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"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."

Isaac Asimov, Foundation

A /tg/ chapter, the Reasonable Marines are what Space Marines would be if 40K was less grimdark, the Imperium was a benevolent governmental body, Tau were happy Koreans and Abaddon was even more incompetent. They wear camouflaged power armor, fight using careful tactics that make heavy use of cover, and are the epitome of practicality. They also seek to avoid combat whenever possible and are adept diplomats. However, in its own way, being clever badass can be even cooler than balls out badass.

They're one of the legions with the lost Primarchs, their primarch currently wandering around dazed and confused in an alternate reality where he is known as Jean Luc Picard.

Forge World have made a "Recon Squad" which are Marines in cloaks and with sniper rifles. These could easily represent a squad or two, if you've got the money to spare. The Primaris Space Marines also have the "Vanguard" units which are geared for stealth and guerilla, so you can also add the Infiltrator for your Resonable Marine force and Eliminator, the big boy and cheaper version of the "Recon Squad".


++Thought for the day: Reason begets doubt, doubt begets heresy.
Heresy begets retribution.++
Stealth Tactics

‎A Rather Content Marine you might say Fuck this shit. Really. Codex Astartes tell us that marine may adapt their armor color to any situation they're in if needed. Well, with leaving 1 shoulder pad their original heraldic colours. For example, a smurfmarine will paint his armor green if it will be needed to fight in some well grown forest... But do they do it consistently?

Reasonable Marines operate with efficiency. They fulfill their orders and fight valorously and without hesitation, unless they see a more sensible solution that can fulfill the same goals. They always prefer to force a surrender rather than routing the enemy, and take prisoners to interrogate them humanely and use as bargaining chips. It's not so much that they don't like to fight as it is that they're not bloodthirsty - they understand that fighting puts their own in harm's way and is detrimental to their cause due to its great expense.

Seeking vision without prejudice, yet understanding that this ideal may be unattainable, the most important thing to them is to successfully serve the true interests of the Imperium. If this involves negotiating with or even protecting xenos, then that is what they will do. For this they have earned, among many nicknames, the Star Trek marines.

Heroism and a thirst for glory are frowned upon in their ranks, as they are wasteful of personnel and other resources, and perpetuate the conflict. They wish to create a stable end to the war with mankind in a comfortable and free position. Victory is their goal only insofar as a civilization vanquished in this conflict is sure to be subjugated or annihilated.

In battle, they employ sophisticated and highly coordinated group tactics not commonly associated with normal space marines. Their armor is painted to blend into their environment in order to limit visibility (maybe camouflaged in multiple spectra so that, for example, their heat signature is harder to detect). No matter how cool it looks, a Reasonable Marine still needs to request permission from their commanding officer to carry nonstandard equipment into battle, and must justify this in a way that demonstrates its effectiveness in combat.

One of their mottoes is Sun-Tzu's saying, "For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill", which is actually pretty fucking long for a motto. Honestly the second half of the statement alone would probably make for a better motto; it gets the point across just as well.

As such, they're super happy sunshine puppy best friends with the Tau since they are the only other faction who have the word "Reasonable" in their dictionaries. It doesn't mean they haven't come to blows, mind you, since there are a few occasions where there are things too vital to give to another. However it can be guaranteed that the Reasonable Marines would attempt to pacify them with as little killing as possible to minimize future aggressions.


Typical Reasonable Marine camouflage for desert and scrubland operations.

If Reasonable Marines were to be considered an actual Marine faction, they would quickly become one of the most infamous for rage inducing as their approach to war in the 41st millennium is radically different than the typical Wardian space marine chapter. Seeking to always operate at utmost efficiency, minimizing casualties and avoid pyrrhic victories, Reasonable Marines aren't likely to even pop their heads up until the odds are in their favor (ironically making them closer to the Dark Eldar in their approach, but far more benevolent and less sadistic). The Deathwatch comes close to being Reasonable Marines in terms of tactics, but they are only geared towards Xenos, are rarely diplomatic, and are under the direct command of the Inquisition, so no.

Also, the Alpha Legion back in the Great Crusade era might have been similar to them, but at the same time the Alpha legion has always been about mind-fuckery and deception and not as heavy as the Reasonable Marines in the use of cover and stealth. But again, as said before the loyal Alpha legion might have been the closest thing the Imperium ever got to the Reasonable Marines. The Alpha Legion are not "reasonable". They are paranoid scheme worship idiots. Being "reasonable" means, first of all, recognize that often the simplest solution is the best solution. The Alpha Legion managed to precipitate the whole Horus Heresy by being unable to recognize the obvious thing to do was to purge the xenos and warn the emperor. They were convinced by the most evidently facepalm derpish xeno mind fuckery ever by being unable to think outside of convoluted "just as planned" idiocy. Or were they? Reveals imply that either Alpharius or Omegon, or possibly both, never believed the Cabal, and they were shown to have ultimately betrayed them. Instead, the closest ‘canon’ equivalent to the reasonable marines are the Raptors chapter, renowned for using stealth and guerilla tactics to counter enemy forces far more numerous than themselves.

