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This page is dedicated to the well-known content creators who create Warhammer, D&D, and/or other tabletop related content, or history-related channels that are good starting places for research. Creators who are interested in but do not regularly create content around these topics are not included.[1]

Notes to would-be recommenders:

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  • Try to keep the entries in alphabetical order [2], except for Official Channels Run By the Publisher, which obviously should Go First.
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Warhammer Creators[edit]


The official Games Workshop YouTube channel for Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar. There you can find trailers for new armies, boxes and codexes. But more importantly, you can find tutorials by Duncan Rhodes and Chris Peach on how to paint, kitbash and use tools, which let's face it is the real reason to keep up with the channel. Duncan left GW on the last day of 2019 and has since moved onto his own channel, and is replaced by Nick Bayton.

AoS Coach[edit]

The premier AoS tabletop rules and tournament channel, hosted by Anthony. This charming Aussie specializes in commentary and coverage of rules updates and army strategy, as well as the latest metas in the AoS tournament scene, in Australia and America. Most noteworthy is his "Talkin' 3rd Edition" series, where he analyzes the new changes brought to the various factions in 3rd Edition, discussing them with a prominent player of that particular faction from the tournament scene.


"The (unofficial) Warhammer 40k animation." This guy made possibly the best Warhammer 40k animation ever. It shows Space Marines acting like Space Marines, moving ridiculously fast for something their size, utterly overpowering any mortal that tries to stop them and shrugging off damage that would turn a human into a smear on the floor. Go watch it, you won't regret it.

Currently vacant as the Astartes shorts are now hosted on the Warhammer Community website. All that's left is a video informing everyone about this development. Most likely due to copyright.

Auspex Tactics[edit]

Youtuber focused on the tabletop games rules and tactics. Is very active, uploading consistently, and is up to date with new rules and releases. Does the occasional product review, though has been heavily criticised by anyone who doesn't play Imperium for his lack of uploads on xenos armies. This is either a result of unfamiliarity with the factions requested, or more likely he just hasn't gotten around to it yet. (It's the latter. He has a few xenos armies, and actually does the mathhammer).

Baldermort's Guide to Warhammer[edit]

He is a rising Warhammer 40k content creator who specialises in beginner level lore and stories for his videos. Notable for his raw vocal talent, self-written audio dramas, high upload rate, and use of audience participation by forging narratives based on in-comment voting.

Bruva Alfabusa[edit]

You know who he is, I know who is, we all know who he is. Chapter Master of the now defunct Alfa Legion and creator of the YouTube phenomenon If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device. Has also created a few other shows like The Upper Hive and has a bunch of Dawn of War 2 voice lines on his channel from years ago... for reasons most would rather forget.

Currently on an hiatus from warhammer content due to copy-right reasons.

Chapter Master Valrak[edit]

A 40K news channel and Imperial Fists fanboy. Also produces videos on 40K games and gets fairly involved in other projects such as Helsreach. Self-identifies with the Imperium, often using the term "we" whenever he refers to the Imperium winning in a global campaign or story. If you're into that kind of stuff, give him a watch. Hilariously, he scored as Perturabo on a “Which Primarch are you?” personality quiz.


A small, mostly AoS-focused channel that produces some humorous, yet informative videos aimed at being enjoyable for both newbies and seasoned hobbyists. Primarily seems to deal with the fluff associated with AoS, but actually draws the connection between fluff and tabletop, understanding that the primary role of fluff is to serve as context for a toy soldiers game and modelling hobby. Produced what is probably the best look at Stormcast Eternals and what makes them distinct from their 40k cousins, alongside what makes them interesting in comparison, for example. Also dabbles in the discussion of satire and pastiche in Warhammer overall, discussing the influences and themes of the various characters and factions.


Named after the titular Inheritor. Creates art for TTS and sometimes voices characters. Is more active on Twitter, but uploads some pretty good videos every now and then. Also made the TTS-verse sideshow Behemoth.


Up-and-coming Age of Sigmar content creator with a penchant for deadpan delivery and zero punctuation (the good kind) in his videos. Did not come into AoS from WHFB, his advice is generally newbie-friendly with technical slang thrown in and his faction spotlights are very measured and balanced. Possible contender for best AoS factions summary video to date. A self-confessed weeb that also regularly streams weeb games on Twitch.

Karl the Deranged[edit]

Needs very little introduction. Voices characters on TTS like Marneus Calgar and sometimes shows up at the end of episodes just to shout. On his channel you'll find content in a similar vein to TTS, like Ravandil's Quest and the meme-worthy Vindicare Assassin video.


