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The Ravenloft Gazetteers are a series of five sourcebooks for the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Ravenloft. Released for its 3rd edition imprint, each expands upon select parts of the Core of Raveloft, providing expanded details useful to both players and dungeon masters bout those regions, alongside an assortment of mechanical goods such as statistics for notable figures, new spells and magic items, and new monsters. Whilst more Gazetteeers beyond the first five were planned, in order to begin expanding upon more isolated places in the Demiplane of Dread, the loss of the Ravenloft license by White Wolf led to the cancellation of the series.

This page will list all of the material covered in each gazetteer, consisting of domains, sidebars by domain, magic items, monsters, Who's Doomed, and anything else of note.

Gazetteer I[edit]

Domains Covered: Barovia, Hazla, Forlorn, Kartakass


  • Dread Possibility: The Tomb of Leo Dilisnya
  • The Stone Circles of Barovia
  • Bitterblot and Vistan's Tears
  • Secret Society: The Dawnslayers
  • The Morninglord Revisited
  • Dread Possibility: The Resurrection of Erlin
  • Secret Society: The Red Vardo Traders
  • Lyssa von Zarovich
  • Secret Society: The Ba'al Verzi
  • Strahd's Choking Fog
  • Secret Society: The Keepers of the Black Feather


  • Dread Possibility: The Black Spire
  • Quovusp Root and Poppies
  • The Lawgiver Revisited
  • Secret Society: The Iron Inquisitors
  • Dread Possibility: The Lodestone
  • Dread Possibility: The Double-Dealer


  • Plants of Forlorn
  • Dread Possibility: The Black Grove
  • The Forfarian Pantheon
  • Dread Possibility: The Wild Hunt
  • Dread Possibility: Time and Tristenoira


  • Secret Society: The Howling Clan
  • Meekulbern and Nightblight
  • The Ancestral Choir
  • Kartakass in the Spirit World
  • Meistersinger Contests
  • Secret Society: The Brotherhood of Broken Blades
  • Dread Possibility: The Crystal Club

DM's Appendix[edit]

  • Prestige Class: The Herald of Dawn
  • Cleric Domains: Bindings, Mora, Salvation
  • New Spells: Control Shape, Create Faux Henchman, Create Goblyn, Ground Fog, Mimic Mortal, Misty Summons, Strahd's Baleful Attractor, Wolfsong
  • Magic Items: Arawn's Cauldron, Arcane Grounding Rods, Ba'al Verzi Dagger, Bright Blade, Holy Symbol of Ravenkind, Horn of the Sacred Groves, Icon of Ravenloft, Orb of Augmentation, Vat of the Living Clay
  • New Monsters: Lycanthrope - Werefox, Undead Lake Serpent, Strahd Undead, Dire Raven, Silver Fox, Zombie Wolf

Who's Doomed[edit]

  • Tristen ApBlanc, Darklord of Forlorn
  • Eleni of Toyalis, Heir to the Red Wizard
  • Madame Eva
  • Hazlik the Red Wizard, Darklord of Hazlan
  • Inajira, the Pariah Fiend, He-Who-Deceives
  • Tara Kolyana
  • Harkon Lukas, Darklord of Kartakass
  • Jacqueline Montarri
  • Count Strahd von Zarovich, Darklord of Barovia

Gazetteer II[edit]

Domains Covered: Darkon, Necropolis, Lamordia, Falkovnia


  • Wellsprings of Silence and Terror
  • Dread Possibility: Twin Shadows
  • Dread Possibility: Whistling through the trees
  • Spuma Vitae and Somnos Berries
  • The Crimson Death
  • Secret Society: The Dark Delvers
  • Claimed by Darkon
  • Secret Society: The Fraternity of Shadows
  • The Eternal Order Revisited
  • The Church of Ezra Revisited (Darkonese sect)
  • Dread Possibility: The Blind Eye (Overseer deity writeup)
  • Secret Society: The Kargat
  • Vampiric Thralls


  • The Shroud
  • Necropolitan Amaranth
  • The Eternal Order Revisited (Necropolis sect)
  • Dread Possibility: The Old Ways
  • Secret Society: The Unholy Order of the Grave
  • Dread Possibility: The Halflings' Secret


