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Battle Cry Unknown
Number Unknown
Founding Unknown
Successors of Unknown, probably Iron Hands
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Unknown
Primarch Unknown, probably Ferrus Manus
Homeworld Unknown
Strength Unknown
Specialty Assistance to the Mechanicum (particularly archeotech searching) and attrition warfare
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Grey and Yellow

The Reclaimers is an astartes chapter of unknown origin and one of the Astartes Praeses charged to guard the Eye of Terror in the Segmentum Obscurus.

The Chapter seems to be highly influenced by the Adeptus Mechanicus: they praise the Omnissiah at the same level as the Emperor of Mankind, their salute is the cogwheel salute instead of the imperial aquila, and they are known for helping the Mechanicum to locate and retreive archeotech alongside the techpriests and explorator fleets. This comes with many benefits, like having an unusually high level of technology at their disposal, higher even for space marines. Most of them have extensive augmetics, which extends to their serfs, and their armor is of a higher quality than most, and is also very richly decorated. This level of affinity for machines and augmetics has made many people assume they come from Ferrus Manus geneseed, but it has not been confirmed.

Their most important appearences comes in the Ciaphas Cain HERO OF THE IMPERIUM series, when they are mentioned to have worked alongside the Commissar in a series of errands, in particular the exploration and cleansing of the Space Hulk Spawn of Damnation. In Duty Calls, Cain mentions in passing a Reclaimers armorer/mechanic named Tobamorie. The children's series The Wombles includes a mechanic-type named Tobermory. Add to this that the chapter uses Corvus-pattern armour, which features a helmet with a distinctly beaky appearance, called womble-marines by many.

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