A 40K vlogger and once a member of the Unit Lost Gaming channel before becoming a 40K channel. Always keeps up to date with 40K news and gives his 50 cents on the hobby. Also uploads videos on assorted topics that have taken his fancy.


Like Kirioth, but for Age of Sigmar.

Lost Legion[edit]

Similar to the Primaris channel, but are making a film/short series about Eldar Exodites instead. The First teaser looks very promising with the Eldar moving so fast and gracefully that they are blurs. Once again GWs official animations are being shown up by fan animations, which explains why GW themselves decided to work with them.

Loremaster of Sotek[edit]

A laid back Warhammer Fantasy YouTuber and acolyte of Tehenhauin known for his Legendary Lord and QnA series where he goes in-depth on the various intricacies of the many factions and races in the setting. Excluding his more casual videos, his style is very narrative, like trying to tell a coherent story. Also has several videos for people wishing to get into Age of Sigmar and regularly streams TWW and Vermintide II where he takes questions as well. Most recently, he made a series of Halloween-themed videos that talk about the various monsters and lesser known nightmares of the Warhammer world, while also having an underlying story of his own design.


The true workhorse of the 40k Youtube content creators. The sheer volume and variety of content he presents caters to a wide range of interests. From tactics and tutorials, to lore and hobby tips. Also does gaming overviews for various military themed video games. Be warned that some disagree with his interpretation of 40k lore, that being that he thinks of everything as both canon, and non-canon, which is a skubby topic in and of itself for some fans. Has had an amusing time trying to figure out whether Abbadon is pronounced A-bad-un or Abba-don.


An Aussie that covers both 40k and Fantasy/AoS lore with an avant garde (read: vulgar and bombastic) flair. He also plays the hobby, and his Patreon contains a lot of commissioned PROMOTIONS!. He is also currently the fastest growing Warhammer Youtuber, making a goal out of overtaking other Warhammer Youtubers in subscriber count.

Mark Louis Spark[edit]

Creates 3D model renders and is currently in the process of making a Horus Heresy movie called "Death of Hope". Judging from what we've seen so far it looks great, and hopefully won't go the same way as Lord Inquisitor.

Unfortunately, as of 08/2020 the worst has indeed happened, and he has decided to only release the second of his three planned major videos, saying that a grueling RL work schedule, combined with the negative responses he got about his animation draining him of his passion for the project, has begun to negatively affect his personal life. He's made a video on his channel that has the full explanation, and while he is now in a better mind set after a few days from the initial announcement he has committed to taking a break after part 2, and part 3's status will be up in the air for the foreseeable future.


A large network of Neckbeards playing a variety of wargames, chief among them the Warhammers. Most of their content is more for entertainment than hardcore gameplay, so expect flubbed rules. Also moulds that make you go to sleep

Oculus Imperia[edit]

Makes detailed 40K lore videos narrated from an in-universe point of view as an Imperial scholar. Topics range from histories and tactics of Space Marine Chapters and Titan Legions to individual incidents in Imperial history. Also dabbles in Age of Sigmar lore and actually managed to make it interesting.


After being inspired by the Astartes series, this guy has decided to create his own based on some Black Templars. So far the animation looks a little rougher but still very good production wise. Like Astartes and Richard Boylan, is working with GW, and his project has been renamed Altar of Wrath.

Richard Boylan[edit]

Creates videos in SFM and the like. Is responsible for turning Helsreach into a YouTube series, and made a live action 40K video that didn't suck (see, it can be done). Is currently in talks with GeeDubs themselves for an official animated special involving the Blood Angels.

Snipe and Wib[edit]

A gaming couple with a love for 40K. They create a wide array of content, from vlogs to gameplay videos. Created two videos about Rogue Trader that more or less brought their channel into the light, and done look backs on other famous old 40k rule books. Both are in a band called "Fighting Evil is Cool", and Wib's real name is Matt Ward (no really; he's not that Matt Ward, just shares a name with him). Wib also has his own channel "Wib Does Stuff", where every two months he showcases the minis he's painted. Oh, and both have been in TTS.


Animator who makes surprisingly high quality videos in source filmmaker. Also hired by GW and thus removed 40k related content from his channel (again, fuck copyright law) though continues to make other videos on his spare time.

Until around July 2021, when some people harassed him and he rejected GW's offer to work for them. Thanks guys.