  • Blistercap Poison
  • Dread Possibility: The Smothering of Reason
  • Secret Society: The Syndicate of Enlightened Citizens
  • Dread Possibility: The Wolves of the Sea
  • Secret Society: The Seekers of the Spark
  • Dread Possibility: The Crusade of Ivan Dragonov


  • Medicinal Herbs and Abfalduz
  • Peacebonding
  • Falkovnian Talons
  • Dread Possibility: The Shadow Cities
  • Dread Possibility: The Central Prison
  • Dread Possibility: The Feeding Houses
  • Dread Possibility: The Morfenzi Murders
  • Dread Possibility: Selberhas Aerie
  • Secret Society: The Veiled Palm

DM's Appendix[edit]

  • New Spells: Bone Seizure, Create Quasimancer, Corpse Whisper, Death Sight, Eyes of the Undead, Locate Mark, Reanimate, Steal Vitality
  • New Magic Items: Anvil of Darkness, Talon Bracers, Falkovnian Talon Armor, The Rift Spanner,
  • New Monsters: Corvus Regis (King's Raven), Zweifalk, Dread Golem adjustment, The Green Maiden, Lycanthrope - Sea Stalker, The Slain, Necropolitan Ghoul/Shadow/Skeleton/Wight/Zombie, Vassalich

Who's Doomed[edit]

  • Azalin, Darklord of Darkon
  • Death, Darklord of Necropolis
  • Vlad Drakov, the Hawk, Darklord of Falkovnia
  • Ebb
  • Gondegal, the Lost King, the Knight of Falkovnia
  • Lady Kazandra
  • Vladimir Ludzig
  • Victor Mordenheim and his Monster, Adam; Darklords of Lamordia

Gazetteer III[edit]

Domains Covered: Dementlieu, Mordent, Richemulot


  • Dread Possibility: It Came From The Sea
  • Dapplewort
  • Secret Society: L'Ordures
  • The Obedient
  • Secret Society: La Societe de Legerdemain
  • The Church of Ezra Revisited (Dementlieu Sect)
  • Dread Possibility: Helene the Traitor
  • Dread Possibility: Chantreaux's Crusade
  • Dread Possibility: Something in the Water


  • Dread Possibility: Smythe's Secret
  • A Nice Cup of Wraithroot Tea
  • Dread Possibility: The Discarded Mortality of Strahd von Zarovich
  • The Lost Families of Mordent
  • Dread Possibility: The Sinister Gallery
  • Common Mordentish Funeral Customs


  • Probing the Mists of Time
  • Former Darklord: CLaude Renier
  • Secret Society: The Echansons Heresy
  • Rongeise Steel and Bladewights
  • Secret Society: The Cult of Simon Audaire
  • Secret Society: La Serrure et Cle
  • Dread Possibility: The Corrupted Sanctuary
  • Tinctnoire Manor

DM's Appendix[edit]

  • The Church of Ezra (expanded history & structure)
  • New Feats: Improved Supernatural Resilience, Greater Supernatural Immunity, Voice of the Spirits
  • New Prestige Classes: Grimetrekker, Lamplighter, Stage Magician
  • New Monsters: Tweaked Wererat Abilities, Aberrant Wererat variant

Who's Doomed[edit]

  • Dominic d'Honaire, Darklord of Dementlieu
  • The Living Brain, Rudolph von Aubrecker
  • Alanik Ray
  • Lord Wilfred Godefroy, Darklord of Mordent
  • Lord Jules Weathermay, Ruler of Mordent
  • Jacqueline Renier, Darklord of Richemulot
  • Dread Possibility: The Becoming Plague

Gazetteer IV[edit]

Domains Covered: Borca, Invidia, Verbrek, Valachan, Sithicus


  • Hellspouts
  • Borca in the Spirit World
  • Former Darklord: Camille Boritsi
  • Secret Society: The Ermordenung
  • The Church of Ezra Revisited (Borcan Sect)


  • Hermitshawl
  • Former Darklord: Duke Nharov Gundar
  • Secret Society: The Sons of Gundar


