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This page is dedicated to the well-known content creators who create Warhammer, D&D, and/or other tabletop related content, or history-related channels that are good starting places for research. Creators who are interested in but do not regularly create content around these topics are not included.

Note to would-be recommenders: Entries with no description will be removed. Tell us what it is you're recommending.

Warhammer Creators[edit]


The official Games Workshop YouTube channel for Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar. There you can find trailers for new armies, boxes and codexes. But more importantly, you can find tutorials by Duncan Rhodes and Chris Peach on how to paint, kitbash and use tools, which let's face it is the real reason to keep up with the channel.

Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy[edit]

Our Lord and Savior Duncan Rhodes' personal Youtube channel after parting ways with Geedubs. All of his videos are guides to show his painting prowess, though now he's not bound to only GW materials.


The true workhorse of the 40k Youtube content creators. The sheer volume and variety of content he presents caters to a wide range of interests. From tactics and tutorials, to lore and hobby tips. Also does gaming overviews for various military themed video games. Be warned that some disagree with his interpretation of 40k lore, that being that he thinks of everything as both canon, and non-canon, which is a skubby topic in and of itself for some fans. Has had an amusing time trying to figure out whether Abbadon is pronounced A-bad-un or Abba-don.

Bruva Alfabusa[edit]

You know who he is, I know who is, we all know who he is. Chapter Master of the now defunct Alfa Legion and creator of the YouTube phenomenon If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device. Has also created a few other shows like The Upper Hive and has a bunch of Dawn of War 2 voice lines on his channel from years ago... for reasons most would rather forget.

Karl the Deranged[edit]

Also needs very little introduction. Voices characters on TTS like Marneus Calgar and sometimes shows up at the end of episodes just to shout. On his channel you'll find content in a similar vein to TTS, like Ravandil's Quest and the meme-worthy Vindicare Assassin video.


Voices Little Kitten in TTS (this is a theme for 40K content creators) and has made some ace reviews of the Dawn of War series. Definitely worth a watch.


Named after the titular Inheritor. Creates art for TTS and sometimes voices characters. Is more active on Twitter, but uploads some pretty good videos every now and then.


Makes music for TTS and a bunch of Warhammer-themed music as well. Also created a 40K Singing Idol contest series thing. Because of course he did.


Voices - you guessed it - TTS characters, in particular Leman Russ, but also has a YouTube channel he would upload games to, usually with a 40K twist to it. However, he's abandoned the channel in favor of Twitch. Besides gaming he also does some 40k army building and roleplaying on the side.

40K Theories[edit]

Starring Remleiz and Naerina, 40K Theories makes general lore videos, videos theorizing reasons for the unexplained in 40K, and videos spotlighting fan-made factions. Unsurprisingly, both Remleiz and Naerina occasionally lend their voices to TTS.

Tactica Imperialis[edit]

Creates lore videos on 40K and gives his thoughts on the tabletop game. He also does a podcast with 40K Theories.


Makes videos that are great to listen to while making models. She uploads a lot of battle reports, rambling videos, vlogs, and her own podcast "The Emperor's Tarot". She used to be on the podcast with 40K Theories and Tactica Imperialis but left for her own reasons. Also voiced Miriael Sabathiel in TTS.

Chapter Master Valrak[edit]

A 40K news channel and Imperial Fists fanboy. Also produces videos on 40K games and gets fairly involved in other projects such as Helsreach. Can come across as incredibly annoying if you're not the type of person to treat GW like they're beneficent overlords who need to be praised for everything they do, or if you play anything other than Space Marines. Seriously, for a while this guy complained about not having "proper Primaris transports" whenever anything new came out until the Impulsor came along. Self-identifies with the Imperium, often using the term "we" whenever he refers to the Imperium winning in a global campaign or story. If you're into that kind of stuff, give him a watch. Otherwise, you might want to stay away. Hilariously, he scored as Perturabo on a “Which Primarch are you?” personality quiz.


A 40K vlogger and once a member of the Unit Lost Gaming channel before becoming a 40K channel. Always keeps up to date with 40K news and gives his 50 cents on the hobby. Also uploads videos on assorted topics that have taken his fancy.


