Reclamation Pool

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Dunk an' Diving. Acid edition. Model done by Green Leaf Terrain.

A Reclamation Pool is where the Nids go to dump their shit once they are near the process of OMNOMNOMing a planet. These biological structures are nothing more than a broth of digestive acids that break down biomass into identifiable genetic structures for the Norn Queens to disect, reassamble and apply to her troops. Reclamation Pools are often linked to the much larger Capillary Towers.


Each invasion goes through identifiable stages. First comes the identification and infiltration of a prey world, when Mycetic Spores land vanguard creatures such as Genestealers and Lictors. These become active, probing defences and assessing the world's ability to resist an attack. Next comes the subjugation phase, when the planet's defenders are assaulted and overwhelmed by swarms of Tyranid creatures.

After all major resistance has been overcome, comes the consumption phase as the planet's atmosphere is changed and all genetic material is broken down into reclaimation pools. Creatures such as Rippers and Malanthropes consume all the planet's biological material before jumping into the pools and being consumed themselves. The pools are then harvested by Hive Ships which enter low orbit and pump the gene-rich biological soup on board via Capillary Towers.

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