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Reddit is a major social media website, considered to be the face of the internet as oppossed to 4chan as the armpit of the internet. Reddit tends to be the more ad-friendly equivalent of 4chan, though that isn't saying much.

Reddit differs from 4chan in that you can found your own subreddits, which are generally left alone unless controversy or money gets in the way. This has a positive of giving people more power in their own subreddits, the downside of course being that some subreddits are barely touched, especially some of the lower interest/niche subreddits.

Relationship (or lack there of) with /tg/, and 4chan at large[edit]

For the most part there isn't one, the two avoid the other like siblings who hate each other. Occasionally you'll get somebody who posts a link from one site to the other, and this will be followed by complaining about the other site. With that said Reddit does contain a number of subreddits with /tg/ relevant topics such as 40k. In general though across most boards if someone believes you are a redditor, they will tell you that you have to go back. You are more likely to be told this if you use spacing often between ideas, using "memeflags", acting like a troll/shill, or generally being disruptive. Or you posted something really cringe.

/tg/ relevant subreddits[edit]

Relevant, but not recommended:

  • r/sigmarxism: What it says on the tin: Communist 40k fans. Weirdly one of the only places one can discuss Warhammer's subtext and themes without brainlets getting in the way with in-lore justifications instead of asking why certain things are written the way they are. You know, textual analysis.
  • r/4chan: We see you seeing us seeing you. Mainly /b/ focused.

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