Like Kirioth, but for Age of Sigmar.

Snipe and Wib[edit]

A gaming couple with a love for 40K. They create a wide array of content, from vlogs to gameplay videos. Created two videos about Rogue Trader that more or less brought their channel into the light, and done look backs on other famous old 40k rule books. Both are in a band called "Fighting Evil is Cool", and Wib's real name is Matt Ward (no really). Oh, and both have been in TTS.

Richard Boylan[edit]

Creates videos in SFM and the like. Is responsible for turning Helsreach into a YouTube series, and made a live action 40K video that didn't suck (see, it can be done). Is currently in talks with GeeDubs themselves for an official animated special involving the Blood Angels.

Mark Louis Spark[edit]

Creates 3D model renders and is currently in the process of making a Horus Heresy movie called "Death of Hope". Judging from what we've seen so far it looks great, and hopefully won't go the same way as Lord Inquisitor.

Unfortunately, as of 08/2020 the worst has indeed happened, and he has decided to only release the second of his three planned major videos, saying that a grueling RL work schedule, combined with the negative responses he got about his animation draining him of his passion for the project, has begun to negatively affect his personal life. He's made a video on his channel that has the full explanation, and while he is now in a better mind set after a few days from the initial announcement he has committed to taking a break after part 2, and part 3's status will be up in the air for the foreseeable future.


A large network of Neckbeards playing a variety of wargames, chief among them the Warhammers. Most of their content is more for entertainment than hardcore gameplay, so expect flubbed rules. Also moulds that make you go to sleep


Purely 40K gameplay, specializing mostly in longform and technical batreps. Great for learning how to play a faction in a fun but competitive way.

2+ Tough[edit]

Primarily an Age of Sigmar lore channel, with some 40K, Necromunda and other games occasionally being covered. Doug is the host, and he focuses on short and easily digested lore videos, all with a laid back and down to earth presentation. Also hosts painting livestreams, where he answers lore questions and interacts with other Warhammer Youtubers. Works together/shares a Discord server with Rerolling Ones, who generally provide 40K and AoS battle reports.

Baldermort's Guide to Warhammer[edit]

He is a rising Warhammer 40k content creator who specialises in beginner level lore and stories for his videos. Notable for his raw vocal talent, self-written audio dramas, high upload rate, and use of audience participation by forging narratives based on in-comment voting.


"The (unofficial) Warhammer 40k animation." This guy made possibly the best Warhammer 40k animation ever. It shows Space Marines acting like Space Marines, moving ridiculously fast for something their size, utterly overpowering any mortal that tries to stop them and shrugging off damage that would turn a human into a smear on the floor. Go watch it, you won't regret it.


After being inspired by the Astartes series, this guy has decided to create his own based on some Black Templars. So far the animation looks a little rougher but still very good production wise.

Lost Legion[edit]

Similar to the Primaris channel, but are making a film/short series about Eldar Exodites instead. The First teaser looks very promising with the Eldar moving so fast and gracefully that they are blurs. Once again GWs official animations are being shown up by fan animations.

Auspex Tactics[edit]

Youtuber focused on the tabletop games rules and tactics. Is very active, uploading consistently, and is up to date with new rules and releases. Does the occasional product review, though has been heavily criticised by anyone who doesn't play Imperium for his lack of uploads on xenos armies. This is either a result of unfamiliarity with the factions requested, or more likely he just hasn't gotten around to it yet. (It's the latter. He has a few xenos armies, and actually does the mathhammer).

Loremaster of Sotek[edit]

A laid back Warhammer Fantasy YouTuber and acolyte of Tehenhauin known for his Legendary Lord and QnA series where he goes in-depth on the various intricacies of the many factions and races in the setting. Also has several videos for people wishing to get into Age of Sigmar and regularly streams TWW and Vermintide II where he takes questions as well.

Winters SEO[edit]

A 40k wargamer from England. He plays a plethora of armies. Generally a decent guy and one of the first Youtube batrep guys. Really LOATHES Chapter Master Valrak for reasons similar to what we have stated above. Good for watching while building, painting, or just to see a nice game.