Favoring a ridiculously mechanized approach to protect their own, chances are somebody who proves stubborn enough to force Reasonable Marines into combat would find themselves being bombarded from orbit for days on end. In this example, consider a force more prone to reason like Imperial Guard, Tau or Eldar. The following siege strategies don't apply to more heavily armored foes like Chaos Marines, Necrons or even other Space Marine chapters. If the opponent in question persists, a merciless aerial campaign will be waged against them by Stormraven gunships and other such aircraft, aiming to force a surrender while simultaneously providing a distraction for initial drop pods to seed scouts and devastators in their territory. If that doesn't work, that's when things begin to get ugly.

Operating under the confusion of constant bombardments and propaganda drops, the Reasonable Scouts would act as pathfinders for the Devastators. Digging in to key positions, the sniper fire begins, killing commanders and high ranking officers to further increase the chaos and confusion amongst the ranks. Other scout units wage bitter guerilla campaigns, most often by slipping behind enemy lines before cutting supply routes and other means of disrupting enemy logistics. A final, orchestrated bombardment of dozens of krak and frag missiles courtesy of Devastator squads topples defenses and shatters morale, at least if things go according to plan. If the enemy's commanders have evaded assassination and continue to rally their troops to the cause, the Reasonable Marines engage in one final show of force.

Dozens of Land Raiders and Predators are deployed, now free to move ahead free of high-risk scenarios. Rolling up at the opponent's front door, heavy vox systems broadcast final warnings.

It is here they are given an ultimatum - surrender and resolve things diplomatically, or be pacified.

If this fails to work, the action begins. Infiltrated squads of Tactical Marines storm the enemy, subduing them under a hail of shock bolts, stun grenades, and taking officers prisoner. More prisoners are taken off to be brought up to the Reasonable Marine ships to serve as bargaining chips while tanks below deploy hydro-cannons with intensely freezing waters to pacify infantry and use traditional weaponry to pick apart enemy armor formations. Tech Marines scurry back and forth erecting defenses and surface-to-air missile silos in case of enemy reinforcements. What cannot be captured or fortified, is destroyed with maximum efficiency and a minimum of fuss. At this point, it is merely a question of wearing the opponent out.

Even in the heat of battle, Reasonable Marines hold to their principles and creed. You will not see chainswords or power weapons being brandished within the ranks of these Astartes. Assault Marines are clad in riot gear and equipped solely with shock mauls and stun grenades to apply a reasonable degree of force necessary to force violent brawlers into submission. In times where the enemy knows no reason such as the Tyranids or more fanatical factions of Chaos Marines such as the Word Bearers, these troopers wield traditional weaponry with the full intention to kill off any threats. A few of the commanders considered extreme and naively optimistic even in the eyes of the other Reasonable Captains have been trying to find ways to reason with the Necrons after initial shocking - and absurd - reports were confirmed of Blood Angels actually managing to ally with them.

Additionally, while the Reasonable Marines make use of Librarians, they deploy them in combat very sparingly. They recognize that, despite their psychic hoods and indoctrination, any use of psychic powers carries the risk of Very Bad Things, especially in the confusion and stress of combat. They would rather lose a position because the Librarian stayed home than lose a squad because he accidentally summoned a pack of Bloodletters. Instead, Reasonable Librarians act mainly as interrogators and negotiators, using their mind-reading and persuasive powers to extract information from prisoners and convince enemy leaders to surrender. Even in combat, they take a supporting role, defending other Marines from enemy psykers, and, outside of emergencies, they are forbidden from initiating any sort of psychic attack without specific orders from their commanding officer.

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Relations to Other Races[edit]

Given the Reasonable Marine's radically different outlook on the galaxy they wage war in, it's not too surprising that the traditional dispositions the Space Marines possess are also radically different. This isn't necessarily a good thing for them, however, as the realm of 40k isn't one that is particularly enamored towards reason. Outside of their own systems, the Reasonable Marines are painted as a threat to the Imperium by the High Lords of Terra and Inquisition, who fear that such reason coupled with the iconic might and position of an astartes chapter could quickly bring about another mass heresy. Thus, in a twist of fate, the Reasonable Marines are treated as a traitorous extremis group and find themselves in conflict with the rest of the Imperium almost more often than the alien or heretic. Relations with the other Space Marine chapters are generally unstable, but still a step up from the Inquisition and Imperial Guard forces.

