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Reddit is a major social media website. Reddit is considered by some to be the Left-wing equivalent of 4chan (which it isn't, Reddit and 4chan are both apolitical platforms that happen to contain a number of political threads, like r/The_Donald and /pol/ respectively). If anything Reddit is a more ad-friendly equivalent of 4chan, though that isn't saying much.

Of note to understanding Reddit: Anybody with an account can found a subreddit. Reddit the company usually only gets involved if there's a loud enough dispute, there's money on the line, or required by law. Politics matters only in that it has an effect on them making money. As a general rule: If you stay below the radar, keep away from being the sort of /pol/tard, SJW or anarchist who's standing next to somebody advocating violence, or generally awful human being, and avoid the usual forum drama going nuclear badly enough to either get the media's attention or spill over into more popular subreddits, Reddit the company don't give a shit even if you break their rules a dozen times over.

Relationship (or lack there of) with /tg/[edit]

For the most part there isn't one, the two avoid the other like siblings who hate each other. Occasionally you'll get somebody who posts a link from one site to the other, and this will be followed by complaining about the other site. With that said Reddit does contain a number of subreddits with /tg/ relevant topics such as 40k.

/tg/ relevant subreddits[edit]

Relevant, but not recommended:

  • r/sigmarxism: What it says on the tin: Communist 40k fans. Basically the far left equivalent to the God-Emperor Trump meme.
  • r/4chan: We see you seeing us seeing you. Mainly /b/ focused.

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