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Created by SlugFest Games, Red Dragon Inn is a fast-paced, goofy card game that seeks to answer the question: "what happens to the adventuring party when they leave the dungeon and haul their loot back to the inn where it all started?"

According to Red Dragon Inn, the answer is that the adventurers get greedy and try to snatch all the gold for themselves. Each player takes up the role of one of the game's characters with the goal of trying to get all of the party's loot for themselves. To this end, you attempt to steal from your fellow players, win gambling games, get them drunk, or just have a bar brawl and aim to be the last one standing. Of course, your fellow players are trying to do the exact same thing to you. Last one still conscious with gold in their pockets wins!

There's currently 22 different characters a player can step into the shoes of, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Deidre the Priestess: Female elven cleric of "The Goddess"... and holy damn, is she stacked for an elf. Don't treat her like a bimbo, lest she call down her holy powers and smite you. Specialises in using healing powers to protect herself from harm or bribing other players to protect her by offering to heal their injuries... though she can also take her spells back, and do so at the worst possible moment. Of course, she has the typical elfin constitution - or lack thereof. She'll pass out after a couple of drinks, so it's important to stay away from the booze.

Fiona the Volatile: Hot-tempered hot-blooded hard-drinking busty redhaired warrior-woman, Fiona is the kind of girl who chugs beer for fun, breaks kegs on her head, and can beat you over the head with the table you're sitting out. She can drink like a fish and beat anyone's teeth in, but she sucks at holding onto her gold, so she can hemorrhage her precious loot if you're not careful.

Gerki the Sneak: Shifty damn Halfling thief who specializes in picking pockets, spiking drinks and cheating like the dirty rat bastard he is. Of course, he'll go squish real easy if a brawl breaks out.

Zot the Wizard: Old human guy who knows lot of spells, making him surprisingly good at gambling, blowing stuff up, keeping himself from harm, and making sure he can drink with the best of them. His only flaw is that he has to constantly monitor the mood of his familiar, Pooky, a psychotic binge-drinking bunny with more teeth than a dragon.

Pooky: Remember what we said about Zot's crazy familiar? He's a playable character, too. Watch out for his mood swings; if he swings down to Psychotic mode, nobody's going to be happy. This is one bad bunny!

Gog the Half Ogre: The height of two men, the weight of four, the strength of sixteen... all wrapped up in a green-skinned, sweet-tempered loveable lug who just wants to dance and have fun. Pity he's so strong he breaks pretty much anyone or anything he tries to play with.

Fleck the Bard: Flirty arrogant half-elven bard. He's a real prick.

Eve the Illusionist: Spellcasting woman - we think - who loves to mess with people's heads by making them see things that aren't there. Or not see things which are there, which can be worse.

Dimli the Dwarf: He's a dwarf. Grumpy, greedy, booze-swilling armor-plated little bastard.

Wizgille the Tinker: A female gnome who loves to build all manner of crazy contraptions. Problem is, even she doesn't know what they'll do, or how well they'll work, until she gives them a try.

Brewmaster Phrenk: A laidback troll alchemist who loves to share out his special drinks with his buddies... for a price. Plus, you never know if he's giving you a helpful potion or some wicked brew that'll lay you out flat.

Kaylin the Renegade & Wulfrik: She's a bad-tempered, greedy, nasty pixie enchanter who has a chip on her shoulder bigger than she is. He's a pretty big wolf. Together, they raided the dungeon, and now they're going to be the last ones standing with all the gold!

Serena the Pious: Rescued by Paladins of Korash when she was just a little baby, this female orc paladin dedicates herself to upholding the principles of justice and light, even in the face of her orcish instincts to fight, steal, carouse and get drunk. A pity that being in a tavern gambling and drinking isn't very conductive to keeping to her paladin principles...

Captain Whitehawk: Red wearing fancy-hatted white haired female pirate captain. Smart and tough, very good at assessing the situation. Just... don't insult her crew or her ship where she can hear you. Not if you aren't tired of your teeth, anyway.

First Mate Remy: First Mate of Captain Whitehawk's crew, a mysterious blue-skinned swashbuckler from some far away land.

Brynn the Boatswain: Two-fisted hard-fighting hard-drinking Brynn lists her hobbies as taking on all of the ship's crew in a fistfight at the same time and winning, and skolling enough booze to make an ogre sick. Strong enough to carry a cannon. In fact, she brought her cannon to the pub, just in case it got lonely.

Tara the Navigator: Mysterious oracle whose blindness is compensated by her ability to see the future. You know that saying about knowing too much about the future being a bad thing? Tara doesn't buy a word of it.

Erin the Ever-Changing: A female elven druid... which, naturally, makes her absurdly powerful. She can shapeshift into a raven to steal gold, become a bear to beat up anyone she's fighting, or turn into a tree for the drinking contests. Seriously, have you ever tried to outdrink a tree?

Cormac the Mighty: Big muscled, bad tempered and psychotically violent. In other words, your classic Barbarian.

Witchdoctor Natyli: Remember Brewmaster Phrenk? Turns out, he has a surprisingly cute niece. Up until you realize the various hexes and whammies she can slap on people with her voodoo dolls... which she loves using... and which she brought to the bar with her...

Ozrik the Adept: A younger wizard, specialized in the art of Blowing Shit Up.

Brother Bastian: A skilled caster of healing magics and divine prayers.

Zariah the Summoner: A female Conjurer whose specialty is her ability to call forth three loyal minions; Bandit the ferret, Scrappy the lion-cub, and Amber, an Alemental (like a water elemental, but made of living booze) to help her out. Her ultimate ability is to merge the three of them into one chimera-like creature.

Keet & Nitrel: Goblin adventurer siblings who have each other's back. Keet is a whip-wielding Indiana Jones wannabe, whilst his sister Nitrel is a bomb-tossing artificer.