Regimental Commissar Anton Gebbet

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Anton Gebbet was the sidekick *BLAM!* I WILL EXECUTE THE GOVERNOR WHEN HE FAILS! second in command to Governor-Militant Lukas Alexander in the vidya ghem of Dawn of War: Dark Crusade until some Space Marine kleptomaniacs purged them when Relic and THQ made a Risk-esque campaign that would have been unbalanced if the Imperial Guard and Space Marines were on the same side for not leaving Kronus when Captain Davian Cool ordered them to. His overworld description says that while his job as second in command to Alexander is to help maintain the loyalty of his troops (with emphasis on the 5th Company which dons the colors of the 85th Cadian upon rebelling), he (along with the two Vindicare Assassins gained from conquering provinces) has a contingency order akin to Order 66 (Star Wars reference! yay!) *BLAM!* REFERENCES TO A UNIVERSE WHERE XENOS AREN'T DEMONIZED IS HERESY! to execute Governor Alexander if he were to not prove "expeditious" and valorous enough in the Emprah's service. Unlike the two Vindicare Assassins, he would get to replace him and take command. Though since Alexander proved himself and Regimental Commissar Gebbet was killed by the Bluhd Rayvans, that didn't happen. He didn't really advise much to Alexander the way his unnamed predecessor and Doran Farrier from Soulstorm did to their respective generals, letting some no-name guardsman do that for him.

He was voiced by Richard Newman, who also voiced the Commissar who aided General Sturnn from Winter Assault, as well as that of M. Bison from the animated Street Fighter. I'm talking about the one that was known for wanting to see some street fighters DELICIOUSLY pummel to dust, and shouting YES a few times afterward.

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