  • Dread Possibility: The Brood of the Purple Moon
  • Moonflowers
  • Former Darklord: Nathan Timothy
  • The Wolf God Revisited
  • Secret Society: The Woodcutter's Axe
  • Wolves at the Door
  • A Town Without Pity
  • Secret Society: The Duskpeace Outcasts


  • Lilies of Eternal Slumber
  • Shallow Feeding and White Fever
  • Yutow
  • Secret Society: The Cat's Claws
  • Dread Possibility: The Cat of Felkovic
  • Dread Possibility: Something in the Water
  • Dread Possibility: The Tales of Ages
  • Dread Possibility: Curing White Fever


  • The Guilt of Sithicus
  • Trekking Through Sithicus
  • Ashen Fever
  • Former Darklord: The Black Rose
  • The Bitterkinder
  • Sithican Vampires
  • The Inconstant Moon: Nuitari
  • Dread Possibility: The Blessed Knight
  • Secret Societ: The Wanderers

DM's Appendix[edit]

  • Poison Politics (new poisons and poison creation rules)
  • New Feats: Catr's Eyes, Sympathetic Spell
  • New Prestige Classes: Master Poisoner, Moonchild
  • New Cleric Domain: Slaughter
  • New Magic Items: Baron's Arm, Periapt of Intimidation, Tasting Cup, Vital Venom
  • New Monsters: Lycanthrope - Werepanther, Salt Shadow

Who's Doomed[edit]

  • Gabrielle Aderre, Darklord of Invidia
  • Malocchio Aderre, the Dukkar
  • Ivana Boritsi, Darklord of Borca
  • Azrael Dak, the Sorrow of Sithicus
  • Ivan Dilisnya, Darklord of Borca
  • Inza Magdova Kulchevich, Darklord of Sithicus
  • Alfred Timothy, Darklord of Verbrek
  • Baron Urik von Kharkov, Darklord of Valachan

Gazetteer V[edit]

Domains Covered: Nova Vaasa, Tepest, Keening, Shadow Rift

Nova Vaasa[edit]

  • Dread Possibility: The Clinic for the Mentally Distressed


  • Goblin Traps
  • Fairy Stools and Wichtingourds
  • Belenus Revisited and the Tepestani Pantheon
  • Dread Goblins


  • Bone Powder
  • Waspsting Moss and Trollflesh
  • Black Troopings
  • Walking Among The Dead
  • The Dawning Scream
  • Dread Possibility: The Pool of Memory, Imago Toadstools, and the Riddle of the Locust King
  • Rutternettle, Minstrel of the Widderribhin

The Shadow Rift[edit]

  • The Mists of Shadow
  • Dread Possibility: The Marsh of Melancholy
  • Climbing the Darkenheights
  • Plants of the Shadow Rift
  • Magic in the Shadow Rift
  • The Church of the Spider Queen
  • Searching the Shifting Sands

DM's Appendix[edit]

  • The Church of the Lawgiver
  • New Prestige Classes: Tepestani Inquisitor, Zelldrow
  • New Cleric Domains: Bindings, Scrutiny, The Weave
  • New Spells: Befoul, Black Blood Frenzy, Mass Black Blood Frenzy, Cuckoo's Egg, Dead MIan's Tell, Hag's Blessing, Rotted Warning, Weave's Bounty, Wicked Permancy
  • New Magic Items: Hands of Power (Four-Fingered, Many-Fingered, One-Fingered, Three-Fingered, Two-Fingered, Unfingered), Regalia of Arak
  • New Monsters: Arak - Gwytune, The Avanc, Goblin Beast, Scourged, Widderibhinn

Who's Doomed[edit]

  • Othmar Bolshnik, Prince of Nova Vaasa
  • Gwydion the Sorcerer-Fiend, Darklord of the Shadow Rift
  • Sir Tristen Hiregaard/Malken, Darklord of Nova Vaasa
  • Lady of the Lake, Darklord of Castle Island
  • Loht, Prince of Shadows
  • Maeve the White Lady, Faerie Queen
  • The Three Has, Darklords of Tepest
  • Tristessa, the Queen of Black Tears, Darklord of Keening
  • Wyan of Viktal