Red Sonja

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Red Sonja, showing off her most iconic outfit.

Red Sonja is a female warrior from the Hyperborea world of Robert E. Howard. Although not created by the man himself - she was created by a writer for Marvel Comics named Roy Thomas - she was inspired by various warrior-women written by Howard himself.

This Sword & Sorcery heroine first debuted in comic format in 1973, but was later added to the pulp novel format. Voluptuous figured and red-haired, she was once a simple Western Hyrkanian farm-girl, until the day her farm was attacked by a band of mercenaries, who killed her family and raped Sonja. She was saved by a prayer to the goddess Scáthach, who bestowed her with paranatural fighting prowess; through her divine blessing, Sonja was given strength, speed, agility and reflexes akin to a man in peak physical condition, as well as an intuitive grasp of various forms of combat. These abilities allowed Sonja to dispatch the mercenaries easily, and she set off to become a sellsword, with a warning by Scáthach that if she ever laid with a man who had not proven a skilled enough fighter to best Sonja in legitimate combat, then the blessing would be stripped from her, removing all of her divine fighting skills.

Sonja can be thought of as a female counterpart to Conan the Barbarian, and she has crossed paths with him once or twice in the Marvel comics.

She is most famous for her Fantasy Armor, which consists of gloves, boots and either a bikini or a bra plus loincloth made of scale-mail, showing off her supermodel-style tits and ass. Needless to say, people are sharply divided on her suitability as a character.