Reasonable Daemonette

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Commissar.gif This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.

Reasonable Daemonette drives you to chaos by convincing you to commit many lesser acts of heresy, "choosing the lesser of two evils," compromising your values, or being "moderate" (ie.: forgiving heretics and giving them a second chance). She uses an ethical slippery slope to corrupt instead of slippery... uh... sloping... uh... her gorgeous curvy round bre*BLAM* Oh, by the throne, those hips...

This might be the only Daemonette article that won't cause Promotions.

Often confused with Nerdmonette, who also wears modest clothing but uses a different technique to corrupt.

Whether or not she is affiliated with Reasonable Marines isn't known. In this case, some mysteries might be better off left untouched...Er, I think.

In our /tg/ canon, it has been confirmed that she works for the Knights Inductor. In that canon she is a daemon of compassion, and is willing to sit in a circle of anti-psyker wards sorting piles of chaos weapons into "safe to burn" and "Danger, will explode and release a Bloodthirster", a job she believes is mutually beneficial to human- and daemonkind. This may or may not be heresy, which is why the Inquisition is still mulling it over.