Imperial Forces[edit]

The Inquisition
The two factions abhor one another, seeing the other as a taint to what the Imperium should rightfully be. The Reasonable Marines find clashes with the Inquisition particularly unpleasant and generally stay out of their way, though they share a common hatred of demons and the pervasive warp, and in turn the Inquisition is happy to make sure the rest of the Imperium is largely ignorant of the chapter's existence. The Grey Knights, however, have shown remarkable reasonableness for operating alien devices in their all-out fight against daemonkind, thus both the Reasonable Marines and the Knights have each earned each others' grudging respect and tolerance.
Clashes with the Inquisition mostly occur in the form of the Sisters of Battle whenever one steps on the other's toes. With a particular disgust towards the Sisters' overzealous and often vicious approach to dealing with conceived 'problems', it is not uncommon for Reasonable Marine raiding forces to crash an Adepta Sororitas purge they deem "overkill". In these scenarios, the Marines act more as a rescue party, rounding up as many of the purge's targets as possible and retreating to judge them in a more civilized manner or even occasionally rehabilitate the intended targets. Aside from the Traitor Marine Legions, Imperial forces attacking civilians are the only human force the Marines will bring all traditional lethal weaponry to bear against, albeit reluctantly.
Imperial Guard
The Reasonable Marine's relations to the Imperial Guard are colorful, to say the very least. While relatively quick to ally with one another, it is never too long before the two factions' command structures begin to butt heads with one another over some breach in rank or protocol. The Imperial Guard is generally the more reluctant of the two when it comes to buddying up, mainly because contact with the Reasonable Marines always end with swathes of men attempting to defect to the Marines. Commissars have an unusual tendency to flare up the normally calm and reserved Reasonable Marines with their approach to treating guardsmen. This results in headaches for everyone as clashes between Marines and Commissars are inevitable and generates a plethora of paperwork.
When the Guard and Reasonable Marines go to war against one another, the result is a war of attrition that rages on until one of the sides goes "Fuck it", takes his ball and goes home. It is also an example of how the Reasonable Marine's reason can sometimes do more harm than good as on their side they put great effort into minimizing casualties among the Guard. When coupled with propaganda, this causes a fair portion of the Guard to hesitate in fighting their fellow loyalists (and as mentioned earlier causes plenty of defects and treason in the process). However, it also causes another large portion of the Guard to attack with greater ferocity, knowing their foe is reluctant to engage with full force. Both forces boast massive manpower, but the difference in tactics means either side can often come out triumphant. The biggest danger to any Guard force going up against the Reasonable Marines is their tendency to mix mind games and diplomacy, as the Marines opt to try and turn the whole IG Force against its leaders or sometimes even talk the whole entire division into switching allegiances. Utilizing Commissars to reinforce the chain of command often ends up doing more harm than good as the Marines are quick to play up the average Guardsman's resentment of such authority figures.
Another bone of contention with Guard forces was their recent salvage and subsequent claiming of a disabled Baneblade Superheavy Tank, which now serves the chapter as the Fortress of Eloquence.

Space Marines[edit]

Like the Imperial Guard, the Reasonable Marines relations with the other chapters vary widely. However, recorded incidents of Reasonable Marines engaging other Loyalist Marines are unpleasantly common. Indeed, the Reasonable Marines have not forgotten the kinship they ought to still share with the other Chapters, and harbor a particular bitterness towards fighting them. In these cases, the adversity arise not so much out of pure hate as many of the Chapters are aware of them and skeptical of the Inquisition's propaganda. It arises in conflicting goals. While some Chapters team up with the Reasonable Marines just as often as they fight them, others are wholly incompatible with them.

