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Blue flaming hand
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank Lesser god
Pantheon Xvart
Portfolio Bats, rats, wererats, xvarts
Domains Animal, Chaos, Evil, Mysticism, Pestilence, Trickery
Home Plane 2E/3E: Black Sewers (Pandemonium)
5E: Wanders
Worshippers Xvarts
Favoured Weapon Azure Edge (Scimitar)

Raxivort, is the patron deity, creator in later fluff, of xvarts.


Old fluff[edit]

Raxivort was originally a xvart from Flanaess, who lived long before the first human empires. In life, he managed to become the ruler of all xvartkind through strength and wit. Despite this, he still desired more power, he made pacts with various denizens of the Outer Planes, eventually making a pact with Graz'zt, becoming his master of slaves. But eventually he betrayed Graz'zt, seeking to take over his layer of the abyss. Several months of fighting later, Raxivort sued for peace, and left for Pandemonium with much of Graz'zt's treasures. The two of them have since been sending each other foes, Raxivort hordes of rats, and Graz'zt assassins.

New fluff[edit]

Raxivort was a minion in service of Graz'zt as a treasurer. Eventually his greed took better of him, and he stole many treasures from him, including the Infinity Spindle, a crystal fragment form the early days of the multiverse, that transformed Raxivort to a demigod. He made his realm in Pandemonium, but was soon set upon by enemies. Graz'zt's agents had told them of the Infinty Spindle and its power, causing many beings from various places to seek the artifact for themselves, which sent Raxivort running. During this time he hatched a plan, by going to various Prime Material Planes and spawning the first xvarts. These beings looked like their creator, and any magic used to track him down, would point to the nearest xvart instead. Though the amount of enemies has subsided, he still remains on hiding, knowing that planar powers are very patient, only appearing rarely to take treasure to himself, and occasionally make pacts with his offspring.


Xvarts are the inheritors of the world. They and their rat, wererat, and bat allies will destroy their enemies, particularily the goblins and kobolds. With cunning, numbers, and small allies, the xvarts will overwhelm all opposition. Like Raxivort himself, fire and knives are the tools of the xvarts against their hated foes. Those who can not take the shape of a rat or bat are doubly blessed.

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