Purely 40K gameplay, specializing mostly in longform and technical batreps. Great for learning how to play a faction in a fun but competitive way.


Makes music for TTS and a bunch of Warhammer-themed music as well. Also created a 40K Singing Idol contest series thing. Because of course he did.


Ork/Necron specialist who has been putting out a lot of content in the lead up to 9th Edition. Pretty nicely written, in-depth videos on tactics that don't beat around the bush.

Tabletop Tactics[edit]

Wargamers who are a mix of Striking Scorpion 82 and Mini War Gaming. Their lists can range from really good and competitive, to very fun and enjoyable.

Tactica Imperialis[edit]

Creates lore videos on 40K and gives his thoughts on the tabletop game. He also does a podcast with 40K Theories.


Voices Little Kitten in TTS (this is a theme for 40K content creators) and has made some ace reviews of the Dawn of War series. Definitely worth a watch.

Winters SEO[edit]

A 40k wargamer from England. He plays a plethora of armies. Generally a decent guy and one of the first Youtube batrep guys. Really LOATHES Chapter Master Valrak for reasons similar to what we have stated above. Good for watching while building, painting, or just to see a nice game.


Voices - you guessed it - TTS characters, in particular Leman Russ, but also has a YouTube channel he would upload games to, usually with a 40K twist to it. However, he's abandoned the channel in favor of Twitch. Besides gaming he also does some 40k army building and roleplaying on the side. Most recently Zoran and other members of the TTS cast have started a Wrath and Glory livestream series called WarHams, which he uploads to his channel.

2+ Tough[edit]

Primarily an Age of Sigmar lore channel, with some 40K, Necromunda and other games occasionally being covered. Doug is the host, and he focuses on short and easily digested lore videos, all with a laid back and down to earth presentation. Also hosts painting livestreams, where he answers lore questions and interacts with other Warhammer Youtubers. Works together/shares a Discord server with Rerolling Ones, who generally provide 40K and AoS battle reports.

40K Theories[edit]

Starring Remleiz and Naerina, 40K Theories makes general lore videos, videos theorizing reasons for the unexplained in 40K, and videos spotlighting fan-made factions. Unsurprisingly, both Remleiz and Naerina occasionally lend their voices to TTS.

D&D and Pathfinder Creators[edit]

Channels that just do readings of stories taken from Reddit and 4chan's /tg/ don't count.

Dungeons & Dragons[edit]

This is the official channel for D&D where the creators discuss new products and the game's lore and you can see the official product trailers.

D&D Beyond[edit]

Another official channel for D&D that includes interviews with the creators of D&D and with famous D&D players and dungeon masters.


A less popular but still worth checking out animator who does D&D videos, both based on his campaigns and short skits that make fun of the typical players and events you will likely encounter while playing D&D. Also makes a few songs about D&D.

AJ Pickett[edit]

Another guy who does videos on D&D lore.

Blaine Simple[edit]

Another less popular but worth checking out animator who does D&D stories and videos on how to make character builds based on popular anime characters.


While most D&D channels focus on D&D 5e, Corajus here focuses on the old school rules ranging from the original Little Brown Box to AD&D 2e with videos covering not only the rules but also reviews of a lot of older adventures such as The Keep on the Borderlands and the Against the Giants line.

Critical Role[edit]

The show where a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons and Dragons. A Twitch live-show (episodes are later uploaded on YouTube) where DM Matthew Mercer guides fellow voice-actors in adventures in the land of Exandria. Their 1st campaign is being turned on an animation that'll air on Amazon Prime. For more details they have their own page

Dingo Doodles[edit]

Another animator who rivals Puffin Forest in popularity. Mostly makes videos telling funny stories about her life and D&D. Her main campaign story is Fool's Gold, an epic and extremely wacky adventure staring her character Sips, a badass chaotic good uplifted monkey wild magic sorcerer full of RAGE, who constantly is breaking the campaign, much to the frustration of her boyfriend Felix the DM.

the DM Lair[edit]

Makes videos on running the game for DMs.

Don't Stop Thinking[edit]

Another great animated channel that does videos discussing D&D and other RPGs, as well as telling D&D stories.

Esper the Bard[edit]

Most famous for his videos where he does rankings of D&D monsters and classes but also has campaign videos, tutorials on how to draw maps, original stories, and more.

Hidden Nerdy Side[edit]

Makes videos on ideas for encounters with different monsters that you could include in your campaigns and also videos on how to be a better player and DM.