Black Templars
Like the Sisters of Battle, the Black Templars' zealotry and lust for violence is too much for the Reasonable Marines. Coupled with their massive legions of soldiers, the Reasonable Marines outright avoid contact with the group unless forced to due to matters of importance or during extraordinary circumstances.
Blood Angels
The Reasonable Marines used to frown upon the Blood Angels, considering them more like beasts than Space Marines. Given the unstable nature of their geneseed defects, and their borderline psychopathic affinity for close combat, Reasonable Marines seldom deal with the Angels. However, this opinion is conflicting as some captains have become fascinated by stories of the Chapter somehow managing to ally and part peacefully with the Necrons: a foe the Reasonable Marines long believed to be wholly unreasonable. However, such interest is discouraged by more senior battle-brothers in the Chapter. Then they found out the truth and a 180 on their views ensued.
Dark Angels
The Reasonable Marines are (quite reasonably) distrustful of the Dark Angels. Certainly not beyond working with them, but far from accepting. While the Reasonable Marines are no stranger to being scrutinized as treasonous, the Dark Angels show a sort of morbid love in persecuting threats to their credibility. Such behavior means they have something to hide, and the Reasonable Marines keep their distance, especially out of caution that the Dark Angels might lash out under the belief that they could by some chance be similar to the Fallen or worse; harbor some of them- which, given the way the Reasonable Marines recruit, does not help dispel these suspicions.
Imperial Fists
The Reasonable Marines have no problems with the Imperial Fists and find great value in their defensive capabilities. In times where relations are smooth, it isn't uncommon for the two to collaborate in exchanging knowledge about the others' combat specialization. They still have their occasional disagreements, but they are often brief and usually resolved peacefully.
Iron Hands
The who? See Adeptus Mechanicus.
While the Reasonable Marines admire the Iron Hands unflinching tenacity and resolve, they despise how rigid and uncompromising they are. The chapter refuses to yield ground in battle even when it would be beneficial, and in victory completely eradicate their enemies, even if they have surrendered and are begging for mercy. They also see the Iron Hands' obsession with modifying their bodies with bionics as unhealthy and irrational. When the two come to blows a battle is always immediate as the Hands refuse any and all attempts at negotiation. In these instances the Reasonable Marines must regrettably resort to their more deadly armaments, the Iron Hands' enhanced physiology coupled with their many bionics rendering most non-lethal weapons useless.
Raven Guard
While the Reasonable Marines consider the Raven Guard fierce rivals in the aspect of covert ops and tactics, this is also the same reason the Reasonable Marines respect the Raven Guard, and they often go to great lengths to stay up to speed with their tacticians. The Reasonable Marines still get in scrapes with the Raven Guard, but more often than not, in a more competitive manner than truly aggressive. However, on the rare occasion that the two chapters do get locked in conflict, it results in painstakingly long, lethal guerrilla campaigns fought almost entirely beyond the naked eye. It's not uncommon for bystanders to think: "WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED" after several city blocks vaporize and life is somehow still going on business as usual. Still, the times where the two share a cause are often enough that the they are more likely to come to the other's aid, than to oppose them, becoming in those times a truly terrifying and utterly lethal alliance to be reckoned with. In this they are a rare example of a friendly rivalry between chapters. For their part, the Raven Guard never skip an opportunity to ask the Reasonable Marines who their primarch really is.
The two could not be of greater opposites in terms of approaches to combat specialty and tactics, but the two chapters share a high regard for prioritizing human lives over destruction of the enemy. This is why they get along very well and will work together easily enough. It's just that tactically their methods do not synergize at any level higher than Crouching Tiger, Firebreathing Dragon; they are very different tools for very different purposes and both sides acknowledge that. Conflict does occasionally rise, but is easily diffused because both chapters have humility and patience.
Like with the Salamanders, the Reasonable Marines get along very well with the Lamenters. As the Lamenters believe it is their duty to first and foremost sacrifice to defend and protect the people of the imperium, the Reasonable Marines respect and honor their brothers heroism. If there are any clashes it's over the Lamenters' habit being willing to sacrifice any number of their men to save just a few civilians with the Reasonable Marines knowing when to cut their losses and understand when rescue attempts just aren't feasible. Still, this clash in ideals never leads to animosity and both chapters agree to disagree on this point. If there is anything the Reasonable Marines regret, it's not being able to help their Lamenter brothers more due to the Lamenters atrociously cursed luck making any attempts on the Reasonable Marines' part to provide support or backup being practically too late to be of any serious good.
Space Wolves
Relations with the Space Wolves have not been particularly for the better. Like, at all. Not along the same vein of disaster as Black Templars or Blood Angels, the Reasonable Marines still have never worked well with the Wolves. The two share a common hatred of the Inquisition, so they see eye to eye on at least one topic, and might be all that keeps them from being wholly incompatible. But the Wolves' obsession with melee, drunkenness and, well, wolves, doesn't go well with the Reasonable Marines' doctrine. They could ally, but probably under circumstances where they both share a common enemy. While they would make great a buddy-cop action-comedy team, the Reasonable Marines have never forgiven the large role the Space Wolves played in the downfall of the Thousands Sons, so long-term team-ups are unlikely.
While the Reasonable Marines are ones who admire enforced tactics and strategies, the Ultramarines and their codex are just another chapter to them, one they are particularly indifferent towards. They are easy enough to get along with, and in comparison to some of the others are a preferred chapter. However, in terms of overall ability, they find the Ultramarines lacking, except in arrogance. The distaste has arisen from several occasions where the two did work together, only for the Ultramarines to take all the glory when being led by Cato Sicarius, with others being more willing to share credit. Since then, even the Reasonable Scouts view them with a sense of ire. Despite their differences, the Reasonable Marines remain on friendly terms with the Ultramarines, aside from Cato Sicarius who they hate with a burning passion. They respect there primarch roboute guilliman alot.

