4+ like Guardsmen. They can also be fitted with Devourers, which are slightly more expensive and hit harder and at a longer range, but have one shot less. Finally, they can be armed with Deathspitters: long range, AP-1 and a threatening Strength 5 at the cost of being twice as expensive as the Devourers. Raveners can also replace one pair of Scything Talons with Rending Claws to give them the capability of dealing with tougher enemies.

Appearance-wise, Raveners are serpentine creatures, looking essentially like the Hive Mind stuck the upper torso of a Tyranid Warrior on the body of a giant alien snake, Lamia style.

They have the distinct honor of being one of the two strains to initially have special characters, in the form of the Red Terror - much like how the Carnifex genus had Old One Eye. The Red Terror was a unique-looking blood-red Ravener with multiple sets of scything claws and the, at the time, unique ability to burrow under the ground to ambush other models and to swallow its victims whole.

In Dawn of War II one of the heroes for the Tyranids is the Ravener Alpha, which is essentially just a bigger Ravener. It takes a page from the Trygon's book and can build large tunnels for allied units to crawl through.

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