Hour of the Raven[edit]

A Brazilian channel in both English and Portuguese. Gabriel focuses on in depth various aspects of the Ravenloft Campaign Setting.


An animator who makes self-described 'crap' guides to D&D in the style of Zero Punctuation


The PH is silent. Yet another popular lore video maker.


Does lore videos on D&D and other games.

Mr. Welch[edit]

The legendary Mr. Welch himself has a YouTube channel, where he reviews RPGs and discusses the Mystara setting. Expect a few tongue in cheek jabs at the Forgotten Realms setting here and there.


Has a massive number of videos on playing D&D with everything from suggestions on what monsters to use in a campaign, to what the best character builds are for different races, and more.

Nerd Immersion[edit]

Does reviews of D&D products and DM's Guild modules, top 10 lists, advice on playing the game, updates on D&D news, and more.

Puffin Forest[edit]

Probably the number 1 most popular D&D animator on youtube. While his animation is far from being the best (his art style is worse than Order of the Stick), he more than makes up for it with his great sense of humor and amount of content. He mostly talks about D&D, but he occasionally does videos about Call of Cthulhu and other games. Most of his videos tell funny stories about stuff that happened to him during tabletop games (both as a player and a game master). In others he reviews tabletop games and gives advice to players and game masters. He also has started doing longer video series where he retells entire campaigns in more detail but with without animation, starting with a (relatively) serious Curse of Strahd campaign. Because of how popular he is, he frequently has crossovers with other D&D youtubers including Zee Bashew and Dingo Doodles.

He is a bit Skubby to some because many people on /tg/ find his funny stories to be too unbelievable or find them to be cringy instead of funny because he comes off as a That Guy in some of them. He enjoys making ridiculous characters and has admitted that he used to frequently do stuff that would sabotage his party just because it was funny in his early games and as a DM he sometimes can be a little too sadistic. His defenders argue that he is purposefully making himself look worse than he actually is for humor.

He really doesn't like 4th edition D&D, for reasons that are completely justified.

Reba Derps[edit]

Another D&D animator with a style similar to Dingo Doodles.


Yet another guy who does D&D lore videos.

Seth Skorkowsky[edit]

Does reviews of RPGs and RPG modules, gives advice on running games, and his videos on table etiquette are all really good. Has several great videos giving reviews of older AD&D modules. Focuses far more on other systems such as Call of Cthulhu and Traveller and is also an author as well. His tastes are rather limited (he's never touched a dice pool game and can often be relied upon to criticize any system he examines that diverges from the D&D/Cyberpunk 2020 /Traveller/Cthulhu rules and style he's familiar with for diverging from it), but his style is generally warm, friendly, and non-confrontational about matters of taste, and his RPG philosophy videos usually contain good advice that focuses on the right things.

T the Writer[edit]

Unlike most channels that tell D&D stories, this guy does longer videos telling about his campaigns in detail.

Tulok the Barbrarian[edit]

Makes videos on how to make Dungeons & Dragons characters based on popular movie, anime, video game, and comic book characters.

XP to Level 3[edit]

A good non-animated channel that does videos on D&D, telling interesting stories and giving useful tips on playing the game. And also video sketches on the shenanigans of a certain Wizard.

Zee Bashew[edit]

An animator who makes D&D-related animations on how to use spells, run games, and just general D&D things. It's fun and worth a look if you're new to D&D.

BattleTech Creators[edit]

Black Pants Legion/Tex[edit]

A miscellaneous, mostly SS13 content, in which a guy named Tex makes a series called Tex Talks Battletech, which goes into detailed, sometimes embellished (due to being an Inner Sphere supporter) accounts of mechs and history of Battletech universe.

He used to frequent /tg/ back in the day, when it used to be cool, and takes credit for writing the original Fur Heresy.

Critical Rocket[edit]

A Battletech fan channel, Critical Rocket makes a series of lore videos called Lorewarrior.

Call of Cthulhu Creators[edit]

Petersen Games[edit]

The official channel for the peeps behind Call of Cthulhu and various other tabletop games. Sandy himself has his own channel Sandy of Cthulhu, where he tends to discuss more generalized topics

Lancer Creators[edit]


One part memer, one part guidebook, DragonKid discusses quite a lot about each of the various officially available frames, rules, lore and even a couple fan-made homebrews as well. He also did some Battletech stuff as well, but kinda discontinued it when he saw just how much more he got out of the Lancer stuff. He's currently working on guides to Flying Circus, a PbtA-styled game about World War era dogfighting through the lens of Miyazaki.