D&D Creators[edit]

Channels that just do readings of stories taken from Reddit and 4chan's /tg/ don't count.

Zee Bashew[edit]

An animator who makes D&D-related animations on how to use spells, run games, and just general D&D things. It's fun and worth a look if you're new to D&D.

Puffin Forest[edit]

Probably the number 1 most popular D&D animator on youtube. While his animation is far from being the best (his art style is worse than Order of the Stick), he more than makes up for it with his great sense of humor and amount of content. He mostly talks about D&D, but he occasionally does videos about Call of Cthulhu and other games. Most of his videos tell funny stories about stuff that happened to him during tabletop games (both as a player and a game master). In others he reviews tabletop games and gives advice to players and game masters. He also has started doing longer video series where he retells entire campaigns in more detail but with without animation, starting with a (relatively) serious Curse of Strahd campaign. Because of how popular he is, he frequently has crossovers with other D&D youtubers including Zee Bashew and Dingo Doodles.

He is a source of much RAGE on /tg/, because many people find his funny stories hard to believe or think that if they are true, would make him a terrible GM, player, and person. Though he is capable of playing seriously, he usually is the Loonie (and when he isn't, he is playing with somebody else who is half the time), so if be warned if you can't stand that type of player.

Dingo Doodles[edit]

Another animator who rivals Puffin Forest in popularity. Mostly makes videos telling funny stories about her life and D&D. Her main campaign story is Fool's Gold, an epic and extremely wacky adventure staring her character Sips, a badass chaotic good uplifted monkey wild magic sorcerer full of RAGE, who constantly is breaking the campaign, much to the frustration of her boyfriend Felix the DM.


A less popular but still worth checking out animator who does D&D videos, both based on his campaigns and short skits that make fun of the typical players and events you will likely encounter while playing D&D. Also makes a few songs about D&D.


An animator who makes crap guides to D&D in the style of Zero Punctuation

XP to Level 3[edit]

A good non-animated channel that does videos on D&D, telling interesting stories and giving useful tips on playing the game.

Don't Stop Thinking[edit]

Another great animated channel that does videos discussing D&D and other RPGs, as well as telling D&D stories.

T the Writer[edit]

Unlike most channels that tell D&D stories, this guy does longer videos telling about his campaigns in detail.

Blaine Simple[edit]

Another less popular but worth checking out animator who does D&D stories and videos on how to make character builds based on popular anime characters.


Has a massive number of videos on playing D&D with everything from suggestions on what monsters to use in a campaign, to what the best character builds are for different races, and more.

Reba Derps[edit]

Another D&D animator with a style similar to Dingo Doodles.

Seth Skorkowsky[edit]

Does reviews of RPGs and RPG modules and gives advice on running games. Has several great videos giving reviews of older AD&D modules.

Tulok the Barbrarian[edit]

Makes videos on how to make Dungeons & Dragons characters based on popular movie, anime, video game, and comic book characters.

BattleTech Creators[edit]

Black Pants Legion/Tex[edit]

A miscellaneous, mostly SS13 content, in which a guy named Tex makes a series called Tex Talks Battletech, which goes into detailed, sometimes embellished (due to being an Inner Sphere supporter) accounts of mechs and history of Battletech universe.

He used to frequent /tg/ back in the day, when it used to be cool, and takes credit for writing the original Fur Heresy.

Critical Rocket[edit]

A Battletech fan channel, Critical Rocket makes a series of lore videos called Lorewarrior.

General War-gaming Creators[edit]

Guerrilla Miniature Games[edit]

If you are interested in any particular miniature game (Both new and old), it is likely that he has at least 2 or 3 videos covering it. Also covers the larger games like 40K, AOS, Infinity etc... Is a war-game designer himself [Made Last Days: Zombies Apocalypse] and a fairly skilled painter. Overall his channel takes a holistic approach to the hobby and is also fairly chill in his videos, also is not afraid to admit when he dislikes a game or mechanic and doesn't put on act for the videos.