White Scars
Another chapter the Reasonable Marines are fairly indifferent on, having nowhere near as much contact with them. They find the chapter's hit and run tactics highly effective and do occasionally emulate these tactics with fleets of landspeeders, but on the (rare) occasions that the two cooperate for extended periods of time their differences become apparent. Simply put, Reasonable Marines see the Horde of Jaghatai as rather worldly. Their love of hunting and calligraphy may not be as undignified as the Wolves, but the Reasonable Marines would still like to see the Chogorians spend more time on the shooting range. For their part, the White Scars see their Reasonable cousins as disappointingly humorless, with their only saving grace over most chapters being that they aren't stubbornly uptight about the codex. These differences become most apparent in the Deathwatch; inevitably Reasonable Marines come to despise their White Scar brothers as little more than well groomed Wolves.
Angry Marines
Do you even need to ask?... Yes
The Angry Marines are the only Loyalist Chapter that the Reasonable Marines wholly refuse to ally with, or even acknowledge. Their favored tactic of charging the enemy head on, screaming curses and causing mass casualty is too much for even the Reasonable Marines to bear, and the two Chapters come into conflict more often then nearly any loyalist chapters.
In the extremely likely event that the two come to blows, the conflict resembles a prolonged chase rather then a battle. The Reasonable Marines constantly moving as the Angry Marines give chase, leaving traps and minefields in an attempt to slow them down. The Angry Marines keeping up by completely obliterating whatever gets in their way, be it a mountain, river, or a ravine. While the Reasonable Marines, inevitably manage to get away, the conflict is always painful for them. Continued surveillance revealing that the overwhelming rage the Angry Marines feel causes them to launch a long and bloody campaign against the nearest potential enemy for the smallest transgression, resulting in months if not years of bloodshed that could have been avoided. For this reason contact and thus conflict with the Angry Marines is strictly prohibited.
Blood Ravens
For the most part, the Blood Ravens and the Reasonable Marines find themselves as simple allies, fellow Astartes in service. However, their history is marred by a single incident where a company of Reasonable Marines teamed up with the 4th Company Blood Ravens to relieve a Deathwatch fortress besieged by Ork freebooters. The Reasonable Marines committed a demi-company of three tactical squads, with scout and devastator support. The Blood Ravens claimed to have fielded an equivalent force but the Reasonable Marines only encountered the force's captain leading a single understrength squad with a dreadnought. After the battle, the Fortresses archaeotech vaults were inexplicably found to have been breached despite no Orks ever being reported in the area.
Fire Hawks
It's unknown what the Reasonable Marines stance on the Fire Hawks would be. But they would certainly give them a failing grade for lacking subtlety as evidenced by this quote that is (allegedly) attributed to them.
The uniforms of the Imperial Guard are camouflaged in order to protect their wearers by hiding them from sight.
The principle is that what the enemy cannot see he cannot kill.
This is not the way of the Adeptus Astartes.
A Space Marine’s armour is bright with heraldry that proclaims his devotion to his Chapter and the beloved Emperor of Mankind.
Our principle is that what the enemy can see, he will soon learn to fear…
Chaplain Aston, Fire Hawks 10th Company