General War-gaming Creators[edit]

Guerrilla Miniature Games[edit]

If you are interested in any particular miniature game (Both new and old), it is likely that he has at least 2 or 3 videos covering it. Also covers the larger games like 40K, AOS, Infinity etc... Is a war-game designer himself [Made Last Days: Zombies Apocalypse] and a fairly skilled painter. Overall his channel takes a holistic approach to the hobby and is also fairly chill in his videos, also is not afraid to admit when he dislikes a game or mechanic and doesn't put on act for the videos.

Little Wars TV[edit]

Possibly the historical war-gaming channel with a great variety of historical wargames played, showcased, and reviewed on this channel, with some fictional wargames (mostly mainstream-public, like Star Wars) also featured here. These guys are a hardcore, dedicated but also easy-going historical group based in the US and will play almost any historical system, and will often dress up for the occasion as well. Highly recommended if you're looking at those Napoleonic Wars or other historical models and wondering if they'll be as worth it as that 40k battalion box on the next shelf.

Miniature Painting/Hobbying Channels[edit]

A lot of theses channels do cover Warhammer content, but is primarily focused on the making and painting of minis

Darren Latham Miniature Painting[edit]

Yes, THAT Darren Latham, former 'Eavy Metal painter and GW sculptor, Darren Latham had[3] a YouTube channel where he would share some of his techniques in guides for how to get that award winning paintjob.

Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy[edit]

Our Lord and Savior Duncan Rhodes' personal Youtube channel after parting ways with Geedubs. All of his videos are guides to show his painting prowess, though now he's not bound to only GW materials. Generally the same sort of format as his Warhammer Community guides.

Midwinter Minis[edit]

Guy makes really well done painting tutorials, including some retro designs. He has really good guides on how to easily create certain effects (like OSL) that most people would use an Airbrush for. Also makes small scale battle reports that make the game easier to understand.


Painting channel that has guides, reviews, and generally just painting miniatures. A rather humorous fellow, with small skits in his videos, and always end his videos with the demand that you "Paint More Minis!". A bit more of an amateur than some of the other channels, and has been learning more about painting techniques and concepts over time.

Night Shift[edit]

Who is this? Well, Night Shift is a scale modeler, which means that he uses a lot of techniques that are pretty alien to the vast majority of Wargamers, such as oil painting, enamel washes, advanced weathering techniques, making rivets and other items out of aluminium foil or metal sheets, etc. Primarily makes model tanks and ground vehicles, and is a rather humorous fellow.

Pete The Wargamer[edit]

An extremely good kitbasher, has guides on how to basically kitbash anything in Warhammer, from Chaos Legions, a vampire lord from Sigvald, to a freaking Necrofex Colossus. Really great inspiration for your own kitbashes. Also makes painting guides, which are pretty decent, but not on the level of the more advanced painters here.

Sam Lenz Artwork[edit]

Golden Demon winner, and a "metal" fellow. His guides showcases his process from start to finish, with voiceover to explain what and how he's doing. Also has tutorials on Tabletop Minions.

Tabletop Minions[edit]

Hosted by "Uncle" Atom, he makes a variety of videos, mostly vlogs about his thoughts and tips for pretty much every aspect of the wargaming hobby, like accessibility, balance, and painting. He also has videos with painting tips, mostly for speedpainting armies, and hosts some tutorials from Golden Demon winner Sam Lenz for more advanced techniques. Hosts a livestream every two weeks on Sunday, where he chats about the hobby. A lot of his content features Warhammer, but most of it is applicable to wargaming in general.

Trovarion Miniatures[edit]

French sculptor and Golden Demon winner, Trovarion has a good amount of guides showing techniques and tips for beginner and more advanced painters. Also has a series "'Eavier Than Metal" where he shows how to paint a miniature with more advanced techniques than GW's normal 'Eavy Metal style, with Non-Metallic Metal, freehands, painting texture on surfaces, working with pigments, etc. Has a podcast with Vince Venturella called "Mini Painting Mythbusting", where they at common ideas like needing a sable brush or that NMM is better than normal metallics, and weigh their opinions on them.

Vince Venturella[edit]

The man who makes a lot of painting guides, Vince has a guide for pretty much any technique or concept in miniature painting, from highlighting, wetblending, using oil washes, to product reviews and range overviews. Has a weekly podcast "Warhammer Weekly" with some other hosts discussing Age of Sigmar rules and new Warhammer releases/previews. Hosts interviews with miniature painters like Miniac, Darren Latham, and Richard Gray (the guy who does that there amazing freehand). Vince's work has also been shown in Warhammer Community articles for recently released stuff (Warmaster Titan, his Cities of Sigmar Army, Sigvald, etc).

