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Despite being disgusting, worthless lesser beings it would appear the greenskins are right about one thing at the very least. Red does indeed go faster.

The Reaver Jetbike is the Dark Eldar equivalent of their Chastity Belt cousins's Jetbike and are thus more awesome. Reavers are Dark Eldar who like to combine the thrill of speed with their own Sadomasochism by impaling unfortunate sods with the pointy bits of their Jetbikes.

When they aren't swooping the battlefield impaling as many people as humanly (elvishly?) possible on their Jetbike like giant shish kebobs, the Reaver squadron often spend their spare time competing with other Reavers in Death Races back in Commorragh (think of them as pod racing from Star Wars but with more maiming). Of course like many Dark Eldar, Reaver pilots pump themselves full of drugs to enhance their performance and capacity for sensation in the death races or in combat. They are cheats and liars like so many of their kin, and give respect only to those who can pull off an 'elegant kill'. It is considered improper to simply maim a fellow rider during the death races, while a well-executed decapitation while riding inverted and steering the bike with your feet can bring a smile even to the frozen face of the most jaded Kabal Archon. Because of this no-holds-barred approach, weapons are extensively employed during the death races in the most prestigious of the death arenas.

In terms of weaponry, Reavers usually employ underslung Grav-Talons (which in a Death Race, is used to push their rivals into the artfully bladed contours of the arena's walls), a bunch of proximity-sensing anti-gravitic cluster caltrops and a Splinter Rifle which can be upgraded to a Shredder, Blaster or Heat Lance. They are also fast as fuck but they're Dark Eldar so what do you expect?

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