As with all other forces of the Imperium, the Reasonable Marines are naturally distrustful of the Eldar. However, the Chapter has come to accept that it is very possible the Eldar possess knowledge and foresight of events that they do not, and as such give them a bit more leeway and take heed of their warnings. However, the Reasonable Marines refuse to be used as unwitting pawns and do not hesitate to bring force into the equation if there is evidence that they are being treated as an expendable asset (as the Eldar often do when they deal with 'lesser' races). While they generally apply the same ethics they treat all other races with, the Reasonable Marines have often resorted to abducting and taking Farseers, Warlocks, or Autarchs hostage to make it clear that they will not be used. Curiously however, The Reasonable Marines claim three Exodite worlds as their own, having come under their protection after the craftworld Biel-tan abandoned them to an Emperor's Children warfleet which was eventually repelled by the combined efforts of the Exodites and the Reasonable Marines. Having come to a rapport with the Exodites, the Reasonable Marines called in a few of the exceedingly rare favours the Ordo Xenos owed them. To date these three worlds, Lotharis, Galadrian, and Maeveriat are the only sanctioned Xenos worlds in the entire Imperium, even if knowledge of these worlds are reserved to only a select few outside the chapter's borders. The Marines make use of the Exodites by having them teach additional skills to their Apothecaries and Librarians, the Eldar agree to this for their own safety, ensuring that their new protectors suffer fewer casualties and remain uncorrupted by Chaos. It is a symbiotic relationship that has served both peoples well. Additionally, Exodite items are very popular when trading with the Tau. They have extremely friendly relations with Ynnari.
The Orks are beyond reason and beyond even the most basic forms of negotiation. As such, the Reasonable Marines have excluded them from the ethical approach to warfare they exhibit with other races. However, the more 'kunnin' Orks often give the Marines a challenge in guerrilla warfare and as such dealing with high priority targets like Kommandos are treated with the same sporty enthusiasm they would show when competing with the Raven Guard.
Unlike the Orks, who the Reasonable Marines take a more laid back approach to dealing with, Tyranids are a considered a top-tier threat. No holds barred- shoot to kill. The sole race that the Reasonable Marines will bring out the flamers to use on, the Chapter will pursue the routing of the Tyranids with such dedication that they are willing to side with almost any other foe long enough to flush them out and destroy them. As creatures with heavily advanced senses and innate psyker abilities that defeat much of their stealth, the Tyranids are the only race that the Marines will abandon their traditional doctrine in favor of a separate codex's worth of tactics; designed specifically to eliminate them.
Tau Empire
While the Reasonable Marines refuse to abandon the Imperium and as such have no intention of joining their Empire, the Tau are often a welcome change of pace for the chapter. The Reasonable Marines are quick to aid the Tau in situations that do not concern the Imperium, and in return the Tau Septs generally co-exist peacefully with the chapter. Trade is common between the worlds of the Chapter, and the Tau, and the Marines are willing to humor the Tau diplomats attempts at swaying them towards the Empire, if halfway to keep them from stepping up their attempts and the other half to keep their own diplomacy skills at their peak. This isn't to say the two haven't had their battles, but compared to any other faction these conflicts are often brief shows of force rather than full fledged warfare. The Reasonable Marine's dealings with the Tau do come at a price, often earning them a black mark against them in Imperial Chapters or Regiments in neighboring systems.
An interesting scenario that would only be possible with the Reasonable Marines
Leagues of Votann
For various reasons the Reasonable Marines only recently encountered the Leagues of Votann (it's a big galaxy). As one brother-sergeant recalled, they appeared as astartes grown from ratlings, approaching on a stout, armored vehicle resembling a mining rover encrusted with guns. This impression quickly soured when they opened their mouths... "WATS DIS THEN? MARINES in fookin nambyarse cammefloss?! Don'cha want yer enemy to see ya when dey fookin die?"
This has been the dynamic between the two since. Whatever merits the leagues might have; their hardiness and determination, their proficiency with technology, etc, is completely squandered by their unique outlook on life.
Dark Eldar
It would seem surprising that the Reasonable Marines would employ non-lethal weaponry against many of Commoragh's kabals, but the usage here is for a different reason. The Dark Eldar are perhaps one of the only races the Chapter holds and embraces a hatred towards that would be recognizable amongst the other loyalist chapters. Here, the Reasonable Marines use their non-lethal weaponry, stealth and diplomatic skills to deprive the pirates of the thrills they seek in their realspace raids. It is not uncommon for the Reasonable Marines to swap over to lethal weaponry should the raiders prove particularly aggressive or sport a clear agenda they intend to fulfill, something even the Reasonable Marines don't mind admitting they look forward to on such occasions.
For the longest time the marching hordes of Necrons have been another example of shooting first and not even bothering to ask questions later in the Chapter history. However, this changed once news began cropping up that the Blood Angels (a chapter they long since held with some contempt) actually managed to ally with them to fight off Tyranids and then peacefully part afterward. Upon closer examination, it became apparent with time that many Necron forces seemed to be displaying an emergent organization- a civilization, no less. In fact, the disposition and behavior of Necron forces began to vary so wildly the chapter was forced to reevaluate the race as a whole. In fact, the chapter has found occasional allies in the Necrons. Though the Reasonable Marines are grateful for the powerful support, they also study those Necrons whom they do approach, in an effort to discern their motives (no small challenge in its own right) . They are not eager to turn on a valuable ally, but neither will they allow the Imperium to fall to Necron rule, be it through force or politics. Despite this newfound position as a sentient race with rights, in combat the Marines apply full lethal force against them. This is largely due to the Necrons unique physiology, whom seem fully incapable of registering pain, let alone truly die. Currently the chapter has found an oddly steady relationship with several of the larger dynasties, where their techmarines (whose science is unhindered by the dogma of the Imperial cult) have collaborated with the Necrons to study potential cures for the flayer virus and the symptoms of dementia overtaking the eldest members. Already under heavy scrutiny by the Inquisition, this partnership is kept top secret even amongst the initiates of the Reasonable Marines, and even the senior officers are aware of the thin ice such an alliance skates.


Naturally, it doesn't take much of a genius to realize by now that the Reasonable Marines would never allow Chaos to run rampant. Chaos daemons and the Traitor Legions are treated with the same aggressive and unrelenting effort that any other true loyalist chapter would display. On rare occasions the Traitor Legions have looked the other way in the presence of the Reasonable Marines, perhaps because word spread that they know the Emperor not to be a god or figure of total adoration. Regardless, the Legions pose a grave threat and as such the Reasonable Marines will defend the Imperium accordingly.

The difference however is how the Reasonable Marines handle heresy amongst the people. Cults and rebellions are still persecuted, but with the Chapter's usual use of non-lethal force. With such members rounded up, they are put through therapy and rehabilitation in order to try and restore them to being clean citizens. Freedom of religion is something that they repeatedly bump into in terms of difficulty, however. The subject will continue to be a controversial one, but for the time being, citizens amongst Reasonable Marine Chapter worlds do not have to fear the same retribution for 'thought crimes' delivered in the rest of the Imperium.


Captain Darren of the 3rd Company was one of the most decorated members of the Reasonable Marines for three reasons: He was a supreme executor of reason and logic, he was a formidable warrior, and he had a certain manner about him that put many non-Astartes at ease. He was massive, well over eight feet, but he perpetually wore a rather mild facial expression improved with a slight smile. His eyes invited conversation from those around him, and unlike many Astartes from their brother legions, he did not attempt to tower over those Xeno/Heretics/Imperials that they bothered to talk to. He stood well outside of their personal space, and nodded politely as they talked, only offering his own input when it was necessary.