Yu-Gi-Oh Creators[edit]

The Duel Logs[edit]

A Johnny who makes gimmick deck replays. He has relatively recently made a lot of top 10s, which would be clickbaity if he wasn’t using it as an excuse to talk about weird card interaction and the game’s history. In particular, his “10 worst” videos are great because rather than say the card is shit while spewing profanity, he suggests ways the card can be used, even if they're suboptimal, that make it better than the cards ranked worse than it while being perfectly willing to admit that some categories are so strong even their worst instances are still decent. Makes an effort to explain cards and why they're good/bad very well (in response to disdain for a lot of MTG channels not doing so), so he’s accessible with minimal experience and/or audio only. Also has a World of Warcraft channel and a D&D channel.

Rank 10 YGO (Rata)[edit]

A Montenegrin Serb who does in depth overviews of various archetypes (and some other stuff). As befitting of someone whose childhood involved living through the Yugoslav wars, he’s very cynical on Konami’s competence and doesn’t hold back when card design is lackluster, yet actually quite enthusiastic when something does meet his standards. Now a doctor of psychology.

History Channels (The Kind That Don't Show Ancient Aliens 24/7)[edit]

Because "realism" is something of a debate, actual Wargaming is a thing, and the general assuming a setting should be "Like Reality Unless Noted", we'll list some good "realism argument" and "actual military history" channels.


Drachinifel is a British amateur historian Youtuber with a keen interest in naval history focussing on Age of Sail to the end of WW2. Known for his Five Minute Guides on ships (which are almost always over 5 minutes), Wednesday Rum Ration specials on naval topics, and Sunday Drydocks answering Youtube and Patreon questions which range from one hour to 4 hours. Also has an extremely good memory. His most popular videos as of 21 April 2021 are on Operation Rheinubung, USS Texas and the A6M Zero.

Forgotten Weapons[edit]

The historical gun guy. He covers the history and specifications of guns, and oh boy, he covers all sorts of guns, from tiny watch sized guns to massive coastal defense cannons, prototypes to production weapons, and oddities like belt buckle guns and homemade poacher muskets. The man is largely an academic and historian [4], which sets him apart from most gun channels[5], but he's still got his fair share of goofy moments and memes. When his fans started calling him "Gun Jesus," he fully adopted the meme. If you want to have obscure and weird weapons in your campaign, he's a good place to start looking for such.

History Buffs[edit]

This channel focuses on blockbuster films based on history; not only are you given a detailed summary for the historical context of the film, but also notes where the film may deviate from historical accounts; very useful if you were ever shown such a film in history class and developed an inaccurate understanding of the events shown. Film selection includes such classics such as Lawrence of Arabia, Waterloo, Tombstone, etc... as well as some genuine stinkers like Kingdom of Heaven and Timeline. He’s not afraid to say when a movie is garbage as a film even though it’s historically accurate (Alexander), good despite being totally inaccurate (The Untouchables), or has a good reason to be less than accurate (300’s framing device of propagandized oral history). Most will be war films or other genres of action-based historical dramas, like Westerns and Gangster films.

History Civilis[edit]

Mainly Roman history, told from a top down perspective with coloured squares.


Like History Civilis above, but with better art and more of a Roman focus.

Kings and Generals[edit]

An excellent channel dedicated to showing in depth military campaigns and battles using the Total War games and custom art and maps. Includes excellent videos on The Romans, Early Muslim Expansion, The Ottomans and The Thirty Years War. Main narrator OfficiallyDevin has two separate channels dedicated to high quality gaming content.


Very much a nerd's nerd, and easily mistaken for a crazy homeless man living under a bridge, but he's covered a lot of stuff that's of interest to /tg/. Some topics include discussions on medieval arms and armor, tanks, castles, historical battles, etc. If you want the /tg/ stuff, the "Weapons and Armor" "History" and "Warfare" playlists are of interest. Though take his info with a grain of salt as a lot of his videos contain bad history and he is very biased towards England when it pops up (like saying the Bren Gun is better than the MG-34/42 using a lot of inaccurate information, claiming Napoleon was as bad as Hitler and unironically saying pre-decimal British currency was better) the playlists mentioned above are mostly fine though. He even covers some tabletop-specific gaming material in his various discussions, ranging from scenery creation to fantasy weapon design, to complaints about 4th edition, and even a contest for the creation of a "Surprise Elemental."

