Recon Armour

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Quickly Shas'La Vol. Protect Shas'O Vaun from incoming Bolter fire with your body!

Recon Armour is worn by the Tau's personal bullet catchers and cannon fodders. Unlike the more commonly worn Combat Armour, Recon Armour is more equivelent to Flak Armour in protective purposes.


Recon Armour lacks several of the reinforced layers and large armoured pauldron of Combat Armour, trading a degree of protection for greater freedom of movement. Recon Armour is most commonly utilised by Tau Pathfinders as it is more suited to their role as forward scouts.

A comprehensive sensor suite mounted in the helmet allows for similar upgrades to Combat Armour.

Like the more heavily armoured Combat Armour, Recon Armour is constructed by two layers. The outer face is a hard, ultra-dense nano-crystalline metal veneer bonded to an inner layer of high performance, thermo-set, molecular polyethene. Whereas the inner layer of Recon Armour acts as an energy-absorbent padding for energy dispersal, and helps prevent blunt trauma effects from high-velocity impacts.

Additionally, the nanocular-thread fatigues worn beneath Recon Armour by a Fire Warrior are interwoven with sound-absorbing fibres to aid in avoiding detection. The techniques used in the fabrication of Recon Armour are unknown to the Imperium as the Adeptus Mechanicus is forbidden from investigating this technology for some reason, despite the fact that they have already tinkered with the XV15 Stealthsuit. You could say thanks to the Inquisition's Ordo Xenos for that bundle of Derp.

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