As such, Captain Darren possessed the honorific "Master of the Deal", essentially meaning that diplomacy was his forte. He excelled at it, and was greatly respected for his record of avoiding bloodshed when other Astartes would have simply engaged in a ferocious battle.

As such, when the Tau attacked the Imperial colony on the planet Teron I, Darren was chosen as the ideal candidate to reason with them. The Imperial forces in the sector were baying for blood, but the Reasonable Marines were in the lead: the Imperial Guard forces of the XIV "Rip and Tear" Doom II (a large planet in the Quake system) regiment had no choice but to defer to the command of the Space Marines.

Arriving on the planet, the Reasonable Marines ordered the XIV Regiment to garrison the drop zone and absolutely refrain from hostilities unless fired upon. Darren himself took a squad of Marines and requested negotiations from the Tau commander, which was accepted. A half-company of Guardsmen led by the Regimental Colonel Voss accompanied him.

Arriving at the designated meeting zone, the Tau Commander was wearing his Crisis Suit and was accompanied by a squad of similarly suited warriors. Darren inclined his head, and extended his hand to the larger figure:

"I am Captain Darren of the Reasonable Marines, and I come in peace." The Guardsmen murmured and grumbled seditiously, and some of the Astartes politely requested they keep quiet.

The Tau Commander was taken aback by Darren’s manner, and looked to his personal bodyguard, who raised an arm in a gesture equivalent to a shrug. “I am Shas’O B’aw, and I welcome you here to Bah’ntowhn, outpost of the Tau Empire.”

Darren smiled graciously, though Colonel Voss’ back stiffened at the presumptuousness of this Xeno. “I respect your claim to this area Shas’O, but I’m afraid this is an Imperial planet. You have to buy term papers for your claims. Have you filed the necessary forms to annex an established area of Imperial space?”

The Tau seemed confused. “No…”

“Well I am here to help you in this regard. While I have the greatest respect for your race’s right to expand space, surely there is no need for aggression in doing so? There are unclaimed planets in the area, it isn’t necessary for you to attack an Imperial planet.”


“I am willing to overlook your intrusion into this area and supply you with anything you need as recompense for the effort it must have taken to control this outpost. I however must request that you leave for now.: if you still desire to take control of this planet I will forward the necessary papers to the local Departmento, which will be forwarded to the system Administratum, which will be forwarded to the Imperial Administratum, and I will have the necessary forms you must sign to request the forms for annexation of an Imperial planet within the decade. Is this acceptable?”

“Gu’ela…you do realize we Tau are not as long-lived as your race, right?”

“I do, and you have my sincere condolences.”

Only a few days later, completely baffled by the willingness of Darren and his Astartes to help at every opportunity, the Tau vacated Teron I and the Reasonable Marines helped rebuild the damage done. The locals were simply thankful further destruction was avoided.

Colonel Voss filed a formal complaint to the local Departmento in regards to what he saw as treason by Darren in bargaining with a Xeno, but was not willing to wait for a response. Accompanied by a company of his men, he challenged Darren to a duel. Darren politely accepted, and offered to make things fair by allowing Voss to choose nine men to assist him during the duel.

There were no survivors. The Reasonable Marines are suckers for such gentlemanly acts of violence.

Campaign Data[edit]


Accessing Reasonable Marine Date Ref. No. 435-CD...
Permission granted. Loading excerpt from "Tales of Imperial Liberation" by Scribe Tedecis.


When the Warp Storms abated about the Derelis System after three hundred years of isolation, the Imperium's first contact with the primary production world of Derelis II was disheartening. With the taste of freedom on their lips, the ruling Government split away from the Imperium, and demanded the explorator vessels leave immediately under pain of death.

Nearest of Imperial Forces able to mobilize swiftly, the 3rd Company of the Reasonable Marines led by Captain Sensibus (Ref. The Comforting of Colot) dropped out of the warp a scant week later, striking swiftly at the seat of power of Derelis II's primary hive. Before any of the citizenry knew what was occurring, the Astartes had set up an intense negotiation with the rulers, and convinced them through an old planetary law that their secession was invalid.

Parting amiably from the system, the Reasonable Marines stopped to improve orbital defense systems, and promised to return with a nice gift they would pick up from their next campaign.

Upon news of the system's swift re-absorption into the Imperium of Man, Inquisitor Explodor (Ref. The Big Book of 101 Exterminatus Methods) kicked a nearby wall, and was heard to utter "Dangit".


Thought for the day: I quite like butterflies.



Axenario 2[edit]

Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no name must have content

"Incoming signal."

"Hail, Eldar. I am Force Commander Spock of the Reasonable Marine Chapter of the Imperial Adeptus Astartes."

"What is your business here, Mon'Keigh?"

"We have become aware that this system harbors a Necron Tomb World, a Chaos incursion, an Orkish WAAAGH! and a Dark Eldar army. We are here to cleanse it."