Military History Visualized[edit]

Austrian historian who makes videos covering various topics about military conflicts, mostly around ww2, but has content from the Roman Empire to the modern day. Unlike some other channels, links to and quotes the sources that he uses for his video, so you know he isn't just talking out of his ass. His videos focus on many different things, military campaigns like Kursk, debunking of common myths or stereotypes, like Soviet mine dogs or the Versailles Treaty, comparisons of military equipment, and just overall interesting stuff like German tactics in ww2. Collaborates with other history channels like Military Aviation History, Drachinifel, and Chieftain, and has a few interviews with German historians. Has a second channel Military History not Visualized which lacks the graphics and has him talking directly to the camera. Good place to start if you want a "historically accurate" campaign, or just to say "Well, actually" in discussions. He also appears on gaming videos and is a frequent guest on his friend Bohica Ice's channel.

Overly Sarcastic Productions[edit]

As the name implies, the duo in charge of this channel summarise history, historical figures, and myths both well-known and obscure in gloriously sarcastic (and cartoonish) fashion. Blue usually handles the more historical aspects, while Red covers the literary and mythological. Excellent for getting an overview of parts of history without going into absurd levels of detail, and for learning about commonly-expy'd mythical figures. They also talk about tropes and give writing advice.


A HEMA instructor and antique sword seller who discusses the details how weapons were actually used and the distinctions between types of swords. Prone to rambling about context.


A historian and fantasy writer who discuses things about the middle ages you probably didn't know, common misconceptions about the middle ages seen in fiction, how to make fantasy more realistic (for example designing a back scabbard that actually works), reviews of fantasy movies and tv shows, and more. He tends to ramble a lot though, so be ready to do a lot of time-skipping or go look somewhere else if you want a straightforward answer.


The guys best known for running a "World War II: Week by week", a channel that covers World War II, week by week, in real time, and, with a different presenter, The Great War, which is more or less the same thing for WWI. Indiana Neidell, the primary presenter did the week by week coverage on the Great War channel and has moved on with some of the crew to the World War 2 and Time Ghost channels. The Great War channel continues with the post war events[6].

Tod's Workshop[edit]

Propmaker and engineer Tod Todeschini covering various replicas of antique arms he has made. While many channels talk about the history of the weapons, Tod's Workshop uniquely focuses on their construction and the physics reasons they are the way they are. Of particular note is his crossbow series, where he covers the history, power and mechanical design of many, many types of crossbows, and his ongoing "Lockdown Longbow" series where he uses a crossbow capable of firing arrows at the same speed as a longbow to test how different types of armour fare against a variety of arrows. He also built many of the weapons used in the Netflix version of The Witcher.


A series focused on the day to day life of 18th and early 19th Century America. This means it covers a wide variety of topics including construction, clothing, music, laundry, writing, brewing, and (especially) cooking instead of the military campaigns typical of history lessons. Despite the late focus, most of what it covers is applicable to pre-industrial society in general and it often talks of how things were done before this, giving you an idea of the day-to-day life of a pre-modern commoner. Be sure to be well-stocked on nutmeg.

The Chieftain's Hatch[edit]

A tank commander and tank historian does examinations and explanations of old tanks (The guy happens to be World of Tanks' in-house historian, and has done multiple talks at the Tank Museum at Bovington). Also some model tanks. He's also a contributor to the channel World War Two week by week.

Voices of the Past[edit]

Dramatic readings of primary sources from history, with some annotations on things like conversions for historical units and present day locations. The words of sources like Marco Polo on anything, Aztecs on Conquistadors, Europeans on Japan, Japan on America/Europe, Rome on China and China on Rome provide excellent fuel for describing alien cultures and strange lands. The accounts of conquistadors slaughtering and looting Aztecs in response to learning of their widespread practice of human sacrifice reads much like the chronicles of a group of Adventurers.

Writing-Related Stuff[edit]

For people writing their own campaigns, settings, or other stuff.

Hello Future Me[edit]

An Author who breaks down various fictional universes and explains how components of them work. He discusses Imperialism, war, worldbuilding, fallen characters, and even mentor figures in great depth. Has a tendency to heavily reference the Lord of the Rings movies or ATLA for very good reason. Is generally a decent channel if you want to get better at writing, and a nice enough fella who manages to avoid drama like some of our other...*ahem*...inclusions in other sections.

