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Not the Batplane.

The Razorwing is a supersonic flyer employed by the Dark Eldar. It is named after the winged-lifeform of the Syros Subsector Death World. It is of a similar design to the Nightwing fighter utilized by their more pansy and thus more boring cousins, although how much they actually look like the Nightwings is up to debate.

Razorwings are ridiculously armed to the teeth, especially for a vehicle of its size. Razorwings are typically armed with twin-linked Splinter Rifles, two wing-mounted Dark Lances and four missiles. Razorwing pilots are highly skilled at high-speed combat, generally having come from the ranks of the most elite Reaver Jetbike riders. So think of Razorwing pilots as sophomore graduates of a school of torture and pain.

Missile Armaments[edit]

The Razorwing can come equip with a few different missiles. Each have a different function on its own.

  • Monoscythe missiles - A missile that, when detonated, compresses its explosion into a disk-like form slicing targets in half rather than blowing them apart.
  • Necrotoxin missiles - Filled with deadly neuropoisons, it fires shards of toxic shrapnel when it detonates, killing and pinning the enemy.
  • Shatterfield missiles - Has two separate detonation chambers, the first one sucks away all warmth, turning the foe into ice-like statues. The second one sends out a powerful force that blows the brittle enemy to pieces.
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