Lancer Creators[edit]


One part memer, one part guidebook, DragonKid discusses quite a lot about each of the various officially available frames, rules, lore and even a couple fan-made homebrews as well. He also does some Battletech stuff as well.

Yu-Gi-Oh Creators[edit]

The Duel Logs[edit]

A Johnny who makes gimmick deck replays. He has relatively recently made a lot of top 10s, which would be clickbaity if he wasn’t using it as an excuse to talk about weird card interaction and the game’s history. In particular, his “10 worst” videos are great because rather than say the card is shit while spewing profanity, he suggests ways the card can be used, even if they're suboptimal, that make it better than the cards ranked worse than it while being perfectly willing to admit that some categories are so strong even their worst instances are still decent. Makes an effort to explain cards and why they're good/bad very well (in response to disdain for a lot of MTG channels not doing so), so he’s accessible with minimal experience and/or audio only.

Rank 10 YGO (Rata)[edit]

A Montenegrin Serb who does in depth overviews of various archetypes (and some other stuff). As befitting of someone whose childhood involved living through the Yugoslav wars, he’s very cynical on Konami’s competence and doesn’t hold back when card design is lackluster, yet actually quite enthusiastic when something does meet his standards.

History Channels (The Kind That Don't Show Ancient Aliens 24/7)[edit]

Because "realism" is something of a debate, actual Wargaming is a thing, and the general assuming a setting should be "Like Reality Unless Noted", we'll list some good "realism argument" and "actual military history" channels.


Very much a nerd's nerd, and easily mistaken for a crazy homeless man living under a bridge, but he's covered a lot of stuff that's of interest to /tg/. Some topics include discussions on medieval arms and armor, tanks, castles, historical battles, etc. If you want the /tg/ stuff, the "Weapons and Armor" "History" and "Warfare" playlists are of interest. He even covers some tabletop-specific gaming material in his various discussions, ranging from scenery creation to fantasy weapon design, to complaints about 4th edition, and even a contest for the creation of a "Surprise Elemental."


The guys best known for running a "World War II: Week by week", a channel that covers World War II, week by week, in real time, and, with a different presenter, The Great War, which is more or less the same thing for WWI.

History Civilis[edit]

Mainly Roman history, told from a top down perspective with colored squares.


Like the above, but with better art and more of a Roman focus.


A series focused on the day to day life of 18th and early 19th Century America. This means it covers a wide variety of topics including construction, clothing, music, laundry, writing, brewing, and (especially) cooking instead of the military campaigns typical of history lessons. Despite the late focus, most of what it covers is applicable to pre-industrial society in general and it often talks of how things were done before this, giving you an idea of the day-to-day life of a pre-modern commoner. Be sure to be well-stocked on nutmeg.

Tod's Workshop[edit]

Propmaker and engineer Tod Todeschini covering various replicas of antique arms he has made. While many channels talk about the history of the weapons, Tod's Workshop uniquely focuses on their construction and the physics reasons they are the way they are. Of particular note is his crossbow series, where he covers the history, power and mechanical design of many, many types of crossbows.

History Buffs[edit]

This channel focuses on blockbuster films based on history; not only are you given a detailed summary for the historical context of the film, but also notes where the film may deviate from historical accounts; very useful if you were ever shown such a film in history class and developed an inaccurate understanding of the events shown. Film selection includes such classics such as Lawrence of Arabia, Waterloo, Tombstone, etc... as well as some genuine stinkers like Kingdom of Heaven and Timeline. He’s not afraid to say when a movie is garbage as a film even though it’s historically accurate (Alexander), good despite being totally inaccurate (The Untouchables), or has a good reason to be less than accurate (300’s framing device of propagandized oral history). Most will be war films or other genres of action-based historical dramas, like Westerns and Gangster films.


A historian and fantasy writer who discuses things about the middle ages you probably didn't know, common misconceptions about the middle ages seen in fiction, how to make fantasy more realistic (for example designing a back scabbard that actually works), reviews of fantasy movies and tv shows, and more.


A HEMA instructor and antique sword seller who discusses the details how weapons were actually used and the distinctions between types of swords. Prone to rambling about context.