"Your hostility will not be tolerated!"

"We hold no quarrel with you, Farseer. If we keep out of each other's way there's no reason we can't both fight the true threats here. In fact, if we coordinated against the Necrons..."

"I will not be deceived by your clumsy trickery! This system was once ours and it shall be ours again! I HAVE FORESEEN IT!" <end signal>

"Your orders, Commander?"

"Prepare to land on the Necron Tomb world, and inform the Battle Brothers that the Eldar are now targets as well. If we can kill their high-and-mighty Farseer, we might be able to route them back into the Webway without much fighting."

"Yes, my Lord."

"Sir, Tau signals inbound."

"This is wonderful, the Tau are famous for listening to reason, hail them!"

"Greetings Gue'la, this is Shas'Or'es'ka, this system will be made into a sept of the Tau Empire to defend its borders against Gue'la madness. Have you come to join us?"

"If by join us you mean fight side by side against a common enemy then yes. If you would be so kind we could fight the Orkish tide on Kaurava II as one."

" I mean become part of the Tau Empire."

"Oh...well then...I'm afraid I can't do that."

"Then I must regretfully inform you that we must do battle Gue'la. Prepare the Ar'ka cannon for firing!"<end signal>

"Oh dear...Change of plans, land on Kaurava II and make plans to invade the Nan Yaonoi moonbase and deal with the Orks."

"Commander! Incoming signal from an Imperial Guard regiment!"

"What? Excellent! Now we can..."

"So, you Space Marines think you can just tromp in on your battle-barge and steal the glory of the Imperial Guard, do you?"


"Well we'll show you! I, Vance MOTHERFUCKING Stubbs, declare myself Governor-Militant of this system, and will claim it in the name of the Imperial Guard!" <end signal>

"What just..."

"Brother-Captain, Heretical signals inbound, identified as Fieravious Carron."

"I see your Mehtal Bawkses in orbit! YOU COWARDS! YOU FEWLES! We....we shall take away your mehtal bawkses."<end signal>


"Sir incoming Dark Eldar signals."

"Don't Hail the-"

"-Your screams shall satiate our thirsts for pain and pleasure Mon'keigh!"<end signal>


"Necron signals inbound."

"Oh come o-"

"You...shall die here....Space Marines....The Deceiver....Grants us strength..."<end signal>


"My Lord! The Inquisition has arrived in the system!"

"Oh what now..."

"Commander Spock! Don't think we didn't detect you sending a signal to those filthy xenos! ALL IS TAINTED! ALL WILL BE PURGED BY THE RIGHTOUS ANGER OF THE GREY KNIGHTS IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY EMPEROR! <DEAN SCREAM>!" <end signal>



"Ork signals, identifying self as Warboss Gorgutz 'Ead 'unta."

"WAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! MY BOYZ IZ GONNA KRUMP YA 'UMIE GITZ!!! Ya 'eadz gonna look nice on me pointy stick."<end signal>

"Sir, fellow Astartes signals coming from the Blood Ravens chapter, it's from Brother-Captain Indrick Boreale."

"Yes! Finally someone who will work with us!"

"Heretic! You parlay with xenos! But we are blod rehvens, we are SPEHSS MEHREENS!! Face the rath of multiple, simuhltaneouhs, devahstating, defensive, deep strikes in what the Codex Astartees calls Steehl Rain! We are teh Emprah's Fureh!"<end signal>

"Oh for the love of..."


By this time, Brother-Captain Spock was massaging his temples, trying to avoid screaming in frustration.

"What. Is. It?"

"Mi'lord, it''s the Squats."

"Oh, no-"


"Emperor damn it all..."

"A Sister of Battle Canoness is attempting to hail us!"


"We, the Order of the Verdant Spire, will cleanse all with HOLY FIRE!!!" <end signal>

"Tyranid transmission inbound!"




"My Lord?"

"Fuck this shit we are out of here."

= Incoming transmission = 

"Captain Spock, this is Captain Steinner of the 1st company. Is your company having trouble with cleaning out this system?"

"Yes brother-captain, It would seem that every gun is pointed at us and no negotiation is acceptable."

"Then I have good news, I have destroyed all the webway gates in the sector and I have redirected our spare forces... a good 10,000 strong battle brothers, on board the 7 Battle Barges, and a whole legion of Imperator War titans."

"You mean the 1st company is coming here? Titan Legion? 7 Battle Barges? Where did you get all of those?"

"A peaceful agreement with the Cult Mechanicus goes a long way captain, particularly when inserting a good deal of fine print. As for the 10,000 Astartes, apparently our influx of recruiting went well last year that our own chapter is swelling with raw brothers itching to test their skills at what our chapter does best..."

"You mean you brought twice the armour for them..."

"Exactly Captain Spock, now, shall we commence another reasoning with them once more? And this time, tell them we have Exterminatus-capable ships."

"Thank you Brother and the Emperor."


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