Terrible Writing Advice[edit]

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: Awful, awful writing advice, delivered sarcastically. Hilarious as all hell, though. Includes references from everything and anything form Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, 40k, DnD, and even Doctor Who. Is also an author himself, but that much should be obvious.

Skub Containment Zone[edit]

Skub Strip Panel 3.png This article or section is about a topic that is particularly prone to Skub (that is, really loud and/or stupid arguments). Edit at your own risk, and read with a grain of salt, as skubby subjects have a bad habit of causing stupid, even in neutrals trying to summarize the situation.

The following are too skubby to be included in the main lists. Note that inclusion in this list is not about quality, but rather controversy: A sufficiently large group dislikes them that it can be safely said that they fall very firmly under a "Love or Hate" status. Either way, they're directly /tg/ relevant, and they come up on /tg/, so we're listing them here anyway. In other words: You may not like the following, based on how many people don't.[7]

Arch (formerly Arch Warhammer)[edit]

Arch (formerly Arch Warhammer) makes Warhammer 40k and Horus Heresy lore videos, both in general format ("Who are the Mortifactors" "What is a Titan?") and longer, multi-video works ("What was the Badab War?" "What was the The Siege of Vraks?"). Also covers video games, especially Warhammer video games, as well as occasionally dipping into edgelordery, /pol/itics, general controversy, and drama. Is generally considered the living avatar of Skub due to multiple controversies not detailed here;[8] if you wish to know more, don't worry, someone will probably tell you.

Counter Monkey (Noah Antwiler, aka The Spoony One)[edit]

We have an article on him already. Go read that for the details.

Norn Queen Alexis[edit]

A female WH40k poster; if you've heard of her, it's probably because she voiced Miriael Sabathiel in TTS. Has videos about Tactic, battle reports, reviews and reactions, mostly based around Sisters of Battle. So, why is she here? Well, she's the type that claims to promote a "LGBTQA+ and Women friendly atmosphere", which means that the usual suspects are in the usual forever war about her. Add in some controversy about her former association with Games Workshop we're not going to get into here, and you have a prime candidate for High Skubbery, regardless of the quality of her content.


OneMindSyndicate (abbreviated OMS) exclusively covers 40k lore. However, they are disliked due to doing so in the most monotonous way possible, making even normies cringe from sheer boredom, and they quote too much from the source material making it less digestable. If you want dry, matter-of-fact lore coverage with no originality, this is the place - and yes, there is already an audience for that, if their sub count is any indication.[9]

Play On Tabletop[edit]

Likeable outgoing nerds that play 40k. Why then are they here? They have no consistent upload schedule, have no real vision for their channel, and are all over the place in their content. Sometimes they can be making videos on painting, or interviewing their own staff, other times they are playing 40k, then tournament 40k, then Kill Team, then fun 40k. We're not putting them here because we dislike them, we are doing it because they are erratic compared to channels like SS82 or MWG. Seriously, just make up your fucking mind guys, what are you gonna do?


  1. Side note: Yes, non-Youtube video creators are explicitly allowed; it's just that just about everyone who makes videos has a Youtube channel right now, due to most of its competitors being shit in some way.
  2. Although sorted purely by channel name, so if "C.S. Goto" had a channel under that name, would go under "C", not "G"
  3. Sadly, his channel is defunct, because GW told him to stop, presumably because he was teaching what an 'eavy metal masterclass does for free. Truly a tragedy.
  4. Like having written a book on French gun development from the late 1800s to now.
  5. A large part of his popularity is that he avoids the politics of guns, unless it affects the weapon in question (and then usually sticks only to the laws in question or military procurement arguments). If this sounds unimportant, realize that the arguments around gun control are frequently so polarized that it's fairly easy to get massively annoyed at people who you (theoretically) agree with because they're too preachy or using bad debating tactics.
  6. For example, America officially signed the treaty officially ending the war 3 years after the war ended--and the debate involved is significant to understanding why isolationism was such a big thing in America in the lead up to WWII.
  7. If you've ever played Toe Jam & Earl 2: Panic on Funkotron, you may now play "Hyper-skub zone" in your head.
  8. Except for the only bit that's possibly amusing to an outsider: His unofficial subreddit mod team was taken over by his detractors, and turned into a subreddit about Warhammer architecture.
  9. The existence of Wikifags also proves there is an audience, since many of the issues with the Wikia are the same as those in OMS's videos.