The Chieftain's Hatch[edit]

A tank commander and tank historian does examinations and explanations of old tanks (The guy happens to be World of Tanks' in-house historian, and has done multiple talks at the Tank Museum at Bovington). Also some model tanks. He's also a contributor to the channel World War Two week by week.

Forgotten Weapons[edit]

The historical gun guy. He's fairly good at covering the plusses and minuses of the weapons he covers, and he covers a lot of different kinds of gun, from the world's smallest pistol[1] to actual, full on machine guns[2], to very famous weapons[3] to historical oddities[4]. The man is largely an academic and historian, which sets him apart from most gun channels, but he's still got his fair share of goofy moments and memes. When his fans started calling him "Gun Jesus," he fully adopted the meme. If you want to have painfully obscure weapons in your campaign, he's a good place to start looking for such.

Voices of the Past[edit]

Dramatic readings of primary sources from history, with some annotations on things like conversions for historical units and present day locations. The words of sources like Marco Polo on anything, Aztecs on Conquistadors, Europeans on Japan, Japan on America/Europe, Rome on China and China on Rome provide excellent fuel for describing alien cultures and strange lands. The accounts of conquistadors slaughtering and looting Aztecs in response to learning of their widespread practice of human sacrifice reads much like the chronicles of a group of Adventurers.

Writing-Related Stuff[edit]

For people writing their own campaigns, settings, or other stuff.

Terrible Writing Advice[edit]

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: Awful, awful writing advice, delivered sarcastically. Hilarious as all hell, though. Includes references from everything and anything form Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, 40k, DnD, and even Doctor Who. Is also an author himself, but that much should be obvious.

Not Fully Recommended[edit]

Because of off-channel issues and not that great content, but being focused on Tabletop, the following are probably on topic for /tg/, but not recommended by the majority of this wiki. We're mainly listing them here because we wish to head off "butwhadabout"ers, as, again, their videos are on topic for /tg/ if they suddenly become relevant again.

Arch Warhammer[edit]

Mister Skubtastic himself.[5] He has made a name for himself by producing Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy lore videos and depending on who you ask is either a funny guy with a purposely offensive sense of humor (we're talking about a guy who's proud his channel became famous for the phrase "house-ni**ers"), a literal Nazi, or a Skaven. The best way to describe him is a somewhat well-read but politically outspoken prick with an insufferable fake accent. Also makes videos on 40k related games and the occasional video or series of videos on miscellaneous games that grab his attention, and recently GW filed a trademark complaint against him reducing his name simply to "Arch".

The controversy around the guy stems from a few main issues. Firstly he's accused of making shit up in his videos and claims to be a "loremaster" despite not knowing a lot of things (like how Angron became a daemon prince). Secondly he ran a Vampire: The Masquerade game where he tried to make Nazi's sympathetic, and finally he's a very outspoken racist on his discord (although some people would argue that's dark humour taken out of context) and he chooses racists, and even pedophiles to be his moderators. Regardless of his own intent, his discord was/is filled to the brim with so called "race realists" (aka people who try and prove that blacks are violent monkey people through pseudoscience like phrenology and gross misuse of statistics) and literal fucking neo-nazis who he allowed to shit up his server and even courted, making it closer to /pol/ than a community based around Warhammer lore. Given that you are the company you keep, that should say enough about him. He's also somebody who seems convinced that if the Imperium of Man were real, everyone would be better off.

Counter Monkey[edit]

We have an article on him already. Go read that for the details.


  1. It fires 2.7 mm rounds, for the record
  2. As in, require an emplacement and set up and a spare man just to hold the ammo.
  3. One of his most popular videos covers the single worst assault rifle ever made, the SA80--and before you ask "how does that tie into the 'Forgotten' part of the name?", he was covering the developmental history of the SA80, which features plenty of not-very-well-known prototypes.
  4. Such as the Nazi Belt-buckle gun or the "Krummlauf" curved barrel, which is almost as crazy as it sounds.
  5. How skubtastic is he? His section accounts for at lest 60% of the edits to this page what with people defending and attacking him revert warring.