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There are three major Reapers in /tg/ culture. The first was the first creation of Games Workshop, a small tabletop skirmish game. The second is a type of ship for the Warhammer 40000 army Dark Eldar. The third has its own page separate from this one, the company Reaper Miniatures.

Dark Eldar Reaper[edit]

Similar in built to the Raider since they used similar chassis. The Reaper is a high speed attack gunship used by the Dark Eldar. Unlike its brother-craft however, its sleek, dart-like hull sacrifices troop transport in order to house a single powerful weapon — the Storm Vortex Projector. What is this exotic cannon you may ask? It is essentially a giant tesla cannon that can fire either a confined beam of force, or a blast which detonates on impact in a storm of energy which disables transports and other vehicles to fulfill the daily Dark Eldar need of kidnapping people and indulging them in a torrent of pain and kinky ballbusting sex...or make them go pop.

For all its offensive power, the Reaper, like most other Dark Eldar warcraft relies on speed and maneuverability to survive on the battlefield, and disdains the brute attrition of armored warfare as practiced by the Imperium or the Orks in favor of bloody ambush and predation. The Reaper, though a rare and costly device, is greatly loved by the Kabals and Wych Cults.

They are essentially the Dark Eldar's dedicated anti-tank vehicle.

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